Urdu boy names


Urdu boy names starting with A

Aabid – The word aabid means powerful, complete, worshipper of allah, it also signifies the one who is good intellectually and requires several outlet of energies

Aabideen – Zainul abidin is a Islam name for baby Boy and meaning is Ornament of the worshippers, it is probably taken from early Islamic leader Zainul abidin

Aabinus – Meaning of word aabinus is Ebony, Dark colored

Aabis – aabis has the meaning of lucky, it also means grim-faced, fierce-faced, the Boy named aabis seems to be fortunate, meeting with good success

Aadheen – The word aadheen means obedient, one who comply with commands and is submissive

Aadhil – The name means ‘one who acts with justice and fairness’?, ‘moderate’?, ‘virtuous’?, ‘excellent in character

Abd-Almuhsin – This means servant of charitable ones ans also used in Arabic language.

Abdan – This Islam baby Boy name is originated from Urdu and derived from abd

Abdar – Abdar mean easy, quick and shinning personality with wealthy water

Abdelazim – derives from the Arabic ‘E»Abd Al-‘AzA«m that is one of names of God in the Qur’an which names servant of mighty.

Abdellatif – Such a charming peronality who serves kind people

Abdelouahid – Takne from Quranic origin that means servant of the One

Abdirahman – A person with sensitive nature who help the most gracious

Abdkhayr – Basically Khayr is all types of goodness

Abdual – A person with strong independent and creative nature personality who helps the most needed

Abdud Daarr – Originated from Arabic language which means a person slaves those who causes loss

Abduddaar – Help an evil and immoral character with grace

Abduh – Originated from Islamic and it is an appellation of Muhammad

Abduk – A person who is blessed by god in every manner

Abdukrahman – This Arabic name means a person who serves merciful people with grace

Abdul Aalee – Serves people who are most needed from salvation

Abdul Adl – It is a Islam name who is servant of completely just

Abdul Afuw – Servant of Allah or servant of remissive, Indirectly Quranic name for Boys

Abdul Ali – This indian Islam name person helps all the dignified person with grace

Abdul Alim – translated from name Abdul Aleem which is being one of the names of God in the Qur’an. They serve all knowing people.

Abdul Aliyy – With the strong & powerful capabilities they used to serve degnified people

Abdul Awwal – A person who works for allah and help others

Abdul Azeem – The people who are servants of almight

Abdul Azim – Azim is name of allah which means servant of the Majestic One

Abdul Aziz – A person has strong and dominant individuality that serves respectable prsonalities

Abdul Baari – Islamic name means slave of creator or evolver

Abdul Baasit – This Islam name stands for servant of extender & creator

Abdul Baith – Servant of Resurrector that means to bring back to life

Abdul Baqi – A servant of the everlasting, which being one of the God names in Qur’an

Abdul Bari – Slave of Allah who helps all the creators

Abdul Barr – A person that helps the most kind and good people on the Earth

Abdul Baset – Originated from Arabic language which means slave to the extender

Abdul Basir – Built from Arabic word Abd and it means servant of the All-seeing

Abdul Basit – This Islam name means servants of god who helps all personalities

Abdul Batin – A person work excessively hard for unseen

Abdul Fataah – Means slave of the gates of sustenance

Abdul Fatah – Variant of Abdul-Fataah that serves the opener

Abdul Fattaah – Originated from Arabic which means Slave of the contributor of success

Abdul Fattah – Abdul name means servant of Allah who helps all the fighters

Abdul Ghafar – Derives from Arabic name Abd al-Ghaffar which means servant of all forgiving people’Z

Abdul Ghaffar – Abdul is servant of Allah and ghaffar means merciful and most forgiving

Abdul Ghafoor – People with highly immaginative personality means servant of forgiver

Abdul Ghafur – Stands for servant of all the forgiving

Abdul Ghani – A devoted and helpful follower who is sufficient to every thing

Abdul Haady – A person who has duty to serve the guide

Abdul Haafiz – This Islam name means servants of guardian or protector

Abdul Hadi – Basically used in surname, it means servant of al-Hadi that stands for the guide

Abdul Hady – Derives from Arabic Abd Al-HA?dA« that is being one names of God

Abdul Haeyy – Means slave of those who lives or continues forever

Abdul Hafeez – Slave to the preserver or protector, one who serves the master

Abdul Hafezh – This Islamic name means servant of all the protectors

Abdul Hafiz – Derived from Arabic words Abd, al- and Hafiz which means to help all guardians

Abdul Hakam – This indirect Quranic name means to asssist all high authority personality

Abdul Hakeem – A servant of Allah who helps wise people

Abdul Hakim – A person who loves to help all intelligent as well as clever people

