Anglo saxon boy names


Anglo saxon boy names starting with A

Aart – Like an eagle


Ace – Unity

Acey – Unity


Acton – Town by the oak tree

Acwel – Kills

Acwellen – Kills

Aeldra – Lives at the Elder Tree, means Noble

Aelfric – Elf Ruler, King of Elves

Aelle – Name of Several Kings, one of many names after Elf

Aescwine – Spear Friend

Aethelbald – Noble and Bold, A King of Mercia

Aethelbert – Bright Nobility

Aethelfrith – Noble Peace

Aethelhard – Noble Strength

Aethelhere – Name of a King

Aethelstan – Noble Stone

Aethelwulf – Noble Wolf

Agilberht – Name of a Bishop


Aidan – Little fiery one

Aiekin – Oaken


Aiken – Sturdy, oaken

Al – Form of ALBERT – noble, bright

Alban – Town on the white hill

Albert – Noble, bright

Aldan – Form of ALDEN – old friend, wise protector


Alden – Old and wise protector

Aldfrith – Name of a King

Aldhelm – Name of a Bishop


Aldin – Old and wise protector

Aldred – Wise counselor

Aldwyn – Old friend

Alfred – Wise counselor

Alfric – Elf King, A Variant of name Aelfric

Algar – Noble spearman

Alger – Noble spearman

Almund – Noble Protection, Defender of the Temple

Alphonse – Eager, noble

Alston – From the old manor

Alton – From the old town

Alvin – Noble friend

Alwin – Noble friend

Anson – Divine

Archard – Sacred

Archerd – Sacred

Archibald – Very bold

Arian – Echanted

Arlice – Honorable

Arlo – Fortified hill

Arlys – Honorable

Arlyss – Honorable

Artair – Bear

Arth – Rock

Aston – Eastern settlement

Atol – Someone who is hateful

Attwell – Lives by the Spring, Someone who lived by the stream

Atwater – From the Water Edge, Someone who lived by the River or Lake

Atwell – Lives by the Spring, Someone who lived by the stream

Audley – Prosperous guardian or old friend

Averel – Old English – Boar like in Battle, A variant of Averill

Averell – Old English – Boar like in Battle, A variant of Averill

Averil – Old English – Boar like in Battle, A variant of Averill

Averill – Old English – Boar like in Battle, Derived from the elements ‘eofor’ meaning boar

Avery – Traditionally a last name derived from Alfred. It means ‘wise’: in French, ‘ruling with elf-wisdom’, in English, ‘counselor.’ Used for boys and girls. Well-known Averys: Fern’s brother in Charlotte’s Web.

Aylett – One who has noble and great personality

Anglo saxon boy names starting with B

Baldwinn – A bold and beautiful person

Banning – Small and fair

Bar – From the birch meadow

Barclay – From the birch tree meadow

Bardon – Barley valley

Barney – Son of comfort

Barr – Form of BARRETTA – a cap

Barrett – Commerce

Barton – From the barley settlement

Basil – Kingly

Baxter – Baker

Baylor – Horse-trainer

Bede – Prayer

Beorma – A name of a man who inhabited Bermingham. A name probably means fermented or frothy in Old English

