Garden chairs: indispensable furniture for the summer season


Regardless of the geographical area and time of year, the garden is the main asset of the home. To take full advantage of this outdoor space, especially on beautiful summer days, several accessories are needed for comfort and development. In addition to the freshness provided by greenery, suitable garden furniture is also important. Though furnishing an outdoor space is not as complicated as interior design. Furniture manufacturers are constantly innovating with new furniture, trendy furniture and simple but authentic designs.

Modern garden chairs are becoming more and more popular, but traditional models are still very important. Adirondack and butterfly chairs remain unchanged.

Зачем вкладывать деньги в садовое кресло?

Летний сезон стремительно приближается, а вы все еще сомневаетесь по поводу оформления вашей открытой площадки? Если вы думаете о садовой мебели из смолы, то требования к пространству и уходу за материалом кажутся ограничивающими. Цена также довольно высока. Поэтому, чтобы наслаждаться теми же преимуществами, сочетая при этом практичность и эстетику, мы рекомендуем садовые стулья.

Более удобные, чем табуреты, с подлокотниками, в отличие от основных садовых стульев, садовые кресла обеспечивают оптимальный комфорт, благодаря спинке, сиденью и подлокотникам. Если они выберут правильную модель, им не придется беспокоиться о боли в спине или тяжести в ногах.

Каким бы просторным ни был ваш сад, без оснащения он теряет свою привлекательность. Если вы добавите в сад небольшой квадратный садовый столик и несколько стульев “адирондак” или “бабочка”, ваша открытая площадка станет более веселой, дружелюбной и приятной. Сад станет вашей тихой гаванью и местом для комфортного отдыха.

Garden Furniture: Trends

What is the best material for a garden chair?

In addition to the overall appearance, the material used to make a garden chair has a big impact on its strength, durability, and price. As we have seen, manufacturers use a variety of materials to make garden chairs. In addition, the materials used add charm and originality to the furniture.

Wooden garden chairs

Wood is a noble, timeless and very durable material. However, some types of wood are not suitable for outdoor conditions. To guarantee the longevity of a garden chair, choose adirondack chairs made of pine, acacia, teak, composite wood or black vine. Keep in mind, however, that wood composite is a mixture of wood fiber and plastic resin.

Plastic Garden Chairs

Although most buyers are reluctant to accept plastic garden chairs, this material is still reliable. Plastic is lightweight. It is highly resistant to moisture, weather and even impact. And compared to wooden chairs, the price is reasonable. However, in order to enjoy them as long as possible, it is best to choose PVC models.

Resin garden chairs

Resin furniture has become very popular in recent years. This synthetic material is especially suitable for outdoor use. It is both durable and lightweight. The only drawback is the high maintenance requirements.

Metal garden chairs

Although metal is very durable, it is prone to rust. Most of them require special maintenance. To avoid these problems and fully enjoy your purchase, steel, stainless steel and aluminum garden chairs are the right choice.

What to do with garden chairs in winter?

BBQ evenings in the garden, watching the sunset, reading novels and magazines, sunbathing by the pool or hosting guests outdoors, etc. Garden chairs are often used during the summer season. But when winter comes, these furnishings find themselves abandoned.

To preserve the splendor of these garden chairs, store them in a safe place after a short cleaning.

To save you the hassle, there are many protective garden chair covers available today. You won’t have to take your garden furniture inside the house. It will be perfectly safe.

Garden chairs are essential for relaxing outdoors. In addition to comfort, it also provides aesthetics to the garden. Choosing the right model, the buyer can expect to relax throughout the summer.