Abdul Haleem – Devoted personality to help those who is having mild and patient nature

Abdul Halim – This Islam name means slave of the all-clement

Abdul Hameed – Variant of Abdul-Hamid who serves admirable or the ever praised

Abdul Hamid – Stands for praiser of god who assists admirable

Abdul Haq – A servant of the truth, being one of God’s one name

Abdul Haqq – A follower who serves those who are doing right or positive things

Abdul Haseeb – A great servant of respected and honoured

Abdul Haseib – Means slave of the analyst in calcuations

Abdul Hasib – Derives from Al-Hasib which means noble, respected or reckoner

Abdul Hayy – This Islam name stands for servant of living God

Abdul Jabaar – English meaning of this name is servant of the God

Abdul Jabar – Quranic name means servant of unbreaker that stands of servant of Allah as it is one of the name of Allah

Abdul Jabbaar – Actual meaning of Jabbaar is almighty or the king who had great power

Abdul Jabbar – Means one who serves the comforter

Abdul Jaleel – Stands for servant of most majestic or holy

Abdul Jalil – This Islam name means servant of dignified people

Abdul Jamee – Originated from Arabic language that means servant of Allah who help other people

Abdul Jami – It means servant of gatherer which is originated from Arabic

Abdul Kabir – Quranic name means servant of the great one as al-Kabir is one of the names of Allah in Islam.

Abdul Kareem – A follower who serves gracious, noble and generous

Abdul Karim – In Arabic this name means a person who serves kind man

Abdul Khaaliq – Built from Arabic words Abd, al- and Khaliq that means servant of creator

Abdul Khabir – Stands for slave of the one who is responsive

Abdul Khafed – Abdul Khafed means slave of the one who is humble to everyone

Abdul Khafid – Khafid itself means comfortable, smooth and easy

Abdul Khaleq – This Islam names means slave of the creator

Abdul Khaliq – Variant of Abdul-Khaaliq which means servant of creator

Abdul Lateef – A devoted follower who helps kind man

Abdul Lateif – A person who loves to serve gracious and kind people

Abdul Latif – Means servant of the faintly kind-hearted, the gentle one

Abdul Maajid – A unique personality who seve slave of brilliance and noble

Abdul Maalik – Slave of the king & master, the Lord

Abdul Majeed – As al-Majeed is one of Allah’s name which means servant of honourable and gracious

Abdul Majid – This Islam name built from Abd that means slave of all glorious

Abdul Malik – A servant of king, kings of king as it is Arabic name Allah

Abdul Mateen – A person who serves all strong and powerful personalities

Abdul Matein – This Islame name means slave of the definite

Abdul Matin – A devoted and follower who serves powerful and strong

Abdul Mosawwir – Originated from Arabic that stands for slave of the fashioner

Abdul Mubde – A true servant of God or Allah who help all gracious

Abdul Mubdi – This Islam name means servant of creator

Abdul Mueez – This Arabic name means slave of admired with great respect

Abdul Mughni – In English, this name means servant of the enriched

Abdul Muhaimin – A follower who usually serves the protector and guardian

Abdul Muhaymen – A devoted person who helps merciful or kind-hearted person

Abdul Muhaymin – Quranic name that means slave of the supervisor or protector

Abdul Muhsei – This Islam religion name means slave of the accountant

Abdul Muhsi – One who helps reckoner or noble person

Abdul Muhye – Originated from Arabic language, Means slave of the life giver

Abdul Muhyi – Actual meaning of Muhyi is servant of the giver of life

Abdul Muiz – The name is originated as African name that means servant of giver of glory and almighty.

Abdul Muizz – A servant of honourer, respected and dignified

Abdul Mujeeb – A person who is among those responsible for going immediately to the scene to provide assistance

Abdul Mujib – Alternative of Abdul-Mujeeb, means servant of responder

Abdul Mumen – This Musblim name means slave of the faithful and believer

Abdul Muqaddem – Being one of god’s name, it means slave of the presenter

Abdul Muqaddim – Indirect Quranic name means slave of the expediter or promoter

Abdul Muqset – A servant of even-handed and reasonable

Abdul Muqsit – Mainly used in Arabic that means servant of just one

Abdul Muqtadir – A person who assists powerful and strong person

Abdul Musawwir – Musawwir stands for servant of designer and fashioner

Abdul Mutaal – A devoted person who helps most high or dignified personality

Abdul Mutaali – A servant of self exalted or the inspirational individuality

Abdul Mutakabber – A slave of the majestic or royal with grace

Abdul Mutakabbir – This Islam name means a servant of majestic one or superb

Abdul Mutal – Islamic name stands for a supporter who holds up most dignified personality

Abdul Muttalib = N – Variant of Arabic Abd-el-Moottalib that means servant of the demander

Abdul Nafee – A person who works for his or her benefits

Abdul Nafi – Servant of Allah, A servant of promising and supporter

Abdul Nasir – A person who serves all defenders as well as protectors

Abdul Nasser – A supporter who supports all helpers in every situation

Abdul Nur – Urdu originated name stands for a servant of the light

Abdul Or-Abd – Abdul is the most used combination of the Arabic word Abd which means servant.