Berkeley – From the birch tree meadow

Bernard – Brave as a bear

Bertram – Bright raven

Betlic – Splendid

Beverly – Beaver meadow

Birch – Birch tree

Boden – Messenger

Boniface – To do good

Booker – Beech-tree

Bordan – One who comes from the valley of bears

Borden – He lives in the valley of bears

Boyden – A herald

Bradwin – A bearded friend

Brandon – One who is a brave, vigilant person

Brant – Proud

Bras – It is a surname

Braxton – Settlement of the Brock

Brecc – Freckled

Brice – Strength or valor

Brigham – Dwells at the bridge

Bron – A dark or brown man

Bronson – Son of the dark man

Brun – Dark skinned

Bryce – Form of BRICE – quick-moving, alert

Burgess – Town dweller

Burt – Form of BURTON – bright fame

Burton – From the fortified town

Byrd – Like a bird

Byron – At the cowshed

Anglo saxon boy names starting with C

Cadman – One who is a soldier, a warrior

Cafnoth – An Anglo-Saxon male name

Cal – Short for many names beginning with CAL

Camden – From the winding valley

Camdene – From the winding valley

Capri – The goat

Cary – Descendant of the dark one

Ceatta – A name of the obscure Anglo-Saxon saint

Ceawlin – A name of the King

Cecil – Dim sighted or blind

Cenhelm – A brave man who protects

Cenwalh – The name of a King

Ceolmund – The one who protects and pampers

Ceolweard – Name of a King, they are beloved

Ceolwulf – A beloved King

Cerdic – Name of King, the beloved one

Chad – Warrior

Chadwik – They are warrior

Chadwyck – The dairy farm of Ceadda

Chapman – Merchant

Chester – Rocky fortress

Chilton – A town by the river

Clifford – Ford near the cliff

Clifton – Town near a cliff

Clint – Form of CLINTON – town on a hill

Clinton – Town on a hill

Clive – Cliff by the river

Coelfrid – One who comes from the coal fields

Coenbehrt – A brave and bold advisor

Coenberg – A bold and brave one

Coenburg – He is bold like a fortress

Colby – Dark or dark haired

Corey – Dweller near a hollow

Cosmo – Order or harmony

Courtland – From the court’s land

Courtnay – Lives in the court, Courtdweller

Courtney – Courtier or court attendant

Covington – Habitational name from ‘Covinton’ in Lanarkshire and Old English form ‘Cofington’.

Creighton – Dweller by the rocks

Crews – A family which once had lived as dwellers at a cattlepen or a cattlefold

Crompton – Originated from the word ‘Crumpton’ which implies bowed or malformed, Could be used to refer to a person from the winding farm

Croston – A farm or a settlement

Croydon – A Valley

Cuddie – The bright one

Cuin – A reasonable free man

Cusick – A harsh term

Cuthred – A counsel

Cuthwulf – Wolf, one filled with power

Cyneagils – The Royal Ruler

Cynefrid – The one who is kinglike and a noble being

Cynegils – Name of a born King

Cyneric – The one who has power

Cynerik – A royal and powerful person

Cynesige – The one who always wins

Cynewulf – An elegant royal King

Cyril – Master or Lord

Anglo saxon boy names starting with D

Daegal – Dweller by the dark stream

Dalston – the one from Dougal’s place

Darrell – Form of DARYL- dear, beloved

Darryl – Form of DARYL – dear, Beloved

Daryl – Dear, beloved

Delbert – Bright like daytime

Dell – Hollow or valley

Deman – Man

Denby – From the Danish settlement

Denton – Settlement in the valley

Derian – Small rocky hill

Desmond – From south Munster

Devon – Poet

Devyn – Poet

Dodson – A determined and pratical person by nature

Dougal – Dark stranger

Douglas – Dark stream or dark river

Drew – Manly

Dudley – The people’s meadow

Duke – Leader

Dunton – A settlement name, hill

Durwin – A good and dear friend

Durwyn – One who is the friend of a Deer

Dwight – White, fair one

Dyke – Dike or ditch

Anglo saxon boy names starting with E

Eadbehrt – Ead means ‘Blessed’ and behrt means ‘Bright’

Eadbert – Name of a King

Eadberth – It means a blessed person.

Eadhelm – A friendly and social person.

Eadmaer – The one who comes from riches and greatness

Eadred – A rich, happy and eager person

Eadwacer – Heaven-watcher, A person who is of expressive nature.

Eadwig – It means a rich or prosperous person.

Ealdgyth – An old battle maid, the noble one

Ealhred – A hall or a big place

Ealhstan – They are stone hard and temple pure

Eamon – Wealthy guardian

Earconbert – One who has many qualities and personal insight

Earl – Nobleman, warrior

Earle – It means chief or nobleman.

