Indian girl names


Indian girl names starting with A

A’Dab – the person who brings hope to the family

A’Idah – Something of value given in return of some thing good, Reward in some cases it means return

A’Niyah – A’Niyah is of Native American origin meaning totally free, not holding back.

Aabha – Glow, Splendour, Light, Brilliance, Bright and Radiant, Glorious

Aaboli – Flower

Aad – aad in Islams means ‘The man’ and on the other hand in Sikhs it’s a girl name meaning In the beginning

Aadab – Name aadab has a meaning of Hope and need. The person who brings hope to the family

Aadarsha – one who is ideal, optimal, and perfect

Aadh – aadh as a word means Half

Aadhira – Moon, To sentimentalize and remember nostalgically

Aadhirai – A Special Star

Aadhya – aadhya means the The first power, the Beginning, it is also an another name of Goddess Durga

Aadrita – Lots of Love Gathering, adorable, Charming, very likable for attractiveness

Aagam – Coming, Arrival , Holy Jain Scripture, To inherit, To acquire

Aaghnya – the name has a meaning of someone born from fire, it is also the name of Goddess laxmi

Aahna – Exist, to live, Survive, life

Aaina – Mirror

Aakriti – Shape, image

Aamani – Spring season, Vasanth Ritu, Season of Flowers, Pleasant Early morning surroundings

Aamrapali – Leaf of a mango tree

Aanandini – Aanandini as a girl’s name is of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘permanent happiness’.

Aanchal – Protective shelter, Refuge, Safe haven, Sanctuary

Aaradhana – Worship, Reverence, Adoration, Devotion, Adulation, Respect, An act of glorifying God

Aaradhaya – Regard, sentiment of affection, esteem, respect

Aaradhya – To be worshipped, To be accomplished, To be made favorable, To be adored and respected

Aaral – the one as beautiful as a flower

Aarika – Admired for looks

Aarini – Adventurous

Aarna – Goddess Lakshmi

Aarpit – To Donate, Giving away, offering

Aarti – Love for God

Aarushi – First rays of the sun, Bright, Brilliant and Radiant rays of Sun, Early morning Sunshine

Aarya – Aarya is of Native American origin meaning a way of prayer. It can also mean virtuous woman.

Aaryan – Kind Hearted, Good to Others, Illustrious, Glorious, Renowned

Aaryanna – Powerful & complete who renowned by Lord

Aarzoo – Wish

Aasha Latha – Creeper Of Hope, Aasha means wishes or desire and Latha means creeper

Aasha – Hope, Desire, Wish, Hopeful, Wishful thinking

Aashi – Smile, Laughter, Cheerful, Delighted and Happy.

Aashiyana – Beautiful home

Aashna – Beloved, Devoted to love, Someone who treasures love, Dearmost, Close to heart, One who fulfills wishes

Aashni – Lightning

Aashrita – One who has taken refuge in the Lord, One who seeks shelter in abode of God, One of many names of Goddess Laxmi

Aashritha – Shelter

Aashvi – One of many names of Goddess Saraswati

Aastha – Faith, Belief, Trust, Hope, Wish, Devotion, Loyalty

Aathmika – Someone who is related to aathma or soul, One who is very soulful and close to inner heart

Aatmaja – Daughter

Aaushi – One who is careful, knowledgeable and blessed with a long Life

Aayushi – One who is blessed with a long life, Blessed with healthy and happy life for long years

Abdhija – Goddess Lakshmi

Abha – Abha is a girl’s name of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘Splendor’ or ‘Light’.

Abharika – Refers to disorderly haste.

Abhati – Splendid or superlative.

Abhaya – Abhaya is an unpopular girl’s name of Indian origin meaning ‘Has no fear’.

Abhayankari – One who gives bold and brave.

Abheera – A hired hand who tends cattle.

Abhidhaa – Sound

Abhidhya – WIsh, longing

Abhigeetha – To be worshipped.

Abhijana – Refers to a good class and decent birth.

Abhikanksha – The one who is willing to perform an action.

Abhikhya – Pretty, glitter and charming.

Abhilasa – Desire, wish

Abhilasha – Ambition, desire

Abhilashita – Wanted or longed.

Abhimani – Full of Pride, Another Name for Agni who is the eldest son of Lord Brahma

Abhinithi – That which is already been performed, friendship

Abhiprithi – Full of love

Abhirathi – Pleasure

Abhirati – Pleasure, devotion

Abhiri – A raagini of indian music

Abhisri – Surrounded by glory, shining, powerful

Abhitha – A fearless or a courageous woman

Abhithi – Fearlessness

Abirami – A pleasant and beautiful girl

Abishta – Lady of the house

Aboil – The name of a flower

Abudittaa – Elevated

Achala – Achala as a girl’s name is of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘steady mountain’.

Achit – Separation, Constant

Achu – A justice loving, brave and wonderful person

Adag – Pure, UnBlemished, Sacred

Adhika – Adhika is an unpopular girl’s name.

Adhira – Quick, lightening

Adish – Supreme Lord, Fire, Intelligent, Full of Wisdom, A variant spelling is Aadish

Adishree – Exalted

Aditha – The first root

Aditi – Aditi as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin, and the meaning of Aditi is ‘boundless’.

Aditri – Highest honor, goddess lakshmi

Adrija – Name of parvati

Adrika – Celestial

Adry – Adry is an unpopular girl’s name.

Advika – Unique

Adya – Goddess durga

Aeshna – The desire of wish or a known person

Afreen – Friendly

Aftan – Suitable for both a girl and a Boy which means powerful, intellectual, poise, charming and attractive.

Agamani – A precious stone which is priceless, magnificient and unique. A one of a kind gemstone.

Agamya – A beautiful maiden who has the zeal to learn and gain knowledge and wisdom about everything she lays interests on.

Agan – A unisex name which means beautiful or handsome and intelligent. In other meanings it means pearl, a precious stone which is very expensive.

Aganaya – A name of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi who was the goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity.

Agasthi – One who is highly knowledgeble, intelligent, clever, wise, excellence reacher and a class topper.

Aghanashini – A feminine name which means destroyer of sins which depicts faithfulness, dutiful, devoted, God fearing and committed.

Agharid – A decent name for a baby Boy or girl which means the melodious musical songs of the birds.

Agnajita – One who has conquered

Agneyastra – The fire weapon, incepted by God Agni, master of the flames.

Agnibha – Shinning like fire

Agnibhuti – Experience

Agnije – Daughter of Agni

Agnimitra – Friend of Fire, Name of a Prince, One whose friend is fire, Sun

Agniprabha – The lustre of fire

Agnishikha – Flames of fire

Agrasandhya – Sunrise

Agrata – Leadership

Agreya – First

Agrima – Always on the forefront

Agya – Someone who has no knowledge in standard scriptures, An ignorant person

Ahaana – Dawn

Ahalya – Name of beautiful wife of Sage Gautam Mahirshi

Ahavaniya – Agni, Fire

Aheli – Pure

Ahendra – Great Indra Hindu God INDRA

Ahilya – Ahilya is an unpopular girl’s name.

Ahladita – In Happy mood, Delighted

Ahleya – wife of the sage Gautama Maharishi

Ahna – Happy

Aida – Something of value given in return of some thing good, Reward in some cases it means return

Aija – Happy, Goat, A variant of name Aja, It has a meaning of melody in Latvia

Aikaantika – Complete

Airavati – River

Aishani – Goddess Durga

Aishi – Gift of God

Aishwarya – Wealth

Aiyana – Eternal bloom, ever blooming flower

Aja – Aja as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin, and the meaning of Aja is ‘goat’.

Ajaa – a variant of Aja, Come

Ajaipreet – Invincible Love

Ajala – Earth

Ajalaa – Ajalaa is an unpopular girl’s name.

Ajanta – Eternal Fame, Name of a famous Buddhist Cave, Everlasting Fame, Very popular

Ajara – the ever youthful, the everlasting, one who does not age, one who stays forever young.

Ajastha – Unconquerable, God

Ajeenkya – One who cannot be defeated, Invincible, Supreme

Ajeitha – A winner

Ajeya – Ajeya is an unpopular girl’s name.

Aji – Has been adopted into English In the context of Go, a Goat

Ajita – Invincible, A winner, Unconquerable.

Ajitaab – A Musical Raga

Ajooni – Powerful and complete

Akal – Timeless, eternal

Akanksha – Wish, Desire, Hope, Ambition

Akasa – Open air, Space

Akhila – Akhila is an unpopular girl’s name.

Akhilarka – All pervading Radiance and Brilliance sun

Akiryana – A goal oriented, monitered and executive person

Akshara – Letter, Syllable, Sound, Unalterable, Not perishable, One of many names of Lord Vishnu, Name of Lord Brahma

Akshita – Seen

Alaka – A girl with lovely hair

Albel – Different

Alekhya – Painting, picture

Alihat – Idol

Alka – Alka is an unpopular girl’s name.

Alopa – A challenging name depicting Impeccable being propagating fresh challenges and purposes

Alpa – Orignally from sanskrit, it means petite girl

Alpana – A beautiful decortive design indicating sophisticated creative being

Alwilda – Elf battle, a supernatural, independent being fascinated by the mysteries of the unknown

Amala – Expectation, a positive name meaning aspiration and they are laborious

Amalamani – Precious jewel, crystal

Amani – Peace

Amar – Amar is an unpopular girl’s name.

Amarjaa – Amarjaa is an unpopular girl’s name.

Ambar – Ambar as a girl’s name is of Arabic origin, and the meaning of Ambar is ‘amber’. Ambar is a variant of the Arabic name Amber.

Amberlie – Amberlie as a girl’s name is of Arabic and Old English origins, and the meaning of Amberlie is ‘amber’. Amberlie is a variant of Amberly, a combination of the Arabic name Amber and the Old English name Kimberly.

Amirthini – Amirthini is an unpopular girl’s name.

Amisha – Amisha means ‘truthful’, ‘beloved’ or ‘friendship’.

Amishi – Pure

Amita – Endless

Amithi – Unique

Amiya – A variation of Amiyah, this Indian name means delight.

Amiyah – Delightful

Amodini – Joyful

Amodita – Happiness

Amoli – Amoli is an unpopular girl’s name.

Amolika – Priceless

Amrita – Undead

Amritambu – Moon

Amrusha – Sudden

Amulya – Amulya is an unpopular girl’s name.

Amutha – Amutha is an unpopular girl’s name.

Amvi – Goddess

Amya – Delightful

Anagha – A beautiful, faultless person who has never made a sin

Anagi – Valuable

Anahita – Graceful

Anaka – Anaka as a girl’s name is of Hausa origin, and the meaning of Anaka is ‘sweet-faced’. Anaka is a variant of the Hausa name Anika.