Abdul Qaadir – This Islamic name means servant of capable one.

Abdul Qadir – As being one of God’s name and variant of Arabic words Abd, al- and Qadir, it means servant of powerful or strong personality

Abdul Qahaar – Basically it means servant of God or subduer to conquer & bring into subjection

Abdul Qahar – One of the most beautiful names of Allah culinary

Abdul Qahhar – Derived from Arabic origin, it stands for a servant of subduer

Abdul Qawi – It is a form of Abd, means servant and al-Qawi, means of most strong that is one of God name in Islam.

Abdul Qayoum – A person who is a draught or a drink of

Abdul Qayyum – Servant of the never-ending or sustainers of existence

Abdul Quddous – An individual who works hard for slave to the Allah (Holy)

Abdul Quddus – Built from Arabic words Abd, al- and Quddus, Means servant of Allah or god

Abdul Qudoos – A follower who helps the most blessed people

Abdul Raafi – One who raises mental power & respect, One who elevates

Abdul Rafee – One who achieve complete success in any situation

Abdul Rafi – This Islam name means slave of the exalter.

Abdul Raheem – A servant of the most concerned and kind one

Abdul Rahim – al-Raheem is one of name of Allah, this name stands for servant of merciful people

Abdul Rahmaan – In Islam, it means servant of the most gracious

Abdul Rahman – A person who assists a generous or beneficent

Abdul Raouf – A devoted supporter who supports or serves the most merciful & kind-hearted

Abdul Raqib – A great personality who helps the viewer or observer

Abdul Rasheed – Follower who supports honourable trainer or coach

Abdul Rashid – Rashid itself means servant of the one who guides correctly

Abdul Rauf – The servant of the most indulgent one

Abdul Razaaq – Generally it means servant of the provider or maintainer

Abdul Razaq – Variant of Abdul-Razaaq that means servant of the contributor

Abdul Razzaq – It’s a male Islam name which means servant of the all-provider.

Abdul Saboor – Arabic originated name means servant of the patients

Abdul Sabur – Alternative of Abdul Saboor, it stands for servant of the long-suffering one

Abdul Salaam – This Musim name means slave to the peace

Abdul Salam – Serves the most peaceful and calm human being

Abdul Samad – A servant of the eternal, endless or everlasting

Abdul Samee – Correspondingly hearer of God or servant of all-hearing

Abdul Sami – Derives from Abd al Sami name that means a person who hear to the Allah

Abdul Samie – A Slave to the all hearing of God

Abdul Shahid – A person who is a servant of the observer or spectator

Abdul Shakkor – A follower who helps the most grateful and thankful

Abdul Shakoor – Serves the most thankful people with grace

Abdul Shakur – Powerful personality to help all appreciative people

Abdul Tawaab – Individuality who is a forgiver of Sins and Accepter of repentance

Abdul Tawab – Originated from Arabic language that means servant of all forgiver one

Abdul Tawwab – This Quranic name means servant of the relenting.

Abdul Waahid – A servant of the God or unique one

Abdul Wadood – A person who always try to help loved ones

Abdul Wadud – As being one of God’s name this name means seravnt of all-loving peope

Abdul Wahaab – A servant of the provider, contributor or benefactor

Abdul Wahab – Stands for servant of all-giver in every situation

Abdul Wahhab – A person who helps the giver or supporter

Abdul Wahid – Arabic originated name stands for servant of just one

Abdul Wajed – A person who is having enjoyment in a lively and loud way

Abdul Wajid – This Islam name means slave of the perceiver or finder.

Abdul Wakil – Servant of an individual one who is having all controls of things

Abdul Waley – A follower who helps to all the supporters

Abdul Wali – Basically it means servant of the governor or companion

Abdul Wareth – Slave to the most successor or inheritor

Abdul Wasee – It means servant of the all-embracing and comprehensive.

Abdul Wasi – This creative & imaginative name means slave to all embracing.

