Urdu girl names


Urdu girl names starting with A

Aabida – This can be the female case of name aabid, it means Worshiper, devotee, adorer

Aabroo – Prestige

Aaseyah – One who be apt to weak and the one who makes good console & comfort

Aasia – Person is very hopeful and the name refers to largest continent of the Earth

Aasieyah – This name gives you capability of organising, planning & carrying work for great success

Aasira – Brave, strong and powerful fighter who can conquer & imprison enemies

Aayah – Generally it means evidence or signs. In the Islam’s principal scripture, this name is used to mean Verse.

Ad’Ifaah – A talented girl, smart, sharp minded

Afsa – The name of Prophet Mohammed’s wife.

Aisa – Another spelling of the name Aysa which means Moonlike

Aiza – Respected, Having high place in the society

Allami – Very Wise, Intelligent, Intellectual

Urdu girl names starting with B

Basira – Wise. Intelligent, intellectual

Basirah – Vision, Sight, visualization

Basm – Grin, smile.

Basma – A Beam, Shaft of light

Basmah – A Smile

Basmat – A Smile

Basoos – She was the Daughter

Bassima – A Smile, blissful, pleasurable

Baysan – to walk with pride

Beebee – Wife, the settlement of Bee

Beena – A musical instrument, a far sighted human being

Urdu girl names starting with E

Emmarie – a faithful or truthful person.

Emmary – a person who can be believed or who has faith, a faithful person.

Eness – queen of beauty.

Engy – a beautiful queen.

Ersheen – god’s beauty.

Erum – it means heaven.

Esra – it means more or quick.

Urdu girl names starting with F

Faeezah – A woman who is a leader of people

Farwah – A name of the companions

Fauqiyah – A woman of high grades

Fawha – One who is like a breath of parfume

Fazeen – An increasing, something that gets bigger

Feiyaz – One who reached success

Freshta – A variant of ‘Farsishta’, it means an angel

Fuada – Refers to mind and argument.

Funoon – Diversity or variation.

Furozan – One who has a glowing radiance

Futun – Charms or attractions.

Urdu girl names starting with G

Gajal – A poetry, a rhyming poetry

Gathbiyya – One who is nice looking and gorgeous.

Gathbiyyah – A gorgeous or beautiful lady

Gathibiyya – A beautiful and gorgeous lady

Gathibiyyah – A pretty and gorgeous lady

Gauhar – From Persian (gohar) meaning ‘jewel, gemstone’

Ghamza – A girl with nice gestures

Gul E- Rana – Gul-e-Rana means rose flower with a very sweet smell.

Gul – Means ‘flower, rose’ in Urdu and Pashto, ultimately from Persian

Gulaab – Gulaab is the urdu name of beautiful rose flower.

Gulab – Gulaab is the urdu name of beautiful rose flower.

Gulalai – k8

Gulbadan – Gul means rose flower and badan is an urdu word which means body. Gulbadan means a body which is beautiful and soft like roses.

Gulbahar – Gul means rose flower and bahar means spring season. So gulbahar means spring of roses flower.

Guldeep – Guldeep means the lamp with flowers.

Gulerana – Gul-e-Rana means rose flower with a very sweet smell.

Gull – Gul means the fresh flower of red Rose

Gulrukh – Means ‘rose faced’ in Persian. This was the name of a wife of the Mughal emperor Babur

Guriat – Guriat is an unisex name of Urdu origins. The meaning of the name is Puppet.

Urdu girl names starting with H

Haseen – Beautiful, Handsome, Smart

Haujamat – Red Rose

Hawadah – Pleasant, enjoyable

Hawazin – Name of an Arabic tribe

Hawiya – Dominant, Governing

Hayed – movement, motion

Hayud – A mountain

Hena – Politeness, Someone who is polite, Gracious

Hira – Derived from Sanskrit (hira) meaning ‘diamond’. It is typically feminine in Pakistan and unisex in India and Nepal

Humaida – bright red colour

Hushaima – A modest woman

Huzuz – Women of great fortune

Urdu girl names starting with J

Jahanara – A woman who lives and flowers

Jibla – Jibla means a natural thing without any mixture of artificial things.