Ecgbert – A sharp edge of a sword

Ecgfrith – A born leader, name of a king

Edburga – The great, guardian protector

Eddison – A succesor of wealth, Ed’s son

Edgar – Lucky spearman

Edgard – A brave and strong spearman

Edgert – Who has sharpness of a blade, border

Edit – Joyous, wealthy gift from a ruler

Edlin – A rich friend, popular and friendly

Edlyn – Wealthy friend

Edmond – Prosperous protector

Edmund – Prosperous protector

Edmundus – Fortune loving person, one who has a heart of gold

Edouard – A happy rich protector

Edric – Wealthy ruler

Edris – Wealthy ruler, full of energy

Edsel – Rich mans house

Edson – Son of a fortuante warrior

Eduin – Rich friend

Eduuin – Blessed friend, a prosperous person

Eduuine – Fortunate friend, they are a guardian

Edward – Wealthy guardian

Edwen – Rich in friendship, a blessed friend

Edwin – Rich friend, one who is blessed with richness and is wine

Edwy – Name of a king, one who is brave hearted

Edwyn – Valued friend, one who is happy and wealthy

Egberk – Bright sword

Egbert – Sharp edge of sword

Egfrid – Happy and mature individual

Egric – One who is eternal and self loving

Ekbert – One who has a bright edge

Eldon – Foreign hill

Eldred – They are very wise advisors

Eldrid – Old and wise advisor

Eldrida – A brilliant wise advisor

Eldwin – One who is a wise ruler and advisor

Eldwyn – One who is a born wise advisor

Elmer – Noble

Elvin – Friend of Elves

Emmet – Industrious

Eoforheard – a firm wild boar.

Eoforich – during the Norman conquests a battle concerning boars.

Eoforweald – a brave leader.

Eohhere – an ancient name meaning someone from the ancient lake country.

Eohric – a very powerful ruler.

Eomer – famous war horse.

Eoppa – a royal prince.

Eorconweald – an Anglo-Saxon word for a mounted stallion.

Eormengild – it means public pledge.

Eorpwald – a king of East Anglia.

Eosterwine – an ancient Christianity father in Anglo-Saxon culture.

Eral – somebody of nobility.

Erian – Enchanted

Erol – Courageous

Errol – Wanderer

Erwin – Form of IRVING. Handsome and Fair

Esmond – Wealthy protector

Esne – in Anglo-Saxon culture a labourer or a small class person.

Ethelbert – name of a king meaning noble and bright.

Ethelind – an Anglo-Saxon name meaning noble snake.

Ethelmar – noble greatness.

Eubank – an Anglo-Saxon surname possibly referring to the Yew’s banks.

Everett – somebody who is very brave like a wild boar.

Eylmer – A noble person

Anglo saxon boy names starting with F

Fairfax – Fair Haired

Faran – Baker

Fecca – An Anglo-Saxon male name for the low-born child

Felix – Fortunate or happy

Fenton – Marshland farm

Feran – Traveler

Finian – Light skinned

Firman – Firm or strong

Fitch – Its an old English word for an ermine or polecat

Fleming – Dutchman from Flanders

Fletcher – Arrow maker

Floyd – Gray or white haired

Ford – Dweller near the ford

Forthhere – Historically, the name of the Bishop of Shermorne

Foster – Of the Woods, Forest

Freeland – Derived from the name ‘freoland’ it means a person residing on a free land

Freeman – Free Man

Fremund – Possibly named after St. Fremund, hermit and martyr of Anglo-Saxon England

Freomund – Named after the miraculous hermit and martyr St. Fremund, loves to travel

Fridolph – A peaceful wolf

Frithugis – A name given to son of Hugh

Fugol – Resembling a fowl or birdie.

Anglo saxon boy names starting with G

Gaderian – Gathers

Galan – Healer

Gar – Spear

Gareth – Gentle

Garr – Spear

Garren – It means similar to Garry

Garrett – Derived from Gerald (rule of the spear) or Gerard (brave and strong as spear)

Garson – Form of GARRISON. column of conquest

Garvin – Friend in battle

Gent – Gentleman

Geoff – Peaceful

Geoffrey – Peaceful

Geraint – Old

Gerard – Brave with a spear

Gervaise – Honorable

Gibson – Son of Gilbert

Giles – Shield bearer

Godric – Rules with God

Godwine – Friend of God

Goode – the person who performed good deeds or acts of kindness

Gordie – Hill near the meadow

Gordon – Hill near the meadow

Gordy – Hill near the meadow

Graeham – A Boy from the gray house. Gray is the sign of intelligence.

Graeme – Grand home

Grafton – The name is the composition of two words Graf means grove and ton means enclosure.

Graham – A Boy from the gray house. Gray is the sign of intelligence.

Grahame – A Boy from the gray house. Gray is the sign of intelligence.

Grahem – Grand home

Gram – Grand home

Grimbald – Grim means fierce and bold means a person who is wiling to take risks. So as a whole a person who loves to take risks and be fierce in all situation.

Grimbaldus – Grim means fierce and bold means a person who is wiling to take risks. So as a whole a person who loves to take risks and be fierce in all situation.