Abdul Zhaher – A person who really helps the most noticeable and clear personality

Abdul-Aziz – A devoted follower who supports the most powerful and strong personality

Abdul – Person supposed to be religious in his or her faith tradition

Abdulaakhir – A person who remians when everything has been messed up

Abdulaalee – A servant of the most dignified and most high people

Abduladl – A slave of the just one or unique one

Abdulafuw – A servant of the forgiver and slave of one who usually pardons

Abdulah – Variant of Abdullah (Arabic) that means God or Allah’s servant

Abdulahad – A person who serves only one human being at a time

Abdulahi – A follower who works for Allah and it is form of Abdullahi

Abdulaleem – Gentle and caring person who helps all knowing people

Abdulali – Built from Arabic words Abd which means servant of successful people

Abdulalim – A creative and excellent expressing ability person who serves all knowing people

Abdulaliyy – the man who serves the most high and dignified

Abdularahman – An individual who loves to help people who works for Allah

Abdulawwal – This Islam name means slave to the first one.

Abdulazaz – A great servant of the impressive and powerful one

Abdulazeem – Built from Arabic word Abd which means servant of the mighty one

Abdulazeez – Unique personlity who heps the powerful

Abdulazim – Quranic name stands for servant of the majestic one

Abdulaziz – Abdul means servant and aziz means strong & powerful, servant of strong one

Abdulbaari – A servant of the evolver or creator one

Abdulbaasit – Immaginative personality who serves the creator and extender

Abdulbadee – Name itself means servant of the discoverer or originator

Abdulbadi – Stands for slave of the unique and incomparable one

Abdulbais – A servant of those who never give up from raising

Abdulbaith – Servant of resurrect or slave of one who raises death

Abdulbaqi – This Islam name means slave of the everlasting or eternal.

Abdulbari – Built from words Abd, al- and Bari, means servant of creator one

Abdulbarr – Slave to righteous or honourable or good one

Abdulbaseer – A devoted supporter who helps discerning or all-seeing one

Abdulbasir – Aggressive and independent personality to serve all seeing

Abdulbasit – Human being that helps expader or extender one

Abdulbatin – Slave of the unnoticed and invisible in any situation

Abdulfataah – A servant of the gates of sustenance

Abdulfatah – The person who serves the opener one

Abdulfattah – Means slave to the conqueror or defeater

Abdulgani – Helps those who are generous, kind and self-sufficient

Abdulghafaar – A follower who supports those that accept mistake with their flaws

Abdulghaffar – A servant of the forgiver or all-forgiving one

Abdulghafoor – Serves the most merciful and all-forgiving one

Abdulghafur – Variant of Abdul-Ghafoor, it stands for slave to the all-forgiving

Abdulghani – Unique personality who helps rich, dignified and most high

Abdulhaady – A servant of the one who correctly guide on right way

Abdulhaafiz – Derived from name al-Haafiz that means slave to the guardian or protector

Abdulhadeem – One who correctly serves intelligent and sensible man

Abdulhadi – Derivation of al-Hadi which means the Guide, Stands for servant of the guide

Abdulhafiz – Being one of God’s name, it means servant of the defender

Abdulhakam – One who serves the higher authority or the judge

Abdulhakeem – Helps wise, good and kind-hearted people in any situation

Abdulhakeen – Alternative of Abdul-Hakim which stands for servant of the kind man

Abdulhakim – Slave to the good, clever and intelligent one

Abdulhaleem – Made from words Abd, al- and Halim that means servant of the most patient or mild

Abdulhalim – Servant of the patient one and all-clement one

Abdulhameed – One who serves the most commendable and admirable individual

Abdulhamid – Originated from Arabic language, Means a person who supports the most praiseworthy one

Abdulhannan – A servant of the most kind-hearted and merciful one

Abdulhaq – Slave to the most truthful one

Abdulhaqq – This Islam name means servant of the truth

Abdulhaseeb – One who helps the most respected and valued man

Abdulhasib – Slave to the most reckoned and respected personality

Abdulhayy – A great personality who works for Allah or God

Abduljabaar – A devoted follower who serves all-compeller or comforter

Abduljabar – Means powerful, mighty, servant of compeller

Abduljabbar – Servant of those who forces or obliges someone to do something

Abduljabir – Stands for servant of peace or comforter

Abduljaleel – One who serves the most high and diginified

Abduljalil – Serves the most great and revered personality

Abduljame – Originated from Urdu language that means slave to the gatherer

Abduljamil – Built from elements Abd, al- and Jamil, meaning servant of the most handsome or beautiful one

Abduljawwad – Servant of the most plentiful and generous

Abdulkabir – Helps to the most great one and unique one

Abdulkadir – One who supports strong and powerful personality

Abdulkafi – Servant of the Allah(all-sufficient) who helps in every situation

Abdulkarim – One who helps kind-hearted and giving personality

Abdulkawi – Active and quick mind ability to investigate different ideas

Abdulkhabir – Slave to the all-aware or informed

Abdulkhafiz – One who supports the most descended

Abdulkhalik – Derived from Arabic Abd al-KhA?liq word that means servant of the extender

Abdulkhaliq – Meaning servant of the Allah or servant of the creator

Abdulla – Variant of Abdullah (Arabic) which means Allah or God’s servant

Abdullafif – One who serves generous and kind people with grace

Abdullah – God’s slave or servant of Allah, Islamic mystic Muhammad’s father name was Abdullah.

