Umbrella, pergola and garden awning: what to choose for sun protection?


In addition to buying and arranging garden furniture and taking care of green spaces, protection from the sun’s rays is a must when the summer season begins. Of course we want to sunbathe and relax, but severe sunburn is dangerous for the skin. Although some families prefer to put garden furniture in the shade or under bushes, this is not enough.

Tree branches are also often home to crawling insects and mosquitoes. The best alternative is to install an umbrella, gazebo or garden shed to protect yourself from the sun and insects.

Umbrellas, gazebos and garden sheds are appropriate accessories for outdoor design and for creating shade. Although we all agree that the end goal is the same, these devices are different. The difference is evident in both design and operation. To help you make the right choice, we’ve done an in-depth analysis of umbrellas, pergolas and garden sheds. So be careful when reading the article!

What is an umbrella?

Garden, terrace, balcony, although these places dispose to rest, especially in the summer season, but they are not protected from the sun. Indeed, the sun is invigorating, but it is also harmful and can cause skin burns. That’s why an umbrella is a must.

A garden umbrella is similar to an umbrella, but it is larger. A garden umbrella comes in several models:

  • The round umbrella remains the most common. Modern and practical, customers can choose between a straight round umbrella and a slanted round umbrella. In both cases, these models are suitable for any outdoor area, whether small or large;
  • Rectangular and square umbrellas are suitable for large balconies and terraces due to their geometric shape and large canvas. The only slight disadvantage is the space taken up;
  • Offset umbrella – aesthetically attractive, mobile, easy to handle device with a shading area up to 360°. The main advantage of this equipment is its great stability. Due to its design, offset umbrellas stand up well to strong winds;
  • A wall-mounted sunshade is a good choice for a small outdoor area, as well as for a balcony. It protects you from the sun with a shading angle of up to 180°;
  • Balcony sunshade is specially designed for use on the balcony. Its small size allows you to avoid disturbance. The balcony sunshade is specially designed for use on the balcony. The small size of the awning allows you to avoid disturbance and provides protection from others.

What is a pergola?

Compared to an awning, an arbor is defined as a structure. Because of its structure and special requirements, a pergola is only suitable for large areas. The peculiarity of this equipment is undoubtedly its mobility. Although we are talking about a structure, it is not attached to the ground. The pergola can be installed anywhere and does not require a wall or support. This item is completely autonomous. You can also add pergola curtains on the sides to accentuate style and for privacy.

To help you make a choice, two types of pergolas can be distinguished.

  • A folding or collapsible pergola. Made of fabric or with metal construction, a folding pergola is practical and easy to handle, easy to carry from place to place, and easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Stationary pergola. Unlike the folding model, the fixed pergola remains in place regardless of the time of year. It becomes a highlight of the garden. The pergola can be made of wrought iron, wood, aluminum and steel.

What is a garden awning?

A garden awning is more than just an accessory to shelter garden furniture and protect it from the sun. A garden awning can also serve as a support for creeping plants. Unlike a pergola, a garden awning is a hinged structure.

In the modern era, garden awnings come in many shapes. We see a wide variety of square, octagonal and modular garden awnings. Customers have a choice. In terms of materials, manufacturers use wood, aluminum as well as wrought iron.

In addition to being beneficial in the summer season, the advantage of this design is its durability. Whether it is a wood, wrought iron or aluminum garden awning, it has a lifespan of up to 15 years and is low maintenance.

A dream exterior isn’t just about fancy garden furniture. In order to fully enjoy nature and contribute to the garden, you need to install either an umbrella, gazebo, or garden shed.