Grimbol – Varient of Grimbold. Grim means fierce and bold means a person who is wiling to take risks. So as a whole a person who loves to take risks and be fierce in all situation.

Grimbold – Grim means fierce and bold means a person who is wiling to take risks. So as a whole a person who loves to take risks and be fierce in all situation.

Grimm – Grimm means a fierce person who has ability to do anything bravely.

Grimme – Fierce

Grimmwolf – Grimm means fierce as a whole Grimm fierce means a person who is fierce and powerful like a wolf.

Grindan – Sharp

Grover – From the Grove

Guncar – Fighter

Gurhaval – The name Gurhaval means The Brave one in the Battle. It is used in English language, mostly in Ireland.

Gycsa – A very old Anglo-Saxon male name

Gydel – An old Anglo-Saxon male name nowdays mostly used in Sweden

Gymi – A monothematic Anglo-Saxon name for those born with a low-status

Gymma – A low-born ANglo-Saxon name

Gyppa – An old Anglo-Saxon name for a low-born man

Gyric – A name for those with a lower status

Anglo saxon boy names starting with H

Hac – An old, Anglo-Saxon nickname for Haca

Haca – An old Anglo-Saxon byname that is not complementary

Hacca – A non complementary Anglo-Saxon name

Hadd – One who is guided

Haines – From a Vined Cottage

Halig – Holy, Saintly

Hall – That which is covered

Halnath – An Anglo-Saxon nickname

Ham – Hot

Hama – From Old English ham meaning ‘home’. This is the name of a Gothic warrior, who appears with his companion of Wudga in some Anglo-Saxon tales (briefly in ‘Beowulf’)

Hamgisl – A low-borns nickname

Hart – Deer or Stag

Hathcyn – A very rare Anlgo-Saxon name, given to Boys of higher status

Hathweald – A name of the high-born

Hawkley – hawk

Heabba – An Anglo-Saxonian byname

Heard – Brave, Hardy

Heath – Wasteland

Heddin – A monothematic Anglo-Saxon name for those born with a low-status

Heferth – One of the names given to high-born, noble Boys

Helm – Courageous protection

Heorot – hall of the hart (male deer)

Herebeorht – Clever Army

Hereric – Ruler, Monarch

Hergualdus – Vision and foresight to be able to organize others and to hold positions.