Abdullatif – A person who supports merciful, kind and gentle personality

Abdulmaajid – Slave of the noble, excellence and gracious

Abdulmaalik – Servant of the Lord, King and Master

Abdulmagid – A devoted individual who helps glorious and famous one

Abdulmajeed – A person with clever and good mind ability helps glorious one

Abdulmajid – This Islam religion name means slave to the most glorious & wonderful people.

Abdulmalik – A follower who works excessively hard for God or the King

Abdulmani – Work for the one who just puts a stop to one

Abdulmannan – Serves the most compassionate, kind and generous one

Abdulmatin – Originated from Arabic language that means slave to the firm, powerful and strong personality

Abdulmedjid – An individual who helps kind and good one

Abdulmejid – Slave to all glorious one with grace

Abdulmohsen – Name itself means a driver or wheel maker that brings joy

Abdulmu’Eid – Servant of those who helps to restore different things in any situation

Abdulmu’Izz – One who serves honourable and praiseworthy

Abdulmubdee – A person who works hard for the inventor or creator

Abdulmubdi – Helps those who tries to invent anything for someone else

Abdulmueed – Extremely work hard for all reproducers or restorers

Abdulmughni – Servant of those who are rich and prosperous

Abdulmuhaimin – A faithful person who helps the supervisor and manager

Abdulmuhaymin – Serves the protectors, guardians, supervisors and attentive

Abdulmuhsen – This Islam name stands for servant of the supporters and benefactors.

Abdulmuhsi – Arabic originated name means slave to the one

Abdulmuhsin – Servant of the helpers as well as supporters

Abdulmuhyee – Servant of the one who completely give his life for some work and maintain it

Abdulmuhyi – A person who gives his life for anything

Abdulmuid – Muid means restorer or reviser or the reproducer

Abdulmuiz – Unique personality who serves those individuals that gives up life for the almighty

Abdulmuizz – Slave to the one who works for the God and mighty one

Abdulmujahid – Serves the one who immediately takes resonsibility of anything on spot

Abdulmujeeb – Servant of the answerer of prayers or responder

Abdulmujib – Variant of Abdul-Mujeeb, Means slave of the most responsive

Abdulmumin – Slave to the guardian or guarantor of the faith

Abdulmunim – One who serves to all the benefactors and supporters

Abdulmuntaqim – Servant of the one who penalizes those doing wrong things

Abdulmuqaddim – Helps all the presenters as well as expediter

Abdulmuqeet – A servant of the keeper or the sustainer

Abdulmuqsit – A person who serves just one with grace

Abdulmuqtadir – One who helps the most strong and powerful personality

Abdulmusawwir – Slave of the designer or servant of the fashioner

Abdulmuta’Al – Ambitious personality who serves the most dignified and high individual

Abdulmuta’Alee – An individual that supports most high and rich personality

Abdulmutaal – Serves most glorious or the inspirational

Abdulmuti – One who works for the giver of life

Abdulmuttalib – It was name of grandfather of the Prophet PBUH that means servant of the seeker

Abdulmuzanni – Basically AbdulMuzanni was a narrator of Hadith.

Abdulnafi – Servant of the most auspicious and favourable

Abdulnaseer – Servant of the one who helps other in any situation

Abdulnasir – Slave to all the protectors and helpers

Abdulnasser – Servant of the one who is granting victory

Abdulnoor – Servant of the one who is bright and light

Abdulnur – Slave to the light and glorious one

Abdulqaadir – Serves those who are capable and competent

Abdulqabiz – Helps those who avoid doing from giving or granting

Abdulqadeer – Qadeer name itself means slave to the powerful & strong

Abdulqader – Slave to the talented and capable personality

Abdulqadir – An individual who serves the capable and able one

Abdulqahaar – Servant of the God or Allah who brings everything in his control

Abdulqahhar – A servant of the subduer or god

Abdulqawi – Derived from al-Qawi that means servant of the most dignified and strong

Abdulqayyum – Servant of the everlasting and self subsisting

Abdulquddus – Quddus stands for the perfect one, the holy one and the pure one

Abdulqudoos – A devoted suporter who serves blesses and most holy one

Abdulqudus – Variant Of Abdul-Qudoos which means slave of the most blessed people