Anala – Anala is an unpopular girl’s name.

Anamika – Without a name

Anamitra – Sun

Ananda – Worthy Of Love, Bliss, Happiness.

Anandi – Jovial

Anandita – Anandita is an unpopular girl’s name.

Ananka – Countless, Infinite, Something which cannot be counted and which has no boundary or limitations

Ananti – Gift

Ananya – Without a second

Anasuya – Wife of Rishi Atri

Anbarasi – Anbarasi is an unpopular girl’s name.

Aneri – One who is extraordinary

Anganaa – Anganaa is an unpopular girl’s name.

Angarika – A flame coloured flower

Angayarkanni – Angayarkanni is an unpopular girl’s name.

Angee – Angee is an unpopular girl’s name.

Anila – Anila is an unpopular girl’s name.

Anisha – Uninterrupted

Anjali – Offering with devotion to God, A mode of worship by joining hands

Anjani – A Title of the Mother of Hanuman, Name of Lord Hanuman’s mother

Anjika – Blessed

Anju – Anju is an unpopular girl’s name.

Anjuli – Anjuli is an unpopular girl’s name.

Ankita – Bearing a mark

Ankolika – An embrace

Anokhi – Different

Anoona – Perfect

Antara – Within, Soul, Heart, Related

Antarpreet – One who Loves the Light Within, Deep, Inner Love, One who loves the soul within

Anu – An Atom, Smallest particle which is origin of everything

Anubhuti – Emotion

Anugraha – Request, Desire, Blessing, Wishes

Anuhya – Something unexpected but pleasant

Anuja – Born second

Anuka – Anuka is an unpopular girl’s name.

Anumati – Consent

Anupa – Anupa is an unpopular girl’s name.

Anupama – Beautiful

Anupriyaa – Anupriyaa is an unpopular girl’s name.

Anura – Anura as a girl’s name is of Indian origin meaning ‘knowledge’.

Anuradha – Anuradha as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘goddess of good luck’.

Anusha – Anusha as a girl’s name is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Anusha is ‘He (God) has favored me’. Anusha is a variant of the Hebrew name Ann.

Anusheela – Anusheela as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘full of goodness’.

Anuva – Knowledge

Anveshna – Search

Anvita – Understood

Anwesha – Quest

Apala – A learned woman

Aparna – One without Prana (Leaf), From the Sanskrit for ‘leafless.’ Aparna is a name Goddess Parvathi

Apsara – Apsara as a girl’s name is of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘Moves in the clouds’.

Aradhana – Aradhana as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘worship’.

Archa – Worship

Archana – Worship

Arika – Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Arithi – Wish, Desire, Cravings

Arivazhagi – Arivazhagi as a girl’s name is of Indian/Tamil origin meaning ‘Intelligent’.

Arpana – Arpana as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘dedicated’.

Arsha – Persian – Man, Hindi – Prayer Ceremony, Also means from the Rishis

Arshia – Heavenly

Artha – Artha as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin, and the meaning of Artha is ‘riches’.

Aruni – Dawn, Rising Sun, Morning, One of many names of Sun God, A Feminine form of the name Arun

Arusi – Sanskrit – Sun, Swahili- Born at the wedding time

Arvindaa – Arvindaa as a girl’s name is of Hindu origin meaning ‘lotus’.

Arvinderjit – Someone who is the ultimate lord of horses, wheels

Aryahi – Goddess Durga

Asaavari – Raga of Hindustani Classical Music

Asaroop – Manifest

Asavari – A raga, a melody

Aseela – One who belongs to a great family or heritage

Aseema – Limitless, protector

Asha – Originated in Sanskrit meaning ‘desire’ and ‘hope’ and ‘life’.

Ashavari – Name of a raga

Ashi – Smile

Ashica – Success

Ashika – One without sorrow

Ashima – Limitless

Ashiqa – Lover

Ashita – Success

Ashiyana – Beautiful Home, Dwelling Place, Residence

Ashlesha – Name of a star

Ashmeet – A trustworthy friend

Ashmita – Rock Born, Very Hard and Strong, A variant spelling is Asmitha

Ashna – One who is devoted to love

Ashnaa – One who is beloved and devoted to love

Ashrita – A girl protected by the God

Ashta Lakshmi – Eight Hindu goddesses

Ashvini – Name of the first nakshatra in thr Hindu mythology

Ashwabha – Name for lightning

Ashwany – Son of Sun, complete and pure being

Ashwina – Daughter if the star

Asistha – Very quick

Asita – Generally means the river Yamuna

Askarya – A gracious God, balance of nature

Askini – The daughter of prajapati virat

Aslesha – A star

Asmee – Asmee is a girl’s name of a Hindu origin meaning ‘self-confident’.

Asmi – A strong and rock bound person

Asmita – One who is proud of oneself

Asrita – One who is dependant

Astha – Faith or trust in a divine entity

Astikya – Belief, Faith, Faith in Scripture and God

Asudh – One who is impure

Aswani – A strong and a complete person

Aswathi – A gracoius firehorse

Atasi – A traditional blue flower

Atavika – A receptive and passive one

Athari – One who is quick as lightening, a prayer

Athasha – One who is successful and ultimate

Atheeva – The ultimate authority

Atinderjeet – God’s victory or th triumph

Atiriya – A person who is very close and dear

Atmakriya – They are independent and are colorful

Atmika – Light of the divine

Atmikha – Illumination from the Lord

Atosi – Flower

Audrija – Daughter of mountains

Auhna – A passion for something

Aukthya – Someone belonging to praise

Aushah – Beautiful wife of Prophet Muhammad

Aushi – One who is a long lived person, compassionate

Aushima – They have high ideals, innate abilities and visions

Avaapya – An ever achieving individual, clear and pure

Avani – Mother Earth who provides nourishment

Avanija – Name of the beautiful Goddess Parvati

Avanti – An ancient Malwa, they are modest individuals

Avantika – A beautiful Queen of Ujjain

Avantikaa – The beautiful princess of Ujjain

Avaraja – A sweet younger sister

Avarna – One who has a fun loving nature and timid personality, colorless

Avasa – An independent personality

Avatara – They are the incarnation of the Gods

Avatari – God’s incarnation in the form of human

Avathara – A Goddess of human reflection, happy

Aveni – One which comes out of mother Earth

Avigna – One who is without any obstacles, happy and diligent

Avijna – One who is born without any obstacles

Avika – Bright as a Sun, charismatic personality, Diamond

Avilasa – A very personal desire and has a wish which is a secret

Avinashika – One who cannot be destroyed

Avipriya – One who is favoured by everyone

Avipsa – Earth, River Avni, Sophisticated, Rational

Avishi – The mother Earth, river

Avita – One who has the noble strength

Avneet – They are accurate and honest

Avni – The fertile Eath

Avnita – The mother Earth providing nourishment

Avrita – The correct path

Avyayas – One who is faithful and crystal clear

Avyuktha – One who has crystal clear heart

Ayanna – Beautiful flower

Ayati – They are from the royal court

Ayeh – A distinct sign board

Ayushi – Long life

Azha – Azha as a girl’s name is related to the Hindi name Aja and the Greek name Asia. The meaning of Azha is ‘goat’.

Indian girl names starting with B

Baageshree – Raga

Baalika – Small girl

Babita – Little girl

Baduli – One who analyses

Bageshri – Name of an Indian Musical Raaga

Bahghwanti – Lucky

Bahiravi – Goddess Durga

Bahula – A Star, Name of a star, Cow, Kritika nakshatra

Bahumati – Full of lustre

Bahurupa – One who is reserved and full of youth, many powers

Baidehi – Sita

Baijanti – One who wins, a mythical flower

Baijayanti – A beautiful garland for Lord Vishnu

Bairagi – Independent one, free

Bairavi – Melodious, they are another name of Goddess Durga

Baishali – Name of an ancient city, lovely

Baishalian – Ancient city

Baivavi – A wealthy and happy individual

Baka – Crane, Variant transcriptions are Bacca, Backa, Bakah and Bakka

Bakhsheesh – The Blessed One, Divine Blessing, God’s Gift, A Donation from God, Given by God, A variant spelling is Bakhshish

Bakul – Bakul is an unpopular girl’s name.

Bakulitaa – Garland of flowers

Bala – A Young Female, Little Girl, Infant, Small Child

Balaka – Means a sort of cranes. It symbolizes honor, faith and self confidence.

Balan – Small Child, Little One, Young one

Balaprasoo – Balaram’s mother

Baldeep – Means lamp of strength. It means to be creative and idealistic

Balika – Daughter

Balinderjit – One of many names of Lord Krishna signifying his young age victory over Lord Indra

Baljinder – One Who Cares For Others, Lord of Strength

Ballari – Walking Quietly, One who wilks softly

Balwinder – From Sanskrit (bala) meaning ‘strength, might’ combined with the name of the Hindu god INDRA

Banani – Forest

Bandana – Prayer

Bandhavi – She who loves his family and friends

Bandhula – Charming

Banhi – Banhi is an unpopular girl’s name.

Banita – Banita is an unpopular girl’s name.

Bansari – Flute

Bansuri – Flute

Barinder – Lord of the Ocean, Lord of vastness

Barjinder – One Who Cares For Others, Lord of Strength

Barkha – Rain

Barminder – Gods Given Beauty

Barnali – Dispersion of seven colours

Barnalipi – Script

Barsana – Radhaji’s Birthplace

Barsh – Rain

Barsha – Rain

Baruna – Wife of Lord of sea

Baruni – Goddess Durga

Basabi – Wife of lord Indra

Basanti – Season of spring

Basaveshwari – Goddess Parvathi

Basudha – The Earth, Producer of wealth, A variant of the name Vasudha

Bavishya – Future, Upcoming

Becki – Bound, Captivating, Abbreviation of Rebecca

Beeja – Beeja is an unpopular girl’s name.

Begona – Lady of Begona

Bel – Sacred wood apple tree

Benisha – Flashing

Bernardine – Bear-hard, Brave as a Bear, Female Version of Bernard, From an Old German Compound

Bertilde – Shining Battle-maid, Woman Warrior, Bright Warrior Maiden

Betsey – God is My Oath, Diminutive of Elizabeth, God’s Promise

Beverlee – From the Beaver Meadow, Beaver Stream

Bhaanumati – Full of luster

Bhaanupriya – Beloved of the sun

Bhabani – One of the many names of Goddess Durga

Bhadrakali – Bhadrakali is also known as the gentle Kali, who came into being by Devi’s wrath, when Daksha insulted Shiva. She is the consort of Virabhadra.

