Roman boy names


Roman boy names starting with A

Adrian – Water, or a sea of water

Aegidius – A young goat, or a shield from young goat skin

Aellius – The sun, name of Roman emperor Handrian

Aerthirn – From the royal Roman clan

Amabilis – Beautiful, loving people who are spontaneous and happy-go-lucky

Angel – A messenger

Anthony – They are unique, priceless flower and a Roman clan name

Augustu – Sicilian form of Augustus, meaning venerable.

Augustus – It means ‘Great’ and the first Roman Emperor had the title ‘Augustus Octavian’.

Aurav – God of Dawn, Goddess of Dawn

Aureliu – A form of Aurelius, meaning golden or gilded.

Roman boy names starting with B

Barbro – Foreign, Overseas

Roman boy names starting with C

Caiu – A form of Caius, meaning to rejoice.

Cajus – He will rejoice

Carinu – Sicilian form of Carinus, meaning dear or beloved.

Cessy – The one who is blind

Cezar – They are hairy

Charles – Variant of Karl, brave

Cilistinu – Sicilian form of Caelestinus. It means of the sky or heavenly.

Ciprian – A martyr and a bishop under the emperor Valerian

Claudiu – One who is lame, cannot walk, one whose legs are crippled

Claudius – One who is crippled, disabled, handicapped, unable to walk

Cloru – Sicilian form of Chlorus, meaning pale green.

Codrut – Hailing from a forest in Romania, in a romanian forest

Columba – Dove, a bird resembling pigeon and a symbol for peace

Constans – Constant, never changing, steadfast, persistent and sustained

Constantin – Something that is persistent and never changes

Consus – Sowing the seeds, planting, Derived from the Roman God of harvest

Cornelius – Hoen, i.e. a bony growth that grows on the bodies of certain animals

Custanzu – Custanzu is the Sicilian form of Constantius and means constant or steadfast.

Roman boy names starting with D

Decimus – One who came tenth in number

Dennis – One who promotes civilization

Dominic – Belonging to the all-mighty.

Dominicus – The one who is born of the Lord

Dominik – One who is born out of a God, has Godly manners

Dumizzianu – Sicilian form of Domitianus, meaning having been tamed.

Roman boy names starting with E

Ectorius – To restrain, one who has imagibative and creative mind

Eligius – One who born to be chosen as the best

Emileigh – this name means somebody who is trying to excel or equal a rival.

Enej – Slovenian word for praise.

Enniaun – the family name of a great writer during ancient Roman civilization.

Roman boy names starting with F

Faunus – To become someone’s friend

Faustus – An auspicious mand

Febian – One who is from the Fabius clan

Festus – He who is festive and full of joy

Flaviu – Romanian form of Flavius, meaning golden or yellow haired.

Florentinus – A variation used in context of a blooming flower, flourishing

Florian – A masculine modification of ‘Florence’ which represents the ‘process of blooming’

Florus – It represents ‘blossoms or flowers’

Roman boy names starting with G

Giovi – Giovi is a form of Jupiter and means father.

Gistin – The name Gistin means Just.

Gistinus – Gistinus maeans The Just One.

Giuliu – Giuliu is a form of Julius and means downy or hairy.

Giuvianu – A form of Jovian and means father.

Grazzianu – Grazzianu is a form of Gratian and means grace.

Roman boy names starting with H

Halius – A companion of Aeneas, a charachter from Roman Mythology

Roman boy names starting with I

Indibil – king of the Ilergetes

Roman boy names starting with J

John – Eldest son of Saul,God is Benevolent,merciful and gracious

Julian – Latin – Jupiter’s Child, Downy, Julian is Youthful

Juspaul – A small or humble person, a just humble person

Roman boy names starting with K

Kosta – Bulgarian diminutive of Konstantin, meaning constant

Kostadin – Bulgarian variant of Constantine, meaning constant.

Roman boy names starting with L

Leos – A form of Leo, meaning lion.

Lincoln – Settlement by the lake

Linus – Son of the God Apollo, this is a name from Greek Mythology and means flax

Liuni – Sicilian form of Leo, meaning lion.

Roman boy names starting with M

Marc – A war-like person

Marcu – A form of Marcus, meaning God of war.

Marik – A form of Mark, meaning warlike, martial.

Mele – Hawaiian – One who is happy, Merry

Michael – One of the seven archangels of the God

Roman boy names starting with N

Nettunu – A form of Neptune, meaning wet, damp clouds.

Roman boy names starting with O

Omerus – An invitation to pray

Orazziu – Sicilian form of Horatius, meaning hour, time or season.

Osuuold – Five, name for a great individual

Otho – A name for a divine King who rules all

Ottavianu – Ottavianu is a variant of Octavianus and means eighth.

Ovid – One who is like a sheep

Owen – A well born, young warrior, noble birth

Ozana – It means a river in Moldova, great leader

Roman boy names starting with P

Pavle – Georgian form of Paul, meaning small or humble

Petran – A rock solid person

Pirtinaci – A variant of Pertinax, meaning persistent, stubborn

Piu – A form of Pius, meaning pious or dutiful.

Pius – A pious, dutiful person

Placidus – A silent, peaceful, mild person

Plaine – One who lives on a Plaeau, or low lying meadows

Pontius – The fifth one

Roman boy names starting with Q

Quintilianu – A form of Quintilianus, meaning fifth.

Quintillu – Sicilian form of Quintillus. It means fifth.

Quintillus – Fifth or fifth born.

Quintu – Sicilian form of Quintus, meaning fifth.

Roman boy names starting with R

Regulus – One who is a little king or a prince

Remigius – One who is a rower

Remus – One of the two founders of Rome

Renatus – To be born again

Roman boy names starting with S

Saccius – An empty and vain person. Form of name Cassius.

Saccus – A Latin word meaning bag, sack

Satvrninvs – The Roman God of Saturn

Seppo – Estonian form of Sebastian, meaning venerable.

Severena – A stren, severe and hard in nature

Severu – Severu is obtained from Severus and means stern.

Silvius – A forest-lover, a man of the woods

Spartacus – He who comes from the ancient Greek city of Sparta

Roman boy names starting with T

Tibberiu – A form of Tiberius. It means of the Tiber.

Tiburcio – One who is from Tibur or Tivoli

Tiitus – Estonian form of Titus. It means title of honor.

Titusz – The title of honour

Tonino – One whose price is never estimated

Tonis – Estonian form of Anthony. It means highly praiseworthy

Tony – Tony is a Roman clan name, meaning highly praiseworthy.

Traian – The warrior, brave warrior, A Roman emperor

Trajan – The most capable man to led the empire

Tullius – Humanistic and a name of a King

Roman boy names starting with V

Vespasianu – Sicilian form of Vespasianu, meaning west.