Abdulra’Uf – Serves the most merciful and compassionate one

Abdulraafi – Servant of the one who raises intellect and respect

Abdulrabb – Slave to the most powerful that is Lord or God

Abdulrafi – Slave of the most glorify or honourable people

Abdulrahim – Arabic originated name means servant of the most merciful and kind one

Abdulrahman – Serves the most glorious and good one

Abdulraqib – One who helps those that takes very good care in any difficult situation

Abdulrasheed – Servant of the one who correctly guide

Abdulrashid – Slave of the all right-minded personality

Abdulrauf – Servant of the most kind-hearted and merciful

Abdulrazaq – One who serves the all providers and maintainers

Abdulrazzaq – Servant of the all contributors and maintainers

Abdulrehman – A person who helps the merciful and gracious one

Abdulsabur – One who serves the patient and long-suffering one

Abdulsalaam – A great personality who helps the peaceful and calm one

Abdulsalam – Servant of the all peaceable one

Abdulsamad – Serves the eternal, never-ending or everlasting

Abdulsami – One who helps all hearing one with grace

Abdulsammad – Serves the endless, constant or everlasting one

Abdulsatar – One who provides the protector and guardian

Abdulsattar – Serves the most veiled and protector one

Abdulshahid – Slave of the observer and viewer

Abdulshakoor – Serves the most thankful and appreciative one

Abdulshakur – An individual who helps the most pleased and grateful one

Abdultawwab – Slave of the most relenting and the forgiver

Abdulvajed – A servant of the finder

Abdulvakil – Serves the one who is the implementer

Abdulwaali – A great servant of the governor and inheritor

Abdulwadood – One who helps the loving and kind one

Abdulwadud – Quranic name stands for slave of the loved one

Abdulwahab – Servant of the Allah or God who gives blessings

Abdulwahhab – Slave of the God or the Lord

Abdulwahid – One who actually serves just single person with grace

Abdulwajid – A servant of the perceiver and the finder

Abdulwakil – Servant of the person who has all controls

Abdulwali – Islam name means servant of the protecting one or the governor

Abdulwaliy – Alternative of Abdul-Waleei, means one who serves the protecting person

Abdulwarith – An individual who helps ultimate inheritor or successor

Abdulwasi – Slave to the acceptance and implementation

Abdulzahir – One who serves the most demonstrated

Abdun Nur – Servant of the most bright and cleaver personality

Abdun – Arabic originated name which means servant

Abdunnasir – A great servant of the helper that means Allah or the Lord

Abdunnoor – One who helps the light and brilliant one

Abdur Rabb – Servant of the Lord or slave to the Allah

Abdur Rafi – One who serves the most exalted or elevator

Abdur Rashid – An individual who serves the righteous & good man

Abdur Rauf – Serves the most merciful, glorious and kind one

Abdur – Variant of Arabic name Abdul which means servant

Abdurrab – Built from Arabic words Abd, al- and Rabb, stands for servant of the Allah

Abdurrafi – A unique personality who serves the most exalted

Abdurraheem – Servant of the most merciful and compassionate

Abdurrahim – Serves the glorious and powerful one

Abdurrahman – A servant of the most gracious and friendly one

Abdurraqib – One who helps all the viewer and observer

Abdurrasheed – Servant of those who shows or guides to the correct path

Abdurrashid – Serves the one who is honourable teacher

Abdurrazzaq – Quranic name means slave to the giver of sustenance or provision

Abdurrehman – An individual who serves the most merciful and gracious

Abdursalam – One who really helps all peaceable preson

Abdus Sabur – Islam religion name stands for servant of the forbearing and patient one

Abdus Samad – Serves the never-ending and eternal one

Abdus Sami – Serves the one who listens to everyone

Abdus-Samad – Servant of the most ever-lasting one

Abdus-Sami – Name Abd al Sami means slave of the all-hearing one

Abdus-Shafi – Helps the one who tries and attempts to heal

Abdus – Form of Arabic Abdal that means ‘servant of’?

Abdush Shahid – A great servant of the observer and spectator

Abdush Shakur – One who serves the appreciative and thankful one

Abdushshaheed – Means slave of the witness or viewer

Abdushshahid – Helps the most amazing observer and viewer

Abdussabur – Arabic originated name, meaning serves the patient one with grace

Abdussalaam – Works hard for source of the peace

Abdussalam – Form of as-Salam that means glorified and Allah. Name stands for servant of the safety

Abdussamad – A devoted follower who supports everlasting and eternal one

Abdussami – Helps the all hearing one and the Lord

Abdussattar – Serves the one who protects or hides all mistakes

Abdusshafi – Shafi name stands for servant of the healer

Abdussubbooh – One who serves the extremely uncontaminated and pure

Abdussubhan – A unique personality that helps the most glorious and brilliant one

Abdut Tawwab – Serves the most merciful and forgiving one

Abduz Zahir – One who serves the apparent and overt one

Abduzzahir – Slave of the most patent and obvious one

Abednego – Serves the most shinning and light one

Abeed – A derogatory term that means slave, servant or worshipper

Abhaar – Gratitude or thankful to others

Abid – Worshipper or devout of the Lord

Absham – A scented tree or a tree that has fragrance

Abyan – The more eloquent or a clear person

Aizad – Supplemental, excess , increase , innovation.