Bhadravathi – King Pareekshit’s wife

Bhadrika – Good fortune

Bhagabhai – A Lord, has the power of a tiger, energetic

Bhagana – Joyous

Bhagavathi – Goddess Saraswati

Bhageerathi – River

Bhageshree – Raga

Bhagini – She who is fast like a mountain stream

Bhagirathi – the Ganges

Bhagvati – Goddess Lakshmi

Bhagwanti – Lucky

Bhagwantjot – Light Of God

Bhagwantroop – In the form of God, One who is like god, One who is personified with the goodness of God

Bhagwati – Goddess Durga

Bhagya Lakshmi – Goddess of Wealth

Bhagyajyoti – Good fortune

Bhagyalakshmi – goddess of wealth

Bhagyarekha – Good luck

Bhagyashi – Fortunate and lucky

Bhagyashree – Fortunate

Bhagyashri – Goddess Lakshmi, Lucky

Bhagyasri – One of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi, One who is bestowed with good luck

Bhagyatara – Lucky star

Bhagyavi – In My Body

Bhagyawati – Lucky, blessed

Bhairavi – Goddess Durga

Bhama – splendor

Bhamini – Bhamini is an unpopular girl’s name.

Bhanavi – Sacred,Illuminating

Bhandhavi – One who has great love for her friends and family

Bhandishtha – A name of Goddess Lakshmi

Bhanuja – river Yamuna

Bhanumati – Bhanumati is an unpopular girl’s name.

Bhanuni – Charming woman

Bhanupriya – the Sun’s beloved

Bhanusri – Rays of Goddess Laxmi

Bhao – Fear

Bharani – Star

Bharathi – Indian, Goddess of knowledge and education, One of many names of Goddess Saraswati

Bharati – Bharati is an unpopular girl’s name.

Bharavi – Radiant Sun

Bhargavi – A name of Goddess Durga

Bharpoor – Perfect One, Satisfied, Contented

Bharvi – Holy Basil Plant

Bhasha – Language

Bhashaya – A woman who speaks many lenguages

Bhaskari – Son of the Sun, One who Brings Glory

Bhaswati – Bright,shining

Bhaumi – Goddess sita

Bhavageetha – Musical note, lyric

Bhavana – Feeling

Bhavani – Goddess Parvati

Bhavanika – The abode of the universe

Bhavanjali – She who is full of emotions

Bhavataarini – Releases the soul

Bhavatarangini – Ideas

Bhavathi – Goddess Parvathi

Bhavdeep – Lamp of the World, Light of the World, Brightness and Radiance of Universe

Bhaveeka – She who is righteous and honest

Bhavender – Lord of the world, King of the world

Bhavi – Emotional

Bhavika – Bhavika is an unpopular girl’s name.

Bhavini – Emotional

Bhavisha – Future, one who can see the future.

Bhavjeet – One who swims across the dreadful world ocean, One who is victorious over the world

Bhavna – Meditation

Bhavyani – A part of grand

Bhavyata – Sublimity

Bhawna – Feelings

Bheema – Goddess Durga

Bhilangana – River

Bhini – Fragrance

Bhooma – Earth

Bhoomi – The earth

Bhoomika – Goddess Earth, Lord of Earth

Bhoopat – Lord of the earth

Bhoopendra – Lord of the earth

Bhooshan – Ornaments

Bhooshani – Ornamental

Bhooshita – Ornamental

Bhramarageetha – Bee

Bhramarambha – Goddess Parvathi

Bhrammani – Saraswathi

Bhrammhi – Goddess Durga

Bhranti – Day dream

Bhringha – Bee

Bhrithi – Strengthened

Bhrungara – Golden flower

Bhu – earth

Bhuma – Bhuma is an unpopular girl’s name.

Bhumika – Bhumika is an unpopular girl’s name.

Bhupali – a raagini in Indian music

Bhupindar – The King of Kings, Supreme Being, Emperor of the universe

Bhupinder – The King Of Kings

Bhuvana – the earth

Bhuvaneshwari – Goddess of Earth

Bhuvi – Heaven

Biapasha – Beas river

Biba – A smart and good-looking woman

Bibha – Ray, Light, Radiance

Bibhuti – One of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Bice – Diminutive form of Beatrice

Biddi – A slim Indian cigarette

Biddy – Powerful, strong

Bidelia – High One

Bidhumukhi – Moon

Bidhya – It means knowledge

Bidisha – She who is a lightening

Bidushi – Alearned woman

Bidya – Knowledge

Bihula – Mahasati

Bijal – Lightening

Bijali – Lightening

Bijaya – Victory

Bijigisha – A desire to conquer

Bijijayalaxmi – Conquest,success

Bijijayasree – Conquest,success

Bijul – Lightning Flash

Bijurika – Lightening

Biljana – The name Biljana comes from the Serbian and Croatian origin The name comes from the word ‘bilje’ meaning plant

Bilpa Shree – Bilvapatre

Bilwa – Auspicious Fruit – Bael, A sacred leaf used in Shiva Pooja

Bimal – Pure

Bimala – A person who is pure and unadulterated

Bimba – Image or reflection, also referred to as the disk of brightness surrounding the sun or moon

Bimbi – Glorious and marvellous human being

Bimbika – Moon

Binajit – Na

Binati – Request

Bindhiya – Dew drop

Bindi – Dot

Bindiya – Drop, Point, A forehead decoration – often a red dot, Small dot

Bindu – Drop, Point

Bindulekha – Woman

Bindumalini – Pearls

Bindumatee – Woman

Bindushri – Point

Binita – Modest

Binodini – Handsome,Beautiful Radha

Binodoni – Beautiful Radha

Binu – Created With Immense Power

Bipasha – A river

Bipsha – Wealth,Flourish

Bira – Having husband & male child

Birajini – present

Birdy – Birdlike, Bright

Birgitta – Powerful, strong

Biroja – Friend of Radha

Birva – Leaf

Bisanpreet – Love Of God

Bishakha – Star

Bishan – God Who Is Immaculate

Bissan – A magnificent woman

Biswambhara – The Earth

Biswarupa – Beautifull

Biva – Ray,beautiful

Bivadi – A place name, variation of Bhiwadi a name of the city in India

Blaine – Thin, lean, slight

Blaze – A Flame

Blondell – Blond, Fair-haired, Little Pale One

Blyss – Delight, Joy, Intense Happiness

Bodhana – A woman who is awake and expand

Bodhavathi – Woman

Bodhi – Awakened

Bodhini – Enlightened

Boota – One who heals with plants

Borah – A woman who is like a bee

Brahmani – The wife of Brahma, Goddess Saraswati

Brahmattmika – One who is the daughter of Brahma

Bramhani – One who is the wife of God Brahma

Bramhasangeeta – A part of the sacred Vedas

Bramhila – It’s a variation of Bramhi, one of many names of Lord Saraswati.

Bratati – Creeper, a plant that grows along the ground

Brati – One who is involved in religious ceremonies

Brhatkaya – An Indian female name

Brihannala – A person who is important

Brijaangana – Woman of Brij

Brijabala – The nature’s daughter

Brinda – Goddess Radha

Bristi – She is like a rain

Briti – To have strenght

Budhana – One who is aware, one who is elighted

Budhila – She who has been awakened

Bulbul – Songbird

Indian girl names starting with C

Caitanya – To have a divine radiance

Caityaka – One who goes to temple

Cali – Black

Campesa – A Lord of Anga town

Camundi – One who slayed the Chamunda demon

Candra – She is of the moon

Candramohan – To be like the moon

Candy – Candy as a girl’s name is pronounced KAN-dee. It is of English origin, and the meaning of Candy is ‘sweet’.

Carma – To believe in faith.

Cetana – The awakening feeling, alert

Chaand – The Moon, Bright, Brilliant and Beautiful like moon

Chaarudhara – Indra’s wife

Chaaruhaasin – Sweet smile

Chaarumati – Wise

Chaarungi – Beautiful lady

Chaarushilaa – Jewel

Chaaruvardhana – Beauty

Chaaya – A shade or a shadow

Chadini – A moonlit river

Chadna – A hindi goddess, the one who is lovely and pure

Chag – The one who is filled with love and compassion, a Goat

Chahana – An affectionate human member

Chahat – Love

Chahna – Chahna is an unpopular girl’s name.

Chaila – A handsome and charming young individual

Chainika – The chosen one, they are balanced

Chainpreet – The one who is in love with the Moon

Chairavali – Full Moon

Chaital – The one who has sharp memory

Chaitalee – New year celebration

Chaitali – Chaitali is an unpopular girl’s name.

Chaitaly – Consciousness, ability to feel

Chaitanya – The one filled with radiance and life

Chaithra – First month of Spring season

Chaitna – Sunflower seed

Chaitra – Name of a month, Aries sign

Chaitravi – The natural leaders and impulsive person

Chaitri – Full moon night according to Hindu calender

Chaitrika – Start of spring season

Chakar – Body’s energy center

Chakori – A bird which loves Moon

Chakreshwari – Chakreshwari was the Yakshini of Lord Rishabhdev.

Chakrika – Another name of Lord Vishnu’s wife, Goddess Laxmi

Chakrit – The intelligent one

Chakshu – Mesmerising pair of eyes

Chalama – Name of Goddess Parvati

Chalantika – The one who has mastered elegance

Chaman – Garden

Chamari – Flowering garden

Chameli – Chameli is an unpopular girl’s name.

Chamelia – Flower

Chamomile – Spice, peaceful

Champa – A flowering plant

Champabati – Daughter of a king, the capital

Champakali – A flowering tree

Champakavathi – Champak tree

Champakmala – Garland made from champa flower

Champamalini – Beautiful garland

Champapuri – Champapuri is a variation of Champa, which is the name of a fragrant flower.

Champika – Little flower of Champak tree

Chana – Moon

Chanchal – A playful individual

Chanchala – Active, state of awareness

Chanchari – A vortex of water

Chand – The beautiful moon

Chanda – Wonderful Moon

Chandaa – Chandaa is an unpopular girl’s name.

Chandah – Moon

Chandak – The moon

Chandalini – The glorious one

Chandana Laxmi – Name of Goddess Laxmi

Chandana – Moonlight, sandalwood

Chandanbala – Chandanbala is derived from Chandana and means scented wood or sandalwood.

Chandani – Chandani is an unpopular girl’s name.

