The hammock: an exotic accessory


In addition to unlimited swimming, barbecue evenings and outdoor gatherings with family and friends, the summer months are synonymous with idleness and relaxation. Indeed, the summer season invites you to relax and unwind. To make the most of every moment, whether we are relaxing on the beach or in the garden, certain accessories are needed to help us relax and have a good rest. For example, a hammock.

In the past, the hammock was used as a sleeping place for the poor and nomads. Today, it has become a favorite accessory for resting all over the world. Made of fabric or canvas, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. But how much does a fashion accessory really cost? In this article, we’ll look at the different types of hammocks, their purchasing criteria and useful accessories for their use.

What are the different types of hammocks?

Although the hammock has a high reputation, most users believe that it is limited to the model we see suspended between two trees. Indeed, this is the most common type. But now there is a wide variety of hammocks.


Traditional hammocks include the Brazilian, Colombian and Mexican hammock. These hammocks have bright colors, original designs and country-specific embellishments, and are made of unbleached cotton or sisal fabric. However, to limit the risk of suffocation and overheating, a Colombian hammock should be avoided during hot weather.

Bar Hammock

Clearly, the bar hammock is a reinterpretation of the traditional hammock. Indeed, this new generation of hammock features the addition of a bar to secure the ends of the hammock in place. Although the design is better, its instability is still a concern. As a consequence, there is a risk of falling.

Armchair Hammock

Unlike sleeping hammocks, the hammock chair is more compact and practical. It can often be found in the living room to enjoy gentle rocking indoors.

Parachute hammock

The parachute hammock is an original, practical and modern creation. Thanks to its endurance and maneuverability, this model is recommended for travelers. Moreover, thanks to the microporous structure of the fabric, it is suitable even in extreme heat.

Children’s hammock

Recently, the children’s hammock has become a favorite accessory of parents. It has taken its rightful place in a child’s room. Soothing and calming, it is equipped with safety straps and a seat with excellent padded padding.

How to choose a hammock?

Despite its seeming simplicity, buying a hammock is a time-consuming endeavor. Indeed, it is an accessory for absolute relaxation. However, to take advantage of its benefits, several parameters are important.

In addition to preferences and design, the choice of hammock depends on the material from which it is made, the purpose of the accessory, its size and price.

The material is the most important criterion for a hammock. It is a measure of the durability of the accessory and the ease of maintenance. It also affects the price. As we have seen, manufacturers usually use cotton, nylon and polyester in the construction of the hammock.

In order to determine the right model for each user’s needs, you need to determine its purpose. Some hammocks are recommended for indoor use, while others are versatile.

The size of the hammock affects the comfort of the user. Although manufacturers offer a variety of sizes, the final choice depends on the size of the user’s body.

Price varies from one model to another. Some entry-level models can be purchased for as little as 50 euros, while deluxe hammocks go up to 4,000 euros.

What accessories are useful for a hammock?

Most hammocks are sold with a mounting kit, whether it is a free-standing hammock, a hammock on a crossbar, or a hammock for hanging between two trees. When you buy a hammock, you can choose the right hammock stand on your own.

In addition to mounting brackets, several accessories add comfort and durability to the hammock. Especially for an outdoor option, a hammock shelter is a must. This accessory protects your hammock from the weather.

A mosquito net also comes in handy for safe resting. Because the hammock is suspended from two trees, it is home to crawling insects and mosquitoes. A good hammock already has a mosquito net.

While the sun is helpful, a sun shade is also useful to avoid UV rays and optimize comfort. A cushion is also essential for sleeping peacefully, reading, sipping a drink or just relaxing.

A hammock is a simple but effective accessory for lounging. The hammock is increasingly used in our gardens, on the patio, in the living room and even in the children’s bedroom.

Although it is associated with a traditional and tropical art form, it is one of the most popular items for the summer months today.