Aizaz – Honour, esteem, regard

Akhfash – There have several men of this name

Alisher – Combination of ALI (1) and SHER

Allahbakhsh – Gift of Allah

Allahbukhsh – Variants of Allahbakhsh, Gift of Allah

Allahditta – God gifted

Allahrakha – Most Gracious, Protected by Allah

Allam – Educator, Professor, educationalist

Angrez – Name used to refer British people, Derived from Urudu word Ingles

Ashiq – Lover, Variant of Aashiq, Sweetheart, Beloved, Dear

Urdu boy names starting with B

Babar – Alternate transcription of Urdu (see BABUR)

Baber – Alternate transcription of Urdu (see BABUR)

Babur – From a Persian word meaning ‘tiger’. This was the nickname of Zahir ud-Din Muhammad, the 16th-century founder of the Mughal Empire in India

Balban – He was the ninth sultan of the Mamluk dynasty of Delhi.The name symbolizes power.

Baleegh – It means eloquent, vivid and learned.

Balhara – It means an emperor or the king of kings.

Baligh – The name means eloquent or vivid. It can also mean being well versed.

Barir – Faithful, Honest

Barsaat – Welcome rain

Basirat – Insight, Perception, awareness, observation

Basit – Spreader, Transmitter, purveyor

Basman – Smiling A Lot

Basr – Eye-sight, Wisdom, Sight

Bassam – Smiling, happy, joyful

Bharam – Esteem, pride, reputation

Bujair – Name of the one who knew

Buland – An upward man

Buqrat – One who is an ancient physician

Urdu boy names starting with D

Dostmuhammad – Friend of Prophet Muhammad

Urdu boy names starting with E

Eitzaz – Name of a Prophet.

Emir – a prince or a commander or a general of the army.

Emran – progress or achievement.

Emre – a friend who is loving or an older brother.

Emree – this name means an older brother or a loving friend.

Emry – an older brother or a loving friend is signified by this name.

Enamul – prosperity.

Enayat – grace, kindness or blessing.

Encarna – this name means someone who is blessed or kind.

Enestinus – masculine form of beauty.

Eneviri – a holy and revered saint.

Eqbal – prosperity or success.

Erbic – an Arabic baby name for love.

Urdu boy names starting with F

Farheen – A joyous and jubilant person

Fastiq – A person who rips things apart

Fattan – A bright and charming young man

Fattooh – A little one who conquers

Faziuddin – A religion’s bounty

Fazleilahi – An Allah’s bounty

Fikhar – Pride, prestige and glory

Finula – A pale-shouldered female

Furoogh – Refers to cheerful, happy or lustre.

Furozh – A glowing radiance.

Furqau – Distance between the fact and the untruth.

Futuh – Refers to triumph or overcome.

Urdu boy names starting with G

Gamaleddin – The bright light of the faith

Ghaiyyas – Supporter, redeemer or winner.

Ghallab – A victor, a triumphant individual

Ghatrif – A brave and noble leader

Gonal – Bright

Gul Zar – Gul means Rose flower and Zar mean pavement or garden. So Gul zar means the pavement or garden of roses.

Gul – Means ‘flower, rose’ in Urdu and Pashto, ultimately from Persian

Gulbar – Gulbar means the person who pelt flowers everywhere.

Gurdanakhan – The fruit of summer,Mangoes.

Guriat – Guriat is an unisex name of Urdu origins. The meaning of the name is Puppet.

Urdu boy names starting with H

Haraz – Make fun, comedy, Funny side

Haseen – Beautiful, Handsome, Smart

Hifazat – Security, Safety

Himayati – The one who takes your side

Himmat – Courage, Desire, Strength

Hira – Derived from Sanskrit (hira) meaning ‘diamond’. It is typically feminine in Pakistan and unisex in India and Nepal

Hirz – Another Name for God, Place of Refuge, Amulet, Charm

Hurays – He who is like a little cultivator

Urdu boy names starting with I

Inayat – From Arabic (‘inayah) meaning ‘care, concern’

Urdu boy names starting with J

Jaaved – One who is eternal

Jadwal – One who lives near the brook

Jagnu – One who is like a firefly

Jahanafirin – Another name for the Creator

Jaheer – A handsome man with high piutched voice

Jazam – The expression of approval and support.

