Old english boy names


Old english boy names starting with A

Aballach – Father of Modron

Accalon – Lover of Morgan le Fay

Accerly – A hopeful and truth loving person, Oak meadow

Aglaral – Brother of Percival

Aglaval – Brother of Percival

Ahlfrith – Oswiu’s son

Aiwyn – Wise friend

Alner – variants of the name ‘Athelnoth’, which is composed of the Old English elements ‘athel’, noble and ‘noth’

Anguysh – Father of Isolde

Antfortas – Keeper of the grail

Arthgallo – High honor

Asbury – Fortress

Ashbey – Ash tree farm

Ashe – Ash tree

Attor – Poison or Venom

Auctor – Foster father of Arthur

Awarnach – A giant

Old english boy names starting with B

Baldthryth – It means to be gallant and valiant. It signifies a true warrior.

Baldulf – A knight

Baley – It means a bailiff or a law enforcer. It is a variation of bailey.

Beaumains – One with white hands

Benoyce – Name of a kingdom

Bernlak – The Green Knight

Bersules – A knight

Bicoir – Father of Arthur

Bliant – Healer

Boarte – Name of Arthur’s son.

Brammell – A broomwell, a well in the middle of a broom

Bredbeddle – The Green Knight

Breri – A messenger

Old english boy names starting with C

Cacamwri – Servant

Cafall – Name of Arthur’s dog

Calibom – Name of Arthur’s sword

Calibumus – Name of Arthur’s sword

Catterick – Name of a battle in Arthurian legend.

Chadd – Name of a saint who protects others

Chaddie – The one who is warlike, a warrior

Chadrick – A dairy farm, they are born out of battle

Chadwick – Chad’s dairy farm, battle

Cheslee – A meadow of camp

Chesley – Clearing Woodland

Cheslie – Camping on a meadow

Chetwin – A little house

Chetwyn – A cottage on twisted path

Claibourne – One who hails from the earth, born from the earth

Clamedeus – Name of a king in Arthurian legend.

Clayborne – A river flowing near a clay bed

Cola – Charcoal, a black material which is a form of carbon, and is made when an organic substance is heated in the absence of air

Colden – A town where coal is found and obtained

Corbenic – Name of the place where the grail was kept.

Crosley – Meadow across the cross

Cydney – Riverside meadow

Old english boy names starting with D

Daile – Valley of love

Darwyn – A gifted compannion

Daton – A dairy town

Daxter – A person who dyes

Day – A female servant, hope

Dayle – Valley, an assembly

Dene – One who belongs in a valley

Deona – A church leader of a valley

Old english boy names starting with E

Eaduin – An idealistic,prosperous and inspirational person.

Eadwine – It means ‘Happy Friend’.

Eadwold – An independent and a very tolerant person.

Eadwulf – A person who is idealistic and has inspirational qualities, Its derived meaning from Old English where ead mean ‘Fortune’and wulf means’Wolf’

Eardwulf – An idealistic and inspirational person .

Early – It means ‘Noble Leader’.

Edd – A royal, prosperous, guardian of wealth

Eetu – Finnish form of Edward, Guardian of riches

Egerton – Prosperous warrior, name of a place

Eilmer – Noble and faithful being who is very famous

Elson – this means someone who is from old town or Elli’s town or Elli’s son.

Elvyn – this name means magical being or elf friend.

Emmerich – it means powerful and rich.

Eored – cavalry or band or troop.

Eorkonweald – a group of horse mounted riders of Rohirrim.

Eorl – a nobleman or chief of a tribe.

Ethelred – noble counsel.

Ethelrede – an archaic English word meaning noble counsel.

Ethelric – noble ruler.

Ethelsige – an Anglo-Saxon king.

Ethelwin – an Anglo-Saxon name meaning a noble friend.

Ethelwulf – a noble wolf.

Ethelwyn – a word which means a noble friend in Anglo-Saxon.

Ethelwynne – a maculinized Old English word meaning a noble friend.

Euell – spring or source of a river.

Evelake – in Arthurian legend the name of a king.

Old english boy names starting with F

Filmore – A well reknowned person

Finch – One who catches and breeds finches (a bird species)

Fintan – ‘white-fire’ or ‘white-bull’, deemed to be the only suvivor of Great Flood

Flinn – ‘Son of a Flann’, i.e. male child of a red-haired man

Floella – A combination of ‘Flo’ and ‘Ella’, it is a feminine word for flower

Floramaria – Literally means flower of Mary, the mother of Jesus

Ford – A causeway along a river or stream

Forde – A river or stream crossing, variation of the name ‘Ford’

Forden – An alternant of the word ‘Ford’, it represents a shallow place across a river or stream

Fordon – A variated version of the name ‘Ford’, it represents a shallow passage across a river

Fordwin – A rare name which refers to a river or stream crossing

Foxworth – Variant of the word ‘Foxworthy’, it refers to an enclosure

Frealaf – Split into ‘Frea’+’Laf’ meaning the ‘Surviving Master’

Freelove – Derived from the Old English name ‘FriA┬░ulaf’, it translates to ‘peace-survivor’

Old english boy names starting with H

Hadlee – Field of heather (A purple-flowered Eurasian heath)

Hadwinn – Friend in war, an alternative to the spelling of Hadwin

Haglea – Enclosed field, Enclosed meadow

Hailee – silage clearing, Hay woods

Hallewell – Holly Well

Hammond – high protection, Home protection

Handleigh – From the High Meadow

Handley – Clearing in the woods

Hanleigh – an alternate spelling of high meadow

Hanley – Place name From the high meadow

Hargreaves – Grove of the hares

Harlan – hare land

Harlea – related to hare clearing

Harlynn – grey land

Harman – Grey man

Hawleigh – enclosed meadow

Hawley – hedged meadow

Headly – Clearing of heather

Heahstan – Quiet, systematic, inventive mind

Heall – Nook retreat

Heaton – enclosure, settlement

Hebreward – Army Protector

Hedley – heather clearance

Hendrie – A surname of the Scottish Clan Henderson, Son of Henry

Hendron – Son of the HENRY

Henlea – From the wood filled with wild birds

Henryson – son of Henry

Herould – Derived from the name Hebreweald, army,power, leader, ruler

Herward – Army Guard

Old english boy names starting with L

Leland – The one who lives near a fallow land or a meadow

Liulf – A responsible and unique individual

Lleyton – A settlemen in the meadow

Lovecraft – One who is skilled, strength

Old english boy names starting with M

Mander – English Gypsy – From Me, A nickname of beggar

Old english boy names starting with O

Ostrythe – Name given to a divine Wolf, idealistic person

Oswyn – A divine war, has lot of strength

Otess – Another name for a settlement or a village, from Preston

Ozbalt – Slovene form of Ozwald, meaning ‘power or ruler’.

Ozbej – Slovene form of Ozwald, meaning ‘power or ruler’.

Old english boy names starting with P

Pinnel – An English surname meaning little pine-tree

Old english boy names starting with S

Scot – A form of Scott

Sherm – A shear man

Shith – To smite or to hit, a name for a metal worker or blacksmith

Stoney – A form or similar to a Star