Herley – Individuality, Self confidence, Independent

Hicel – A male Anglo-Saxon name for the low-borns

Hidda – A name given to Anglo-Saxon low-borns

Hiddi – A name for the non noble born man

Hiddila – A name of common men

Higbald – A courageous man in the battle

Higueid – One who is brave in the war

Hildeburg – One from the battle fortress

Hiroc – A very common noble name

Hlothere – A name of the Anglo-Saxon ruler of the Kent region

Hnydda – A man who owns a town

Hodard – A man full of honor

Hollis – Hero

Holt – Forest

Hondscio – A man of low ranks

Horik – A male Anglo-Saxon name

Horn – One who blows the horn during the battle

Howpe – To come from the brook village

Hraefn – He who is like a dark raven

Hringheri – A male Anglo-Saxon name

Hringwynn – A low-born Anglo-Saxon name

Hrodwyn – One who is a friend of the fame

Hrothgar – Old English – Legend Name, A variant of Hrodgar

Hubbard – Graceful, Bright or Shining Intellect

Hugh – Bright mind

Anglo saxon boy names starting with I

Ingram – Angel

Irwin – Sea friend

Irwyn – Sea friend

Ivor – Archer’s bow

Anglo saxon boy names starting with J

Jarvis – Servant with a spear

Jefferson – Son of Jeffrey

Jeffrey – Divinely peaceful

Jerold – Meaning same to Gerald

Jessen – Derived for the baptismal name for the son of judd

Judd – Praised

Anglo saxon boy names starting with K

Kendrick – Royal ruler

Kendryek – Son of henry

Kenric – Royal ruler

Kenton – The royal settlement

Kenway – Brave warrior

Kim – Warrior chief

Kimball – Leader of the Warriors

King – The name King means Royal Ruler

Kingsley – From the King’s meadow

Kipp – From the pointed hill

Kirby – form the church town

Anglo saxon boy names starting with L

Landis – Form of LANDRY. Rough Land

Landry – Rough Land

Lang – Tall man

Lange – Tall man

Langston – A Long, Narrow Town

Lar – Crowned with laurels

Latimer – Near the Sea

Leanian – Lion man or brave as a lion

Leax – Salmon

Leighton – From the meadow farm

Leland – From the meadow land

Leng – Tall man

Lex – Defender of mankind

Lin – Lives by the linden tree hill

Linn – Lives by the linden tree hill

Lister – Dyer

Lloyd – Grey haired

Lowell – Beloved

Lucan – Bringer of light

Lunden – From London

Lyn – Waterfall

Lyndon – Lives by the linden tree hill

Lynn – a cascade

Anglo saxon boy names starting with M

Magen – Protector

Manford – Protected ford, A variant of name Mundford which is a place name from Norfolk

Mann – Hero

Mannix – Monk

Manton – From the hero’s town

Marlin – Form of MARILYN. bitter

Maxwell – Dweller by the spring

Merlin – Sea hill

Merton – Sea town

Millar – Mill Worker, One who Grinds Grain, A variant form of Miller, An English and Scottish Surname

Millman – Mill Worker, One who Grinds Grain, A variant form of Miller.

Milman – Mill Worker, One who Grinds Grain, A variant form of Miller.

Milton – From the Mill Town

Montgomery – From the wealthy man’s mountain

Monty – Form of MONTGOMERY. Of the Mountain

Morton – Town by thr moor

Anglo saxon boy names starting with N

Ned – Wealthy guardian

Nerian – Protects

Neville – New town

Newton – From the new town

Nodin – Wind

Norman – Norseman

Norris – Northerner

Norton – From the north farm

Norvel – From the north town

Norville – From the north town

Nyle – Island

Anglo saxon boy names starting with O

Oakley – Field of Oak Trees

Oaks – The charming Lord The god is fascinating

Octe – A son of Hengist

Odel – Forested hill

Odell – Forested hill

Odi – Ruler

Odin – God of all

Odon – Ruler

Ody – Ruler

Orde – Beginning

Ordgar – Resembling the sharp point of the javelin.

Ordway – The one who is having the spear on his hands as mighty arm.

Ormod – Bear mountain

Orson – Bear like

Orville – Golden village

Orvin – Brave friend or spear friend

Orvyn – The very close friend who is bold and courageous.

Osbeorn – The bear like person.

Oslac – A determined and curious individual

Osment – A famous and god-loving person

Osmer – One who is as famous as the God himself

Osmond – Divine protection

Osmonde – One who is protected by God

Osmont – One who remains under protection

Osmund – A person under protection

Osmundue – A great and divine protector

Osric – God-protected, is rich and powerful

Osrik – One who is rich and powerful

Osvald – Rule of God, is very powerful and passionate

Oswald – One who lives in God’s rule

Oswall – The one who is under God’s rule

Osweald – God’s rule, has divine power

Oswin – Divine friend

Oswiu – Has willpower like that of a King

Oswold – Name of a saint, God’s rule

Otuel – A person who is lucky in war

Anglo saxon boy names starting with P

Page – An attendant, a willful and wishful person

Paige – Attendent

Pandragon – As powerful as the dragon’s head

Parle – Determined like a little rock

Patton – Warrior’s town

Pax – Peaceful

Paxton – Peaceful town

Payne – Man from the country

Peada – One who is like a Prince

Pearce – Rock

Pearson – Son of Peter

Peirce – Name given to the son of Peter

Pembroke – A Broken Hill

Penton – A farm stead or settlement

Perry – Dweller by the pear tree

Peterkin – Form of Peter, a rock

Picford – One who is from woodcutter’s ford

Pickford – Who is from woodcutter’s ford

Pier – Son of Pierce, a stone or a rock

Pierce – Rock

Piers – Lover of horses

Pileca – A locational name, independent

Prescott – Priest’s Cottage

Puck – Meaning unknown, from Old English puca. It could ultimately be of either Germanic or Celtic origin. In English legend this was the name of a mischievous spirit, also known as Robin Goodfellow. He appears in Shakespeare’s play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (1600)