Jeelan – One of the towns in Iran.

Jnab – It’s an honorific title which shows th ehonor and respect.

Jurayj – Jurayj is a Muslim name, represents the name of the Teacher

Jusamah – The name Jusamah means Nightmare

Juyal – Juyal means Quarrdsome, A companion

Urdu boy names starting with K

Kaab – The name Kaab means Honorable Throne

Kalimullah – Kalimullah name means One who Conversed with Allah

Karamullah – The name means Bounty of Allah

Khaatim – Khaatim means Seal, Stamp

Khan – From a title meaning ‘king, ruler’. Its origin is probably Mongolian, though the word has been transmitted into many other languages

Khawli – Khawli means Deer

Khawwas – The name means To be Full, The one who ate a lot

Khawwat – The meaning of the name is Companion, By your side

Khitfa – Khitfa name means He who Forgets a Lot

Khuda – Khuda name means God

Khudabakhsh – The name means The Gift of Allah

Khulus – Khulus means Purity

Khurshidjahan – The name means The Sun of the World

Khushtar – Khushtar name means The One Who is Surrounded by Happiness

Kiran – Derived from Sanskrit (kirana), which can mean ‘dust’ or ‘thread’ or ‘sunbeam’

Urdu boy names starting with L

Liaquat – A competent and capable person

Urdu boy names starting with M

Mamoor – A place that is inhabited and civilised

Maqadar – A fate, desitiny

Maqbul – A prayer that is accepted by the God

Masheer – A person who is a good advisor

Mawhoub – A male Muslim name of Urdu origin

Mir – An aristocrat, a commander, a prince

Misaal – An example, one who is compared with

Urdu boy names starting with N

Naajy – Free from danger or the threat of damage.

Nabi – An additional name of Prophet Mohammed according to Islam.

Nafi – Who is profitable to others

Nahiya – An advisor, one who gives advise

Naif Nail – An acquirer or an earner

Nairab – A saint person, one who is saint

Namazzi – One who pray 5 times a day according to Islam

Nasuh – A faithful or sincere person

Nawwaab – the richest person of the community

Nawwab – The title given to the rich person

Nazaakat – The delicacy or the tenderness

Nazaam – The disciple or the order of the world

Nazaat – Liberation or freedom

Nazakat – The delicate person

Nazar – The vision or the eyesight

Nazara – The scenery, a vision of a person

Nazarah – A beautiful scenery

Nazarha – A sight or a vision of a person

Nazer – The eyesight, a vision of an eyesight

Nazimuddin – The governor of the religion

Nazr – The present or a gift

Nazrat – One who is of great pride

Nijad – The one who is tallest among the people.

Nijamo – One who ha governing power

Noorulhuda – Dainty of the true direction.

Noorullah – The brightness of the almighty God Allah.

Nooruzzaman – The bright nimble of the period.

Urdu boy names starting with P

Purdil – A courageous, fearless person

Urdu boy names starting with Q

Qabool – One who is full of acceptance and approval

Qadar – A destination to be reached, one with a divine destiny

Urdu boy names starting with R

Raja – Means ‘king, ruler’, from Sanskrit (rajan)

Rana – From the Sanskrit title (rana) meaning ‘king’

Rayees – A wealthy, rich person

Reiaf – A male name of Urdu origin

Rezaulkarim – A satisfaction of the most genereous one

Urdu boy names starting with S

Saadullah – One who is Blessed of Allah

Saheb – A master or an owner of something

Saklain – Two words – a hereaf and the world

Samshad – A tree that is logn and beutiful

Samurah – The name of a Shabi who is ditingueshed

Shahadat – To be a witness

Shahjahan – Means ‘king of the world’ from the Persian elements (shah) ‘king’ and (jahan) ‘world’. This was the name of the 17th-century Mughal emperor who built the Taj Mahal

Shandar – Means ‘fabulous’ in Urdu

Sher – Means ‘lion’ in Persian. A famous bearer of this name was Sher Shah, a 16th-century Mughal ruler

Shernaz – The pride of a lion

Shuqran – A man of blonde hair and fair complexion

Suboor – A man of great patience who takes pity on others

Sufiya – He who is a mystic

Sultan – Means ‘ruler, king, sultan’ in Arabic. In the Arab world this name is typically masculine, but Turkey it is given to both boys and girls

Urdu boy names starting with T

Taaqul – Clever thought

Tadeen – The one who informs.

Tafazal – Old age, an aged man.

Tahoor – The one who purifies.

Taial – Nature

Talq – One who is a cheerful and joyful man

Tarfaan – The one who translates.

Tiraq – A force or strength of a person