Chandania – River

Chandanika – Unusually small

Chandanpal – A friendly person

Chandapriya – Poetry

Chandavati – Raagini

Chandeep – A holy and bright Saint

Chandhraka – Serene Moon

Chandi – Silver, a costly metal

Chandika – A diminutive of Chandana

Chandini – Moonlight which is pure and serene

Chandira – Derived from Sanskrit meaning Moon

Chandlan – Beautiful and everlasting Moon

Chandni – Light of Moon

Chandodeva – Incarnation of a Goddess

Chandraanana – Moon, beautiful

Chandraanshu – Moonbeam

Chandrabala – Moon

Chandrabali – Krishna’s girlfriend

Chandrabhaaga – River

Chandrabhadra – As gentle and beautiful as a Moon

Chandrabhaga – A piece of Moon

Chandrabrati – Vow made to the Moon

Chandradhara – Lord Shiva, one who wears Moon

Chandragauri – Fair as the moon

Chandrah – Moon

Chandrahaasa – Moon laughter

Chandraharika – A perfect name

Chandraja – Beautiful daughter of the Moon

Chandrajyoti – Light of the Moon

Chandrakala – An easy-going, friendly and good natured person

Chandrakali – 1,16th part of the Moon

Chandrakanta – Chandrakanta is an unpopular girl’s name.

Chandrakanti – Soothing light of Moon reaching the Earth

Chandraki – A Peahen

Chandrakin – A beautiful Peahen

Chandrakina – Peacock

Chandrakirthi – The one who as famous as the Moon

Chandralekha – Rays of the Moon

Chandraleksha – Soothing ray of the Moon

Chandramallika – Queen who resides on Moon

Chandramani – A rare gem called the Moonstone

Chandramathi – The beautiful Moon

Chandramukhi – Face similar to the Moon

Chandrani – Companion of the Moon

Chandranoni – Light of Moon

Chandraparni – Creeper

Chandraprabha – A Star in the galaxy

Chandrapushpa – A heavenly body

Chandrara – Stylized representation of Star

Chandrarekha – Sanskrit metre

Chandrarupa – The one splendid like the Moon

Chandratara – Joining of Moon and the Stars

Chandratopa – A canopy

Chandravathi – A girl lit by the Moon, charismatic

Chandreyee – Wonderful daughter of Moon

Chandrika – Soothing light of the Moon

Chandrima – Chandrima is an unpopular girl’s name.

Chandrin – Made of gold

Chandry – Eminent person

Changuna – Good natured woman

Channakka – A majestic lady

Chanya – Light coming from Moon

Chapala – As quick as the lighting

Charanjeet – Winning the Service of Guru’s Lotus Feet, One who has won the chance of serving God’s Feet

Charanpal – The one who is under protection of God

Charanpreet – Fostered under Lord’s feet

Charbangi – A majestic and beautiful girl

Charita – Charita as a girl’s name is pronounced sha-REE-tah. It is of Hindi origin, and the meaning of Charita is ‘of pleasant character’.

Charmabanti – Name of a river in Mahabharata

Charmanvati – River

Charmi – Lovely, a lovely girl

Charu – Name of a flower in sanskrit, Divinely good looking, Out of materialistic world Beauty like the moon and Lord Ram

Charudutta – Born of beauty

Charul – A charming being

Charulata – A priceless creeper

Charulekha – Beautiful picture

Charumathi – The one with beautiful and brilliant mind

Charumati – Charumati is an unpopular girl’s name.

Charunetra – The one with perfect eyes

Charuprabha – Preety, pleasing to eyes

Charusheela – A beautiful jewel

Charushila – The one who has moral qualities

Charusmita – Beautiful smile

Charvi – Beautiful, young lady

Charvia – Beautiful woman

Chashmum – Owner of beautiful eyes

Chathurya – Clever individual

Chawwi – Radiance

Chayana – The beautiful Moon

Chayanika – The selected one

Chelana – Awareness. It’s the name of King Shrenik’s wife.

Chella – Chella as a girl’s name is of English origin meaning ‘meadow on a ledge’.

Chellam – A dear one

Chemmoli – Flawless, expensive gem

Cherika – A tribal name meaning the Moon

Cherriekita – Beautiful, unique

Cheshta – Unending desire

Chestha – Trying, the one who tries

Chetana – The one full of consciousness

Chetna – An alert, intelligent and powerful people

Chhabi – The perfect picture

Chhavi – Radiant, reflection of an image

Chhavvi – A radiant reflection

Chhaya – A shadow or an image

Chimaye – A blissful person

Chimayi – Gift sent by the God

Chinmayi – A happy, blissful person

Chinmoyee – Name of Lord Ganesha, intelligent

Chinta – Tension, tug of war situation

Chintal – Full of good thought

Chintan – Thoughtfulness, one thinking about comfort of others

Chintana – Intelligent and thoughtful

Chintanika – Meditating, a relaxing state

Chira – Permanent, one which cannot be destroyed

Chirantana – Long life

Chistha – Tributary of a River

Chithra – Bright like Sun

Chiti – Love, one whose heart is filled with love.

Chitkala – Knowledge

Chitleen – Absorbed in awareness

Chitprabha – Knowledge

Chitra – Picture, a nakshatra

Chitradevi – An image, name of Goddess of knowledge

Chitragandha – A fragrant material

Chitrakshi – Colorful eyed person

Chitralekha – As beautiful as a picture

Chitrali – A perfect, beautiful lady

Chitramala – A series of pictures, paintings, drawings, or sketches

Chitramaya – Worldly illusion, perception of experience

Chitramayi – Beautiful painting

Chitramukh – Beautiful face

Chitrangad – Arjun’s wife

Chitrangada – One of Arjuna’s wives, a Pandava

Chitrangade – Arjun’s wife

Chitrangi – One who has a charming, delightful, pleasant body

Chitrani – Holy river Ganga, at Uttarakhand state in India

Chitranshi – A small part of a story or essay

Chitrarathi – A chariot that is bright, dazzling or vivid

Chitrarekha – Picture, artwork, an artist’s impression or representation

Chitrathi – A chariot that is bright, dazzling or vivid

Chitrika – Painting

Chitrinee – One who is multi-talented, versatile, or distinguished

Chitrini – A woman who is not only beautiful, but also has talents

Chitrita – Beautiful, attractive, pretty, decorated, handsome, good looking

Chitropala – River

Chittara – Picture

Chonda – Wish, a need for something that may or may not happen

Chudamuni – Crest jewel

Chuni – A scarf that is tied on the head

Chunna – To select, to choose from among many options

Chunni – The name of a star in Hinduism

Churni – A river, a stream of water

Chutki – Small, tiny little girl

Chyenne – A river name, a city name, as well as the name of a tribe

Citrarupa – One whose form or body consists of different patches of colours

Indian girl names starting with D

Dadhichi – A Sage

Dadhija – Milk’s daughter

Dadhinadi – River of milk and curd

Dahana – Powerful rudra

Dahma – A scholar

Daivi – A majestic goddess

Daivya – A divine being

Dajshi – The glorious one

Dakini – A demon

Daksha – Shiva’s wife

Dakshaja – Goddess Durga

Dakshakanya – Daughter of Daksha

Dakshaniya – Modest

Dakshata – Skillful one

Dakshayani – Name of daughter of Daksha

Dakshin – The competent one

Dakshina – Competent person

Dakshinya – Goddess Parvati

Dakshita – The modest one

Daksina – Donation made

Dalaja – Pure honey

Dalbir – A soldier

Damandeep – One who destroys

Damaruki – The sound produced by emotions

Damayanti – Damayanti is an unpopular girl’s name.

Damini – Lightning, powerful

Damyanti – Wife of Nala, beautiful

Danataya – The one who is pure

Darika – A lovely maiden

Daritree – Coming from Earth

Darminee – A religious person

Darpana – Tiny mirror

Darpanika – Small mirror

Darpita – The proud one

Darpitaa – Darpitaa is an unpopular girl’s name.

Darsana – Process of seeing

Darsha – Darsha is an unpopular girl’s name.

Darshana – Worthy of seeing

Darshani – A blessed individual

Darshi – Blessing, to help and nurture

Darshika – One who is intelligent and wise

Darshini – One who blesses people

Darshinika – Seeing quietly

Darshita – One on display

Daruka – Pine tree

Dashahara – River Ganga

Dathuya – Lovable Person, One who is very likable

Dattadevi – Goddess of gifts

Davana – A sweet smelling herb, a fruit

Dayakara – Compassionate

Dayamani – A kind and generous individual

Dayamayi – A kind person, regards nature and its beauty

Dayanidhi – Compassionate

Dayanita – Dayanita is an unpopular girl’s name.

Dayasheela – Compasionate

Dayashree – A very efficient teacher

Dayawanti – A Goddess of mercy

Dayita – A beloved and caring being

Dayvee – A godlike, divine and determined individual

Debadrita – A talented and fantastic individual

Debadyuti – They are as bright as the light

Debanjali – One who pays homage to the girls

Debanshi – One who is a part of God

Debara – One who has paid homage to Gods

Debashmita – God has blessed them with a beautiful smile

Debjani – A beloved and adorable human being

Debopriya – One who is the favourite of the Gods

Debosmita – One who has godly smile

Deeba – Silk, a soft hearted individual

Deebasri – One who is as soft as a silk

Deeher – One who has strength of Durga and Shiva

Deeksha – One who is filled with happy feelings

Deekshaa – Initiation of a good work, capable one

Deekshana – A donation made to God

Deekshita – Concentration, one who shows direction

Deenal – A divine, great person, chief

Deepa – Radiant ray of light, Goddess Laxmi

Deepaanshu – Bright light coming from lamp

Deepak – A source of light, a determined individual

Deepakala – Evening

Deepakshi – One who brings happiness in others life

Deepal – Light, Brightness, Shining, Radiant, Luminant

Deepali – A electromagnetic person, filled with light

Deepamala – A row of light, decoration

Deepana – One who lights lamp

Deepanjali – Lamps

Deepansha – Light of lamp, efficient

Deepanwita – One which is lit by a lamp

Deepaprabha – Most beautiful and fully lighted

Deepashikha – One who is filled with soothing rays of light

Deepashiki – One who helps other people, organized

Deepavati – Saraswathi

Deepesh – God of Sunlght, diplomatic and skillful

Deepitha – An illuminated and glowing person

Deepshika – An everlasting flame of light

Deepshikha – A row of earthen lamps

Deepshree – The eye of a lamp

Deepta – Person who spreads light, Laxmi

Deeptamoyee – Lustrous

Deepti – A glowing and brilliant light

Deeptika – A lantern, lighted individual

Deeptikana – A bright beam of light

Deeptimoyee – A lustrous and efficient human being

Deesha – One who shows ways to others

Deeta – Name of Goddess Laxmi, fortunate

Deetya – Goddess Laxmi has answered the prayers

Deevena – One who resembles God and has beautiful eyes

Deevitha – One who has divine powers, blessing

Delakshi – One with a lot of fortune

Deleena – A perfect and good looking individual

Demira – One who is devoted to Lord Krishna

Denali – The one who has the greatest personality

Deshana – Instruction

Deshna – Gift

Deva – Deva as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘divine or god-like’. In Hindu mythology, Deva is another name for the moon goddess.