Putnam – Dweller by the pond

Anglo saxon boy names starting with R

Raleigh – Field of Birds

Ramm – Ram

Rand – Wolf’s shield

Randolf – Wolf shield

Rawling – An advice of the wolf. Mainly used as a surname

Rawlins – One who is a son of the wise wolf-man

Rawls – Mainly used as a surname which means The Famous Wolf

Rawly – An Old English surname that meas A well-known wolf

Rawson – An English surname, the son of the famous wolf

Rawsone – A surname that means a male child of the famous wolf

Ray – Dear brook

Rayder – One who gives great advice, someone who was a bor counselor

Raydon – One who was born to coulnsel

Raylen – He who was born to counsel people

Read – Form of REED. A Reed or Red Haired

Reed – A person who lives in the red clearing in the woods

Rice – Noble or rich

Ricmaer – A powerful ruler who reached fame

Ricman – A man with great power and rule

Ricmann – A person who has a power to rule

Ripley – Meadow near the river

Ro – Red haired

Roan – Tree with red berries

Roe – Deer

Row – Red haired

Rowan – Tree with red berries

Rowe – Red haired

Roweson – Son of the redhead

Rowson – Son of the redhead

Ryce – Powerful

Anglo saxon boy names starting with S

Sanders – Son of Sander

Sanford – A Crossing

Seaton – Town near the sea

Seaver – Fierce stronghold

Selwin – Friend at court

Selwyn – Friend at court

Sener – Bringer of joy

Sever – Fierce stronghold

Seward – Sea gaurdian

Sharette – A fair and bright individual. Mostly used as a surname

Sheffield – Crooked field

Sheldon – Farm on the ledge

Shelley – Form of SHELLY. meadow on a hilltop

Shelny – From the ledge farm

Shepard – Shepherd

Shephard – Shepherd

Sheply – From the sheep meadow

Sherard – Of glorious valor

Sherlock – Light haired

Sherman – Sheerer or Servant

Sherwin – Quick as the wind

Sherwyn – Quick as the wind

Sibbe – A surname that means a famous victory

Sicga – A name of the nobleman in Northumbria

Sigebehrt – A bright and famous, renown victory

Sigebert – A victory that is famous and bright

Sigebryht – A victory achieved brightly

Sigeferth – A victory that is peace-bringing

Sigegar – One with a personality of a victor

Sigegeat – A fortune and prosperity that the victory brings

Sigegifu – One who wins, one who is a born voctor

Sigehaeth – A high victory

Sigeheah – He who is high on victory

Sigehelm – A helmet of victory

Sigehere – He who is victorious

Sigeric – One who is a victorious ruler, one whose power is in his voctories

Sigeweard – He who guards his victories

Sigewine – He who is a friend of the victory

Sighere – To be one who is a victor

Silver – The Color Silver

Slean – He who strikes

Spence – A short form of spencer

Steadman – Dwells at the farm

Stedman – Dwells at the farm

Stepan – Exalts

Stewart – Steward

Stewert – Steward

Stillman – Quiet

Stilwell – From the tranquil stream

Storm – Tempestuous

Stowe – Hidden, packed away

Strang – A man of great strenght

Stu – A short form of stewart, stuart

Stuart – Steward

Sutton – Southern town

Swidhelm – An Anglo-Saxon name meaning a sweet man

Anglo saxon boy names starting with T

Taber – Known as taborer, the player on the small drum

Taite – cheerful

Taiten – Plays a small drum

Tamar – Palm tree

Tedman – Protector of the land

Tedmund – Protector of the land

Teller – Storyteller

Tennyson – A form of Dennison

Thatcher – Roof Fixer

Tilden – Fertile Valley

Tod – A form of todd

Tolan – From the taxed land

Toland – From the taxed land

Torr – Watchtower

Townsend – End of the Town

Trace – Harvester

Tracey – Harvester

Tracy – Harvester

Tredan – Tramples

Treddian – Leaves

Truman – Faithful Man

Anglo saxon boy names starting with U

Upton – From the high town

Anglo saxon boy names starting with V

Vail – Valley

Verge – Staff bearer

Vernon – Youthful or springlike

Virgil – Staff bearer

Anglo saxon boy names starting with W

Wallace – From Wales

Wallis – From Wales

Ward – Watchman

Ware – Cautious

Whitfield – From the Small Field

Whitley – A Small Field

Whitney – From the white island

Wilbur – Walled stronghold

Wilfrid – Resolute peacemaker

Winchell – Bend in the road

Winston – Friendly town

Woodrow – The Path through the Woods

Wylie – Enchanting

Wyman – Fighter

Wynchell – Drawer of water

Wyne – Friend

Anglo saxon boy names starting with Y

Yule – Of Christmas time