Adirondack chair: authentic furniture for atypical outdoor recreation


The summer season is not just about the beach, adventure and new discoveries. Of course, going on a trip is a great way to get away from everything, but staying home and enjoying the warm weather is so nice! While a spacious exterior is important for relaxing and sunbathing, there are still needs that go unmet. In order to fill these gaps, outdoor design is important. The choice of garden furniture not only affects the aesthetics of your garden, but also its comfortability.

While garden furniture does multiply over the years, some creations stand out from the rest. Let us tell you about adirondack chairs. A chair designed exclusively for the outside of the house, Adirondack chairs have never lost their luster. Adirondack chairs are durable and sophisticated.

What do you need to know about Adirondack chairs?

The Adirondack chair is named after a famous mountain range in upstate New York. This mythical wooden chair gained its fame through the movie world. Adirondack chairs were an integral part of the sets on movie sets. In its early days, the Adirondack chair also signified a vacation in the mountains or on the shores of a lake.

Going back to its origins, the Adirondack chair was perfected by garden furniture designer Thomas LEE. This chair quickly became very popular with users and was widely distributed in the United States, Europe, China, Japan and even Australia. Lovers of camping and outdoor recreation also call that chair “moscuka”. Rocking chairs, lounge chairs and chairs with footrests are derived from the Adirondack series.

How is it easier to recognize Adirondack chairs?

In the modern era, wooden garden furniture is in vogue. In addition to durability, wood is known for its great weather resistance, nobility and charm. Adirondack chairs are not only wooden garden chairs. They are equipped with wide armrests and an upright seat.

Nowadays, some models can be adjusted in 4 different positions according to the needs of each user. Thanks to the low seat, this adjustable chair can be used for eating, reading, drinking and contemplating beautiful scenery. The Adirondack garden chair is great for outdoor retreats, especially since the wide armrests can hold a glass, plate, book, or remote control.

As far as we know, manufacturers use different types of wood to make this comfortable chair. They use teak, fir, cedar, acacia, etc. The wood can also be stained or natural.

What are the advantages of the adirondack chair?

It is clear that there is a wide range of garden furniture to choose from. From ultra-comfortable garden furniture to swings, sleeping hammock or simple plastic chairs, we’ll talk about adirondack chairs for now.

First of all, the Adirondack chair combines comfort and atypical design. Its timeless style creates a perfect harmony with other garden furniture. Overall, the quality of the finish is impeccable.

The low weight of the Adirondack chair is also one of its main advantages. Despite the fact that it is made of wood, it is still lightweight. In addition, it is not at all difficult to disassemble.

The adirondack chair has become a must-have piece of garden furniture. It is a great alternative to aluminum garden furniture, resin chairs or even better to complete a collection of lounge chairs. You can add some cushions to it and sit on it on the terrace or in the garden.