Devahuti – Devahuti is an unpopular girl’s name.

Devaki – Devaki is an unpopular girl’s name.

Devala – Goddess

Devalekha – Princess

Devamala – Garland

Devamani – Jewel

Devamatri – Mother of the gods

Devangana – Angel

Devangi – Like a Goddess

Devanshi – Divine, divine power

Devaprabha – Divine splendour

Devapriya – Dear to the gods

Devarathi – Apsara

Devarika – One of many names of Goddess Durga.

Devavarnini – Daughter of Bharadwaj

Deven – Deven is a boy or girl’s name meaning ‘divine’ that is related to the Hindi name Deval and the English name Devon.

Deveshi – Goddess Durga

Devi – Devi as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘goddess’. In Hindu mythology, it is a title, especially relating to Shiva’s wife, who is known by various names according to her exercise of power for good or ill.

Devika – Devika is an unpopular girl’s name.

Devina – Goddess

Devishi – Chief of the Goddesses

Devna – Godly

Devyani – Like a goddess

Dhanadaa – Dhanadaa is an unpopular girl’s name.

Dhanashri – Wealth

Dhanavati – Wealth

Dhanista – One of the Prime Gopis

Dhanyata – Success, fullfilment

Dhara – Dhara is an unpopular girl’s name.

Dharati – Earth

Dharinee – Dharinee is an unpopular girl’s name.

Dharini – The earth

Dharithri – Earth

Dharitri – Dharitri is an unpopular girl’s name.

Dharni – Earth, Land, King of Land, Lord of world

Dharnitha – Earth

Dhatri – Nurse

Dhavala – Dhavala is an unpopular girl’s name.

Dheerata – Courage

Dhheiba – Dhheiba is an unpopular girl’s name.

Dhinushshini – Goddess Durga

Dhirti – Patience

Dhisha – Jain variation of Disha. It means direction or side.

Dhrishty – Focus

Dhruti – A patient and long lived individual

Dhruvi – One who has a lot of energy, is firmly fixed

Dhulika – Dew drop

Dhundhun – In tune, they are versatile and creative

Dhuthi – One who has brightest glow and shine

Dhuti – Splendor, glowing beam of light

Dhvani – Sound made to create an ambiance

Dhvija – One who has taken birth to perform great things

Dhwani – Sound, Melody

Dibya – One who spreads joy and light, open door

Digambari – Name of mighty Goddess Durga

Diggavi – One who is growth oriented

Digisha – One who directs others on the correct direction

Diksha – The one who initiates, self reliant

Diksheeka – A simple and sober person, silent type

Dilber – A lover, a romantic person

Din – Dimple, small indication that forms in the cheek

Dinamani – Jewel of the day, The Sun

Dinesa – The calm and bright rising Sun

Dinika – The beautiful rising Sun

Dinpal – A small indication made when one smiles

Dipa – Radiant Goddess Laxmi, lighted one

Dipak – Little light

Dipal – A charming beautiful person

Dipali – A joyous little person, happiness

Dipashri – A lighted lamp, heavenly and bright

Dipjyoti – Light coming from a lamp, radiant

Dipta – Bright shining Goddess Laxmi, talented

Dipti – A shining last ray of hope, bright

Dipu – A shinning and light hearted individual

Disai – it a name of honor and prestige

Disha – One who can show the right direction

Dishi – Direction

Dishita – A focused person, one who goes in a direction

Diti – Beautiful daughter of Daksha

Dityaa – Goddess Laxmi who answers the prayers

Div – An evil spirit, obtain power and wealth

Divi – One who is from the heaven, glorious

Divija – One who is born in heaven

Diviyani – Shukra’s daughter, part of divine

Divya – A divine luster, they are brilliant

Divyamani – A beautiful raga, inflaming one

Divyambari – Sky

Divyana – A loving and divine being, flaming

Divyangana – Angel

Divyanka – A divine person who is a gift of God

Divyanshi – The one who is part of divine power

Divyaprabha – Divine luster

Divyarani – A queen which has arrived from heaven

Divyasarita – River Ganga

Divyata – A heavenly and divine being who are great ruler

Diya – Radiance coming from a candle

Diyanwita – A lighted lamp, they spread light

Dnyanada – An intelligent person.

Dnyaneshwari – It means ‘Bhagavad Gita’ in Sanskrit language.

Dolina – It means ruler of the world.

Doyel – A songbird who fills the atmosphere with beautiful songs

Drasthi – Sight,A person who is self-reliant.

Draupadi – Draupadi is an unpopular girl’s name.

Drisana – A beautiful daughter of the Sun Lord

Drishti – Sight

Drishya – It means visible or something that can be seen.

Dristi – Sight, Focus

Drsana – seeing,paying respect,vision,knowledge

Drsika – A person who is efficient,consistent and independent.

Druti – Softened

Druva – The Bright Polar Star

Dularee – Dularee is an unpopular girl’s name.

Dulari – Daughter

Durba – One who is a sacred grass

Durga – Hindu Goddess, power and intelligence

Durgai – Goddess Durga

Durgalakshmi – Goddess Durga

Durganandini – Goddess Durga

Durgavathi – Fort

Durgi – Goddess Durga

Durmata – First power, strong as Durga

Durva – Name of a medicinal herb

Dushala – A daughter of Gandhari, alone sister

Duvvoori – One who is devoted towards almighty

Dvaita – One who cannot be perished

Dvita – Spiritual being who exists in two forms

Dyumanhuti – Inspired

Dyumani – Shining gem

Dyumna – A glorious and compassionate individual

Dyuthi – Glow

Dyuti – One who is filled with splendor

Indian girl names starting with E

Eashaa – Durga, desire

Eashani – Goddess Parvati

Eashanye – East

Eashita – Wanted, superiority

Eashtadevata – Favourite deity

Eashwari – A name of Goddess Parvati

Easmatara – Unknown.

Ebbani – It means Fog or Dew Drops.

Ecchita – Wanted

Ecchumati – Flowing water,river,spontaneous

Echamati – A fresh stream of water

Edha – The sacred one who is very vigilant

Edra – Powerful

Eeda – Praise

Eehita – Sought

Eekshita – Beheld

Eenakshi – Doe eyed

Eepsa – Desire

Eeravathi – River

Eesha – Indian Goddess Parvati, Purity

Eeshaandevi – Woman

Eeshaanee – Name of Durga

Eeshani – Wife of Lord Shiva, name of Indian Goddess Parvati

Eeshika – A powerful arrow

Eeshta – Beloved, Name of Godess lakshmi

Eeshvarkanta – Goddess Durga

Eeswari – Lalithamba

Eha – Desirous

Eila – Earth

Eiram – Heaven, a self assured person and responsible being

Eiravati – One who has lightening speed , Ravi river

Eisha – Purity, name of Goddess Parvati

Ekaa – Name of Goddess Durga

Ekadhana – One who is the portion of wealth

Ekaja – They are the one wnd only child

Ekakitaa – Loneliness

Ekam – Oneness, One, Single, Solitary, Unity, Spirituality

Ekamati – Single minded

Ekamjot – God’S Light, Brightness, Luminance and Radiance of God

Ekananga – Krishna’s sister

Ekangika – Beautiful

Ekani – Oneness, One, Single, Solitary, Unity, Spirituality

Ekansha – Undivided

Ekanshi – They are natty, kind hearted individual

Ekanta – One who is in love with solitude

Ekantha – One who is peaceful and love solitude

Ekantika – Focussed

Ekantila – Singly focussed

Ekaparana – One who is the wife of Himalayas

Ekaparnika – They are like Goddess Durga

Ekaptala – Sisiter of Goddess Parvati

Ekata – Unity

Ekatha – Unity

Ekavali – A majestic and precious neckpiece

Ekeesha – Goddess

Ekisha – The one who is famous Goddess

Ekkavali – Pearls, flowers

Ekoparna – Sister of Goddess Parvati

Ekparnika – Goddess Durga

Ekshika – Eye

Ekta – Unity

Ektaa – One who is a unified identity

Ekveera – One who is the daughter of Lord Shiva

Eladevi – Earth

Elakshi – One who has bright and beautiful eyes

Elampirai – The young Crescent

Elaura – A youthful princess, rich and famous

Elavali – Earth, Princess of the land.

Elaxi – A woman who has bright eyes

Elili – A beautiful creature

Elilmani – Precious like the rare gem

Ellora – Clouds, Also name given to cave temples in India

Emani – Trustworthy

Enaakshi – Doe eyes

Enakshi – Doe eyed

Enami – God’s gift

Eni – a black female deer.


Eravati – daughter of the ocean.

Erekhsha – Shining

Ereshva – a righteous being.

Esha – Pleasure, Desire, Purity, One of the many names of Goddess Paravati

Eshal – The Name of Flower in the Heaven, Pleasure, Desire, Purity, One of the many names of Goddess Paravati

Eshana – Eshana is an unpopular girl’s name.

Eshani – it usually means a wish or a desire.

Eshanika – means to fulfill one’s desires.

Eshanka – goddess Parvati or Shiva’s wife.

Eshanya – East, One of many names of Goddess Parvati, Purity, Desire

Eshika – An Arrow, A Dart, Eyes bright as lamp.

Eshita – one who desires.

Eshma – lucky or whom luck favours.

Eshna – a wish.

Eshnaa – it means someone who is a wish.

Eshni – wife of lord Shiva.

Eshnika – Fulfils desire

Eshrata – Life giving

Eshtadevatha – Favourite deity

Eshtaratha – Desired

Eshtartha – Desired

Esita – a desired human being.

Esther – Sweet, Star, Planet Venus, The Babylonian goddess of love, Fifth Century Queen of Persia

Eswari – wife of lord Shiva, a name used in India.

Eswary – a feminized Indian name which means Parvati or wife of Lord Shiva.

Eta – a feminized word meaning shining.

Eti – it means ending or conclusion.

Evanshi – it means similarity.