Johi – Name of a flower called Jasmine,having unique fragrance

Jumaina – The meaning of the name is Small

Juman – Juman means Pearl

Urdu girl names starting with K

Kabeesha – Kabeesha means Name of a Poatess

Kabshah – Kabshah name means She was a Companion

Kaneezah – The name means Firm, Sturdy

Kardawaiyah – The name means Ious Woman

Kashfiya – The feeling of enlightenment

Kashida – A hardworking woman

Kashooda – Kashooda means Pretty, Attractive

Kashud – Kashud means Blossom

Kasool – Kasool name means a Girl That was Raised with Tender Care

Kawakib – Kawakib means Satellites

Khasiba – Khasiba means Fertile Woman

Khelna – Khelna means Dolls

Khudamah – The name means She will serve

Khudra – Khudra means Verdancy

Khulaidah – The name means Everlasting

Khulat – Khulat means A friend and a Lover

Khuld – Khuld means Eternal Paradise

Khurmi – Khurmi means Leisure

Khuwailah – The name means Young and Little Gazelle

Kiran – Derived from Sanskrit (kirana), which can mean ‘dust’ or ‘thread’ or ‘sunbeam’

Kowaisah – The name means The Pretty Woman

Kuaybah – A daughter of the Saad al-Asmaliyah who offered allegaence to Prophet PBUH

Urdu girl names starting with L

Layina – A resilen, tender and delicate person

Liaqat – A capable and fit person

Liba – The one who is the most beautiful of them all

Lubena – A state of purity and innocence

Urdu girl names starting with M

Ma – The heights

Mahabbah – An affectionate and loving woman

Maham – The wife of the mughal ruler Zahir

Mahliqa – She who has the face like a Moon

Mahneerah – A first born twin

Mahwish – One who is pretty like the Moon

Manahil – A girl who is like a spring of fresh water

Maqboola – A person who is aknoledged and accepted

Maqbula – A preyer aknowledged and accepted by God

Marqooma – A well-defined person, someone who is good in writing

Mashmool – A girl that is sought after

Masoon – A well protected girl who is alwats safeguarded

Masrurah – A delighted and pleased woman

Mawara – She who is superior

Mawhooba – A woman who has great talents

Mawsoofa – One who is worthy of being described

Mayameen – A woman blessed with bravery

Mehrvash – Like the sun.

Midhah – tribute or inspiration.

Midhat – the formal expression of praise.

Mohaddisa – Bright, glittering and crystal shining one, giving shining brightness

Mohsana – The person bearing the nature and sweetness of Honey, particularly, honey bee

Urdu girl names starting with N

Naaz – The person is having self respect, A charming person

Nabawia – The person who is foretelling the events via supernatural intervention.

Nabawiya – The person who is farsighted the events through spiritual mediation.

Nafay – The one who is full of profitable income and turnover.

Nafia – A person who benefits others

Nagheen – A gem-stone, stone on the ring

Nahiza – A raised person, at high rank

Nahleejah – A cool-tempered person, down to earth

Naifna’Il – One who acquire or earn

Nakhat – Perfume or scent or bouquet or sweet smell.

Nashmia – A garden of flowers

Natila – Family member, system, sake, relative, path.

Naushaba – Medicine or solution or tonic.

Nawla – A gift or a grant, a present

Naz – The pride or the delicacy

Nazaakat – The delicacy or the tenderness

Nazafarin – The beautiful delicacy of a girl

Nazah – The purity of a person

Nazaha – The person who is on right

Nazahah – The just or fair person

Nazam – The poetry defining a particular thing

Nazaneen – a girl full or delicacy

Nazanin – A charming lady with delicacy

Nazanina – One who charm others with her delicacy

Nazer – The eyesight, a vision of an eyesight

Nazgul – A beautiful or a delicate flower

Nazm – A poem in context of a particular thing or person

Nazma – The bright and shining star of the sky

Nazmi – Out of the context of nazm

Nazmil – Like a beautiful poem

Nazmin – The delicate girl, a beautiful girl

Nazmiya – The melodious poem

Nazneem – An exquisitely beautiful girl

Nazneen – the most beautiful lady

Naznin – The most charming lady

Nazpari – The charming or beautiful as a fairy

Nazreen – The one who is watching of the spectators

Nazuk – A tender or a delicate person

Nazz – The delicacy, charm or the pride

Nirmeet – Energetic water which is highly necessary to live in this world.

Nirmesh – Honeyed and sweet smelling.

Nirvikar – Bight and powerful nimble.

Nohreen – One who is glittering brightly

Noshaba – Energetic water which is highly necessary to live in this world.

Nosheen – Honeyed and sweet smelling.

