How do you choose a marquee for a reception?


Weddings, engagements, christenings, family dinners, get-togethers, and country-style receptions have been favorite events for years. While holding an event indoors is a wise decision to avoid weather hardships, an outdoor reception is more modern, more inviting and more energetic. In addition to providing comfort for guests, today’s market offers a wide variety of party marquees.

Unlike umbrellas, a party tent serves as more than just protection from the sun or rain. It is also suitable for banqueting and entertaining guests. But can a gazebo be considered a party marquee?

Can a gazebo be used as a party marquee?

In general, whether it’s a collapsible folding gazebo or a stationary gazebo, this accessory is best suited as a shaded area for summer days. Competing with umbrellas and awnings, the gazebo has a sturdy construction that makes it durable. The gazebo has a modern design, worth just mentioning the resin wicker highlights for a modern and elegant effect.

But aside from these advantages, the gazebo is still small scale. The gazebo is not recommended for large events. It is better to choose marquees for receptions. Regardless of the material, model and fabric, the gazebo can only accommodate a few people. A 3X3 m marquee is designed for a company of 4-6 people, while a medium-sized marquee can accommodate up to 30 guests.

What are the different types of party marquees?

When it comes to party tents, the latest discovery is the geodesic dome. Suitable for any occasion, it is authentic. The geodesic dome decorates the exterior beautifully and adds originality to the party.

The crystal party tent is also a good choice for the comfort and satisfaction of guests. Thanks to its completely transparent structure, this specimen allows you to admire your surroundings. The crystal party marquee also lets in light. This will avoid blurry photos.

The Barnum marquee and the Pagoda marquee remain unchanged for large events. Because of their elegance, modularity and versatility, these materials are suitable for any out-of-town ceremony.

The decking party marquee is flexible and can be customized. This model is equally suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Finally, we would like to mention the exquisite side of the silhouette party marquee. This marquee can be equipped with parquet flooring and even a heater for corporate events.

What are the criteria for choosing a party marquee?

Buying a marquee for a party is a delicate matter. There really are a lot of offers. However, there are different criteria for a successful return on investment.

For a party marquee, the key parameter is size. The size affects the number of guests. To ensure the comfort of each invitee, the number of guests should be determined before ordering a marquee.

Material is also an important criterion when choosing a marquee for the party. The marquee should be sturdy and resistant to strong wind and rain. PVC or polyethylene tarpaulin with steel construction with anti-UV and anti-corrosion treatment is ideal.

While we recognize the reliability and convenience of gazebos, they are not suitable for large parties. A gazebo is only suitable for a family party. It is also recommended for use as an outdoor shelter during the summer months, but for parties it is best to use a specialized marquee.