Ezhilarasi – Queen of Beauty, Pleasing and Attractive, Queen of Charm

Indian girl names starting with F

Faimina – A lady

Fakhr – Pride

Falguni – Born in Falguni

Fanika – Tree

Fatema – A victorious woman

Fatima – A captivating woman

Feni – A sweet lady

Fenny – A very smart woman

Firaki – Fragrance, Sweet and Pleasant smelling person, Sweet Scent

Firoja – Stone

Foram – A fragrance or a pleasant aroma

Frayashti – Worship

Fritha – Beloved

Fuchsia – A flower, colour

Fulki – Spark, Flame, Light, Brightness

Fullara – Wife of King Kalketu

Fulmala – Refers to wreath or chaplet.

Indian girl names starting with G

Gabhasti – Beam

Gaegi – A name for a woman scholarl a ruler

Gaetana – A little gypsy

Gagan – Sky, Heavens above.

Gagana – The sky

Gaganadipika – The lamp of the sky

Gaganasindhu – Ocean of the sky

Gahana – Deep, Impassable, Ornament, Precious Jewel

Gaja Lakshmi – Spiritual Lakshmi, one of Hindu Gods.

Gajadanta – Lord Vishnu’s wife or the spirit of fortune.

Gajagamini – Majestic, like an elephant’s walk

Gajara – Garland of flowers

Gajra – Garland of Flowers, A string of flowers

Gambheerika – Deep river

Gambhira – Gambhira as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘well-born or of great dignity’.

Gambhiri – Noble, Deep, Serious, Majestic

Ganana – Count

Ganavati – Goddess Parvati

Gandadevi – Knot, Bond, Join, Tie, Bind.

Gandaki – A river

Gandha – Fragrant

Gandhajaata – Lotus

Gandhakusuma – Fragrant blossoms

Gandhalata – Fragrant creeper

Gandhali – Sweet Scent, Fragrance, Sweet and Pleasant smelling.

Gandhamaadini – Strong-scented

Gandhamalati – Perfume

Gandhamohini – Champak

Gandhapushpa – Fragrant flower

Gandhara – Fragrance

Gandharaja – Jasmine flower

Gandhari – From gandhara

Gandharika – Preparing perfume

Gandhasoma – Water lily

Gandhavadhu – Perfume

Gandhavajra – Goddess

Gandhavallari – Fragrant

Ganesa – Goddess of wisdom

Ganga – Indian river, ganga

Gangi – Goddess Durga

Gangika – River ganga

Gangotri – Sacred River Of India, Name of Glacier from which River Ganges originates, One of many names of Goddess Parvathi

Gania – Garden of God

Ganika – Flower, Bud of a Jasmine, Fragrant and Pleasing like a Flower

Ganishkha – Spiritual Parvathi.

Ganita – Mathematics

Garati – Virtuous woman

Gargee – Person who inspires to think, Name of daughter of Vacknu, Great philosopher, One who obtained Brahamvidya

Gargi – Name of a learned woman, goddess durga

Garima – Prowess, strength, honor

Garvita – Proud

Gati – Speed, Fast, Progressive, Destiny, Course, On Going

Gatita – A river

Gatsharan – Liberated by Taking Shelter of Guru, Ornament, Pearl

Gatsimar – Independence through intermediation.

Gatty – The speed of an object

Gauhar – A pearl

Gaur Mata – Goddess Parvati

Gaura – Goddess parvati also a name of a raaga

Gaurangee – Fair

Gauraprabha – Moonlight

Gauri – Fair, White, One of many names of Goddess Parvathi

Gaurika – Young lady

Gautami – River godavari in india

Gaveshna – Search

Gaya – One of the holy places of in India.

Gayaa – Pilgrimage

Gayanthika – Singing

Gayantika – Singer

Gayathri – Spirit of the Vedas (knowledge)

Gayatri – Mother of the vedas also a goddess

Geashna – Refers to an overcomer or winner or champion.

Geerna – Praise

Geet – Song, Melody, Divine Song, A Variant of name Gita

Geeta Suhani – One of the spiritual books in Hindu religion.

Geeta – Song, bhagwad gita

Geetali – Song

Geetanjali – One who sings spiritual songs as submission to the God.

Geeti – Molody

Gehna – Jewel

Ghaada – Beautiful

Ghaaliya – Fragrant

Ghanaavalli – Lightning

Ghananjani – Goddess Durga

Ghanavathi – Dignified

Ghandha – Fragrance

Ghandhana – Fragrance

Ghandhavathi – Earth

Ghantika – Bell

Ghar – A house or a home

Gharcheen – One who Realizes the Home Within, One who attains self realization

Gharni – Sunshine

Ghasi – Happy to the point, Joyful and Content Person

Ghatala – Beautiful, Appealing, Pleasing, Attractive

Ghaydaa – Young

Ghena – A girl that wears jewellry

Ghritaachi – Saraswathi

Ghritavati – River

Giaanpreet – One who Loves the Divine Knowledge, One who loves spirituality

Giaanroop – Embodiment of Divine Light, Incarnation of Divinity, Personified with Spiritual Wisdom

Gianleen – Gianleen means One Absorbed in Devine Light. It is both male and a female name and is represented in Sikh religion. The name has Indian origins.

Gianpreet – A female name meaning One who Loves the Divine Knwledge. The name has Indian, Sikh origin and is represented in Sikh religion.

Ginibala – The female name Ginibala means Goldy.

Ginni – Ginni means Precious Gold Coin.

Gira – The name Gira means Lenguage.

Giribala – Goddess Parvati

Giriganga – River

Girija – The meaning of Giriija is Born of The Mountain

Girijabala – The meaning of the name is Goddes Uma

Girika – Girika means The Heart of the Gods

Girikarnika – Earth

Girinandini – Goddess Parvati

Girisha – Goddess Parvati, Goddess of Mountain, God of Mountain, One of many names of Lord Shiva

Giritarangi – The meaning of the name is Mountain Stream

Girja – Girja means Consort of the Lord Shiva

Git – The meaning of the name Git is Song

Gita – Song, Divine Melody, A variant spelling is Geeta

Gitali – Gitali is a female name and means Melodious

Gitanjali – The meaning of Gitanjali is Presenting Songs in Devoted Manner

Gitashri – A name used to refer to the Hindu spiritual book The Bhagavat Gita, Divine Song

Giti – One who chants lyrically

Gitika – Gitika is an Indian name and means Small Song.

Gitisha – Gitisha means Seven Sounds of a Song

Giva – Giva means Hill, Hight Place

Gnaneshwari – Goddess Saraswati

Godavari – A Sacred River, Name of a river in India

Gomati – Gomati are self-centered and dominated persons. They are blunt and preffered to work and live alone.

Gomeisa – Gomeisa are optisim and kind hearted persons. They cannot hurt others but can be easily hurt by others.

Gomer – People with this name have a deep inner desire to inspire others and to share their own strongly held views on spiritual matters.

Gomez – The one with kind and peaceful heart, ready to help and guide others and to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Gomti – Gomti are self-centered and dominated persons. They are blunt and preffered to work and live alone.

Gopa – Gautham

Gopi – Protector of Cows, Derived from the name Gopika, Cow herding Girls famous for their unconditional devotion to Lord Krishna

Gopika – Cowherd girls

Gorja – Goddess Parvati

Gorma – Goddess Parvati

Gorochana – Goddess Parvati

Gourangi – Fair complexioned

Gowri – Goddess Parvati

Greeshma – Hot and Windy Season, Warmth, A variant spelling is Grishma

Grihalaksmi – Goddess Lakshmi

Grishma – Season

Guddu – Sweet, Flower

Gudia – Gudia meaning is doll.Very delicate,beautiful and sensitive.Girl with golden hairs.

Gugu – Sweet, Flower

Guhika – Bird

Gul – Flower

Gulab – Rose

Gulloo – They are very sweet,kind and emotional.They are very humble to others and very cute.

Gunabati – Virtuous

Gunaja – Beauty

Gunasundari – Made beautiful by virtues, One who is blessed with beautiful qualities, Known for goodness of character

Gunavati – Virtuous, Known for goodness of character, Made beautiful by virtues, One who is blessed with beautiful qualities.

Guneetpreet – Love for Excellence

Gungun – One who is soft and warm

Gunita – Virtuous

Gunitha – Proficient

Gunjaa – Berry

Gunjan – Humming, Buzzing of a Bee, Music

Gunjana – Humming of the bees

Gunjas – Humming

Gunjika – Humming, Reflection, Meditation, Buzzing, Music, Melodious

Gunjita – Humming, or Buzzing of the Bee.

Gunjun – Humm, or Sing

Gunkirit – The One Who Sing Praises of the Guru

Gunnika – Garland

Gunrekha – Useful Lines of Life

Gunvinder – lord or Guru of india generally called gunvinder,The planet Saturn belongs to Gunvinder.

Gupila – Secret

Guraman – peace though the guru,illusions and dellutions and a non defensive dreamer.

Gurbax – Gift of Guru, Blessing of Guru.

Gurbir – Warrior of Guru, Defender of Guru, One who protects and fights for Guru

Gurchet – One who remains aware of Guru’s Word, One who follows the principles of teachings of Guru.

Gurdeep – Light of the Teacher, Brightness and Radiance of Guru

Gurditta – One Born with Guru’s Blessing, One who is blessed with the Guru’s mercy and grace

Gurjari – A Raaga

Gurjeet – One Winning the Guru’s Heart, One who pleases Guru’s, One who is victorious in winning love of Guru

Gurkiran – The Ray of Guru’s Light, Radiance and brightness of Guru

Gurnek – Noble Servant of Guru, One who serves the Guru

Gursukh – One who is Blissful Through Guru, One who attains happiness through Guru

Gurtaran – The Loved One of the Guru or God, Saved by Guru, One who is blessed with Guru’s love and affection

Gutala – Gutala is an Indian female name and means Lover of the Song or Melodious. Most commonly used in Hindu religion. The name is a variation of the name Gitali.

Gyanada – Goddess Saraswati

Indian girl names starting with H

Haima – Goddess Parvati

Haimavathi – One of many names of Goddess Parvathi, Name of Lord Shiva’s wife

Haimi – Golden, One of many names of Goddess Parvati, Snow

Haituka – Well Wisher

Halipriya – A tree

Hamara – Our, It is our belonging

Hamray – Belonging To Us, Our, A variant of Hamara

Hamsa Vahini – Goddess Saraswati

Hamsa – Swan

Hamsageeta – Song

Hamsapadike – Friend of Shakuntala

Hamsavahini – One who rides a swan, One of many names of Goddess Saraswathi who is the Hindu goddess of knowledge

Hamsaveena – Veena

Hamsika – Hindu Goddess Saraswathi

Hamsini – One who rides a swan, One of many names of Goddess Saraswathi who is the Hindu goddess of knowledge

Hanita – Hanita as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘grace of the gods’.

Hanoona – Compassionate, sympathetic, kindhearted

Hansa – Swan, A variant spelling is Hansaa

Hansaja – Daughter of a Swan

Hansamala – A line or row of swans

Hansika – Hansika as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘small swan’.

Hansini – One who rides a swan, One of many names of Goddess Saraswathi who is the Hindu goddess of knowledge

Hanspriya – Swan

Hansra – One who rides a swan, One of many names of Goddess Saraswathi who is the Hindu goddess of knowledge

Hansuja – Goddess Laxmi

Hanu – Lord Hanuman

Haranoop – The Perfect God, The almighty god

Hardeep – Strong, Light of God, Gods light

Hardika – Hearty Welcome, Full of Love

Hardikya – Hearty

Hareena – A Deer, A variant spelling is Harina

Hargun – One having Godly merits.

Haribala – Daughter of Lord Vishnu, Little one of Lord Vishnu.

Haridra – One who is golden colored, Turmeric, lucky

Harika – The goddess Parvati, beautiful and wonderful (Turkish)

Harimanti – Born during the spring

Harimati – Devotee of lord visnu

Harina – Deer

Harinakshi – One with eyes like Deer, One who has beautiful eyes

Harinder – Variant of HARENDRA used by Sikhs

Harinee – Deer, Goddess Lakshmi

Harini – A Deer, A variant spelling is Harina

Harinika – Goddess of Vasu

Harinmani – Emerald

Haripriya – One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi, One who is beloved to Lord Vishnu

Hariraj – King of lions

Harishri – Hindu Godess

Harismita – Sri Hari

Harita – Green, A feminine equivalent of Hari

Haritha – Green, A feminine equivalent of Hari

Harithi – Divine fire in puja ritual

Harivamsa – Harivamsa is an important work of Sanskrit literature, From the family of Lord Vishnu

Harjeevan – One who follows God-oriented life

Harjot – God light

Harjyot – Lord’s light

Harkinder – One who loves everyone.

Harleena – Thinking of God

Harmeet – Gods Friends

Harmendra – Moon

Harneet – Original God, A variant spelling is Harnit

Harpal – One who is protected by God, Defended by God, Guarded by God

Harpreet – One who loves the God

Harsha – Joy, Delight

Harshada – The one who give happiness

Harshadayini – Joy

Harshaprabha – Happiness

Harshavardhini – Joy

Harshi – Joyous, One who is always happy, Joyful, Full of laughter

Harshida – Giver of joy

Harshika – Joyous, One who is always happy, Joyful, Full of laughter

Harshini – Derived from the word harsh which means ‘happiness’. The name Harshini means ‘one who brings happiness’.

Harshita – Happy, Full of Joy, Cheerful, Delighted, One who is always merry

Harshula – Cheerful, Happy, Joyful, Delighted

Harsika – Joyous, One who is always happy, Joyful, Full of laughter

Harta – Preserver, Protector, Defender

Harveen – Loving each

Harvind – A short form of name Harvinder which means God of Heaven

Hasanmukhi – Smiling

Hasanthi – Laughter

Hasanthika – Smiling

Hasika – Smiles

Hasita – Full Of Laughter, Happy, Always Smiling, Joyful, Full of Delight

Hasitha – Daughter of the swan

Hastha – Star

Hastinapura – Hastinapura is the capital and name of a city founded by king Hastin, the capital of the Lunar Dynasty(Kuru Dynasty)

Hasumathi – Smiling

Hatisha – One who has no desire, Without any wishes or desires

Haviva – Beloved

Havu – Snake, Serpent

Heena – Mehendi

Heera – An Exalted Person, Diamond-Like

Heerkani – An Exalted Person, Diamond-Like, A variant of name Heera

Heet – Well Wisher, Love, Affection

Hema – Golden, beautiful

Hemabindu – A snow flake, a snow drop

Hemadri – Golden Hills

Hemakshi – One who has golden eyes, Beautiful Radiant Golden Eyes

Hemal – Golden

Hemala – Golden Eyes

Hemalata – golden creeper

Hemalatha – One who is like a Golden Creeper or Golden Vine

Hemali – To Bring Wealth

Hemamalini – Golden necklace

Hemamaya – Covered with Full of Gold

Hemangi – One who is blessed with a golden beautiful body

Hemangini – One who is blessed with a golden beautiful body

Hemani – One of many names of Goddess Parvathi

Hemanti – One who is born in season of Hemant which is early winter

Hemaprabha – Golden Light, Golden Brightness and Radiance of rising time of sun

Hemapushpa – Golden

Hemarekha – Golden

Hemashri – One who is blessed with a golden beautiful body

Hemasita – Golden

Hemat – Heart.

Hemavathi – River

Hemavati – One of many names of Goddess Parvathi

Hemkanta – Golden girl

Hemlata – One who is like a Golden Creeper or Golden Vine

Hemvati – Ganga, Goddess Parvati

Heni – Crown, royal and compassionate

Hetal – Friendly, reponsive

Hima – Snow, Himalaya is a derivative name from Hima which means mountain of snow

Himaadri – Snow Mountain, Peak of Snow, Mountain top of snow, Himalaya Mountains

Himabindu – Dew

Himagouri – One of many names of Goddess Parvati signifying her as fair as the snow

Himaja – One of many names of Goddess Parvati signifying her as fair as the snow

Himalini – Snow

Himamani – Dew

Himani – Goddess Parvati, ice fall

Himanshi – Snow

Himarashmi – White

Himarsri – Gowri

Himaswetha – Fair as snow

Himdhar – One from the snowy land

Hindi – Proper Name, India, Land of Hindus, a group of camels

Hira – Diamond, One of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Hiraani – Gold, Diamond, One of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Hiral – Lustrous

Hiranmayi – Golden Female, One as shining as Diamond, One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Hiranya – Gold ingots

Hirdai – Heart, One with a kind and generous heart, A compassionate person

Hiresha – Queen of Gems

Hita – Lovable, Beneficial, Well Wisher

Hitaishi – Lovable, Beneficial, Well Wisher, A variant form of Hita

Hiti – Beneficial, one who is loving and caring

Hityshi – Well-wisher

Hityshini – Well-wisher

Hiya – Heart, One with a kind and generous heart, A compassionate person

Holika – Lighting of ceremonial fire, Holika was a demoness who was killed on the day of Holi

Homakala – Well Wisher, Good Person, Faith

Homashala – Lord of Goodness, Kind, Compassionate and Benevolent Goddess

Homayun – Royal, fortunate

Honna – Happiness, Bliss

Hoojoe – Guard, Protect, Take care, One who cares for our well being

Hoor – Celestial

Hridayapadma – Heart compared to a lotus bud

Hridayaveena – Music

Hridika – Of Heart, Friendship

Hrieya – Indian – Wealth, Fortune, Richness, Prosperous, Spanish – Queen.

Hrillekha – Goddess Lakshmi

Hrishabh – Morals, integrity

Hrithika – Kind Hearted, Generous, One with a kind and generous heart, A compassionate person

Hrithkamala – Heart compared to a lotus bud

Hujaymah – means

Hujayrah – narrator of hadith

Hukmee – Commander, The One With Authority, God Like, One with the power to command, A variant spelling is Hukmi

Hukmi – commander,the one with authority

Humaila – Golden necklace

Huna – ornament

Hyma – One of many names of Goddess Parvathi

Hymavathi – One of many names of Godess Lakshmi

Indian girl names starting with I

Iaicchika – The chosen one

Iaikhya – Unity

Iaikhyata – Unity

Iaishwarya – Wealth

Iccha – Wish

Idika – Earth

Iditri – Complimentary

Iha – The earth

Ijaya – Sacrifice

Ijika – Brush

Iksha – Sight

Ikshita – Visible

Ikshu – Sugarcane

Ikshula – Sacred

Ikshumaalin – Florist

Ikshumaalini – River

Ikshumati – River

Ilaasuta – Goddess Sita

Iladevi – Earth

Ilaka – Love

Ilhana – Music

Impana – Melodious

Impu – Melodious

Inaaya – Gift from God or one to behold

Inaya – Concern

Inayat – Kindness

Inchara – Sweet

Inderjeet – Alternate transcription of Gurmukhi (see INDERJIT)

Inderjit – Variant of INDRAJIT used by Sikhs

Inderpal – Means ‘protector of Indra’ from the name of the god INDRA combined with Sanskrit (pala) meaning ‘protector’

Indira – Glamor

Indivarini – Lotus

Indra – Beauty

Indradevi – Queen

Indrakanta – Indrani

Indrakshi – Beautiful eyes

Indrani – Indrani is the name of Hindu goddess of beauty and wife of Lord Indra. The name means queen of Indra

Indrapushpa – Plant

Indrasena – Daughter of King Nala

Indrasene – Daughter of Nala and Damayanti

Indrayani – A sacred river

Indu – Indu as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘moon’.

Indubha – Moon

Induja – Narmada river

Indukala – Phases of the moon

Indukanta – Wife of moon

Indukukhi – Moon

Indulala – Moon light

Indulekha – Moon

Induleksh – The moon

Induma – Moon

Indumala – Lotus

Indumati – Full moon

Indumukhi – With moon-like face

Induprabha – Moon rays

Indurekha – Moon

Induskala – Moon

Induvadane – Moon

Induvaraksha – Lotus

Ingita – Hint

Inika – Earth

Insiyah – Woman

Ioli – Charming

Ipsa – Ambition, desire

Ipsita – Desired

Iraama – Happiness

Iravathi – Wife of Parikshit

Iravati – Ravi river

Iruvanthika – Flower

Ishana – Ishana as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘desire’.

Ishani – Ishani as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin, and the meaning of Ishani is ‘desire’. Ishani is a variant of the Hindi name Ishana.

Ishanvi – Goddess Parvati

Ishara – Ishara as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘rich’.

Ishi – Goddess Durga

Ishika – Paint brush

Ishita – Desired, greatness

Ishrat – Affection

Ishwari – Goddess

Ishya – Spring

Iti – Start

Itkila – Fragrant

Iya – Violet Flower

Iyla – Moonlight

Indian girl names starting with J

Jaabili – Full Moon, Bright, Luminant and Radiant Full Moon

Jaanavee – River Ganga

Jaasritha – A name of the goddess Lakshimi

Jaba – A flower name, Hibiscus

Jabaala – A woman

Jagacitra – Wonder of the Universe, In Sanskrit it literally means universe taken as a picture

Jagadamba – One who is the mother to the universe

Jagadambika – Name of the Goddess Durga

Jagadbala – Power

Jagadgauri – Fair

Jagadhathri – Mother

Jaganmata – She is the mother of the universe

Jaganmayee – Goddess Laxmi

Jaganmohini – The name of Goddess Durga

Jagannatha – The Queen of the World

Jagavi – World

Jagrati – Awakening, Awareness, One who has great worldly knowledge

Jagruti – Awakening, Awareness, One who has great worldly knowledge

Jagvi – Worldly, One who has great worldly knowledge

Jahnavi – The daughter of the Ganga river

Jahnukanya – River Ganga

Jahnutanya – River Ganga

Jai – Bird, victory

Jaidayal – The kindness has wo

Jaimol – Beloved Girl, Dearmost Girl.