Nowa – Bight and powerful nimble.

Nu’Aymah – The reporter of the Hadith.

Urdu girl names starting with Q

Qabila – A woman who is smart and able

Urdu girl names starting with R

Rauhah – A happy and content individual

Rawhiyah – A highly spiritual person

Rawza – A woman who is like the garden

Rayann – The heaven’s door that opens in the month of ramadhan

Raytah – A daughter of the small farmer

Rizqin – One who has good fortune

Roheen – An Iron-strong woman

Rozinah – One day’s wage

Rudainah – A very old Arabic name for a girl

Rufayah – Hadith’s early student

Ruhiya – A woman of great spirits, a spritual one

Ruhma – A woman of kind and merciful nature

Rukhailah – A name of the Sahabi who fought in the battle of Badr. Also means an ewe

Rumaithah – A name of Sahabiyah

Rumeha – A girl who is a beautful stone

Rumman – She who is one of the people of the Rummana

Rummana – A plum purple colour

Urdu girl names starting with S

Sabeen – Possibly from Arabic meaning ‘follower of another religion’, a name given to Muhammad and other Muslims by non-Muslim Arabs

Sadeeqa – A woman who is both a friend and a companion

Sadida – The right thing

Saghira – Small, tender and slender woman

Saghirali – A tender and slim woman

Sahab – The clouds in the sky

Saira – Possibly means ‘traveller’ in Arabic

Sajila – A person who is determined

Sajoon – A loved woman

Sajuwa – The feeling of inner peace

Sakeeza – A nice smell, a fragrance

Sakhiya – A generous person with a liberal mind

Sameeah – A percieving, hearing person

Samrina – A woman who is sweet like a flower or a fruit

Sanaubur – Tree that you can see everyday

Saniyah – Pearl or Radiant or Brilliant

Shabina – To be in the eye of the storm

Shadhiyah – An aromatic smell

Shadmani – A feeling of joy

Shafaq – A virtuous woman on integrity

Shaffan – A woman cool as a morning breeze

Shahada – She who is a witess

Shahamat – A woman of great bravery and valour

Shaherbano – SHe who is like a princess

Shahnoor – A woman with a royal glow around her

Shahra – One who is gift

Shaizen – A beautiful or preety girl

Shajeea – A bold and brave woman with no fears

Shameemah – A breeze of fragrances

Shamoodah – SHe is precious like a diamond

Shamsia – She is beautiful like a shinig star

Shanum – One who is blessed by Allah. Also, a dignified woman

Shanza – A woman who is diginied

Sharia – A girl who is just like a Princess

Sharleez – A lady who is beaitiful

Shazana – Urdu name meaning princess

Shazfa – A successful girl

Shazmah – Rare like the Moon

Shehrbano – A name for a princess

Shezan – A beautiful girl

Shihaam – An intelligent girl

Shimaz – A deeply beloved girl

Shiza – She is a preset, a gift

Shujana – A strong woman who has no fear

Shumaila – The name means soorat

Shuqra – A woman of blonde hair and fair skin

Siddra – One who is like a star

Sitara – Means ‘star’ in Urdu, ultimately from Persian

Subayah – A name of the narrator of Hadith

Subaytah – A woman who is of brave nature

Sultan – Means ‘ruler, king, sultan’ in Arabic. In the Arab world this name is typically masculine, but Turkey it is given to both boys and girls

Sultana – Feminine form of SULTAN

Sumamah – A name of the plant millet

Suml – She is an early distinguisher

Summiya – She is a woman of proper name

Sunat – A woman who has a way with things, one with good methods

Sunbula – A corn’s ear

Suntaha – Waiting

Urdu girl names starting with T

Taasees – Beginning of something new, a foundation

Tabeedah – Emotionally significant idea

Talbashah – A narrator of Hadith

Tanjia – She who brings salvation

Taqadus – A faith or divinity

Taraab – Urdu name meaning joy and sorrow

Tarifa – She who is rare or unique

Tariqah – One who is always victorious

Tasmeekh – Living in fragrance

Tasweeb – One who speaks the truth

Tawfiqa – One who has good luck

Tazkia – A girl who is specian

Tazmeen – One with great habits and nature

Thubaytah – Name of the daughter of Yaar bin Zayd al-Ansariyah

Thufailah – A woman who has respect for the elders

Tufaylah – The name of the unbound slave of Al-waleed bin Abdulla.

Turfa – Refers to unique or exclusive.