Jairaja – A goddes of victroy

Jaishna – Clarity, Quality of being clear or transparent

Jaishree – The honor found in the victory

Jaisudha – Nectar of Victory, Nectar of Triumph

Jaitashri – The music’s name

Jajl – Jasmine

Jalaadhi – Sanskrit name meaning Ocean, The Sea, Living in Water, A Crocodile

Jalada – One who gives water

Jaladhi – The sea

Jaladhija – Goddess Lakshmi

Jalaja – Lotus, Flower in the Water

Jalajakshi – Lotus eyes

Jalandhara – Bhima’s wife

Jallavi – Bengali name for girls

Jalpa – A Gujarati name meaning discussion, Like a conversation

Jalpoorna – One who is full of water

Jamaeca – Isle with many springs

Jambavathi – Lord Krishna

Jamena – A holy river

Jamini – The night

Jaminie – A flower

Jamuna – A holy river in India

Jana – Man, People, One who is a kind human being

Janahvi – Name of river Ganga



Janaki Priya – Daughter of king Janak

Janaki – Name of Goddess Sita

Janaknandini – Goddess Sita

Janani – A tender mother

Janapadi – Apsara

Janapriya – One who is loved by the whole world

Janavi – The river Ganga

Janavika – One who gathers knoledge

Janhavi – One of many names of Goddess Parvathi representing her as River Ganga

Janhitha – One who thinks of the welfare od men

Janhvi – A river

Janikaa – Mother

Janini – A woman

Janisha – One who dispells ignorance

Janitha – Born Angel

Janki – Name of Goddess Sita

Januja – A daughter

Janvi – Another name of Ganga river

Janya – One who is full of life

Japa – Flower

Jaria – A mother

Jarita – Earthen water jug

Jarn – Indian name for girls

Jarul – A queen of flowers

Jasbeer – A victorious hero

Jasdhir – Indian name for girls

Jashar – Love with God

Jashmer – One who celebrates

Jashmir – Border of Jammu and Kashmir

Jashwi – To Be Proud of Self, Filled with pride.

Jasinder – One who is praised

Jaskaur – Famous Princess, Glorious Princess, Magnificent and Splendid Princess

Jaskiran – One who sings Lord’s praises

Jasmeh – Absorbed in praising God

Jasnoor – The light of God

Jaspinder – Lord’s glory

Jaspreet – One who sings praises of the Lord

Jassi – One who is sitting

Jastaran – The greatest beauty

Jasu – One who has a smart brain

Jasum – A plant name, Hibiskus

Jasvinder – Alternate transcription of Gurmukhi (see JASWINDER)

Jasweer – A brave one who sings Lord’s praises

Jaswinder – From Sanskrit (yashas) meaning ‘fame, praise, glory’ combined with the name of the Hindu god INDRA

Jatila – Lion

Jauhara – Gem

Javeria – Name of the prophet’s wife

Jaya Lakshmi – Goddess of victory

Jaya Priya – Name of Goddess Durga

Jaya – Jaya as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘victorious’. In mythology, Jaya was a Buddhist female deity and one of the names of the wife of Shiva.

Jayabheri – Victory

Jayachandra – One who won

Jayada – Victory

Jayadurga – Goddess Durga

Jayalakhea – Victory

Jayalakshmi – Goddess of success

Jayalalita – Goddess durga

Jayalalitha – Goddess Parvati

Jayamala – A garland of flowers given to the won who wins

Jayamangala – Victory

Jayamati – Bodhisatva

Jayambike – Goddess Parvati

Jayan – Winning over a battle or a game or a contest

Jayana – Armor, or causing victory

Jayani – A shakti of ganesha

Jayant – Bird, victory

Jayanthi – One who is Victorious, Winner, One who is blessed with success, One of many names of Goddess Parvathi

Jayanthika – Victorious

Jayanti – One who is Victorious, Winner, One who is blessed with success, One of many names of Goddess Parvathi

Jayantika – Goddess durga, parvati

Jayapadma – Goddess Lakshmi

Jayaprabha – Light of victory

Jayaprada – One who gives victory

Jayapriya – Victory

Jayashree – The Goddess Of Victory, One of many names of Goddess Vijayalakshmi

Jayashri – The goddess of victory, an evening raagini in indian classical music

Jayasudha – Nectar of victory

Jayathi – Experiencing victory, rejoicing for victory

Jayati – Getting a victory, being a winner

Jayavanti – Victorious

Jayavardhini – Joy

Jayavati – Victorious

Jaye – Bird, victory

Jayeta – Victorious

Jayita – Victorious

Jayitri – Victorious

Jayma – Refers to replaced or displaced.

Jeetesh – Goddess

Jeeva – Refers to the experience of being alive.

Jeeval – Life

Jeevana – Being alive or mode of living.

Jeevani – Refers to the condition of living.

Jeevankala – Art of life

Jeevanlata – Creeper of life

Jeevaratna – Gem

Jeevika – Water

Jeevita – One of the four elements composing the universe , water.

Jeevitha – Refers to the course of actions and events that occur in living.

Jehan – Man of the world

Jemin – Beautiful, tiny dove.

Jemini – A Gem, A star, A variant spelling of Gemini

Jency – Handsome and loving person.

Jenet – One who is heaven-sent

Jennet – One who is heaven-sent

Jesal – Glimpse or sudden movement

Jesminder – Queen of flower

Jhalak – Spark or a sudden motion you felt

Jhalakana – Lightening

Jhankar – Say something in a low and soft voice

Jhansi – Wife of a king

Jharna – A stream

Jheel – Lake that is so calm and quiet

Jhilmil – Full of sparkle

Jhinuk – it means mother and used for the mother Sita by Hindus. Girls who have this name posses the leadership and ruler quality. Girls prove to be truthful, clever,intelligent and humane in nature.

Jhoomer – such people are social and value friendship more than family. the people enjoy faithful company and are loyal, good advisers and ideal friend.

Jigisha – Superior

Jigna – an intllectual girl who is always curious for everything and want to discover whole world.

Jignasa – Curiosity

Jigyasa – Curiosity

Jilpa – Life giving

Jinal – it means lord Vishnu who have speech power and can easily convince the audience towards him. They keep themselves busy and determined.

Jinali – A name of Lord Vishnu

Jisha – the meaning of this name is person having high level of feeling and passion for living. Highly optimistic , artistic nature and have love for nature.

Jishna – the name is linked with lord Ganesh and lord Vishnu. Such people have creative and artistic mind. They can easily analyze and judge people.

Jital – Jital means Winner. It is an Indian female name most commonly represented in Hindu religion.

Jitavati – Daughter of Usheenara

Jitika – Victor

Jivanta – Jivanta is an Indian female name and means The one who gives life. It is of Indian origin and represented in Hindu religion.

Jivatha – Meaning of the name Jivantha is Life Giver. It is a variation of the name Jivanta. It is an Indian female name, represented in Hindu religion.

Jiwal – The one with passionate soul and reserved nature, will keep calm, stritct and ambitious throughout the life.

Jiya Ram – Sweatheart, This is the name of blessings and fortunate. They are the loved ones of the whole family.

Jiya – Sweatheart, This is the name of blessings and fortunate. They are the loved ones of the whole family.

Jiyaram – Sweatheart, This is the name of blessings and fortunate. They are the loved ones of the whole family.

Jnateya – The one who has hidden qualities of knowledge and wisdom. Owing a research and analytical mind., A quite, systematic and versatile being

Joarder – Joarder is an Indian unisex name and means Powerful. It is commonly used in Hindu religion.

Jogendra – Establishing union,consolidation ,agreement with Lord Shiva.Ruler of Yogis

Johila – River

Joost – they are blessed with the things and grace of God. They love everlast and have understanding capability.

Josa – Josa means Woman

Josha – The fire within you

Joshika – Joshika means Young Maiden

Joshila – One who is filled with enthusiasm

Joshita – The meaning of hte name is Pleased

Joshitha – Joshitha means Pleased

Josita – Josita name meansPleased

Jot – The name Jot means Light

Jothi – Lamp – Removes Darkness, One who brings brightness, Radiant and Luminant

Jotleen – Jotleen means Apsorbed in the Light of God

Juail – they are blessed with the things and grace of God. They love everlast and have understanding capability.

Juginder – Juginder means Lord Shiva

Juhi – Juhi name means Flower

Jui – Jui name means Flower

Juily – Juily name means Flower

Juspreet – The meaning of the name Juspreet is One who sings praises of the Lord

Juthika – Juthika is a name that represents a kind of a Flower, Jasmine Flower

Jvala – The meaning of the name Jwala is Blaze

Jwajwalya – Bright

Jwala – Jwala means Blaze

Jwalamalini – A Jain yakshini, flame

Jwalana – Daughter of Takshak

Jwalantha – Shining

Jwalia – Jwaila means Flames

Jyaanada – Goddess

Jyaanagni – Knowledge

Jyaanamitra – Knowledge

Jyaanananda – Knowledge

Jyaanaprabha – Knowledge

Jyaanashakti – Intellectual

Jyaanasri – Knowledge

Jyena – Jyena means Princess

Jyh – The name Jyh means Flower

Jyostna – Jyostna means Moonlight

Jyothi – Jyothi means Light, Lamp

Jyothika – Lamp

Jyothikiran – Lamp

Jyothimayi – Girl

Jyothiprabha – Lamp

Jyothiratha – River Johila

Jyothirlata – Lightning

Jyothirmaayee – The meaning of the name is Bright, Glowing

Jyothirmala – Pradyoth

Jyothismati – Moonlight

Jyothivarna – Light

Jyothsna – Moonlight

Jyothsnakali – Moon

Jyoti – Jyothi means The Light of the Sun

Jyotibala – Jyotibala means The Light Force

Jyotika – Jyotika means Light or Flame

Jyotirmayi – Jyotirmayi means Luminous, Bright

Jyotirmoyee – Jyotirmoyee means Lustrous

Jyotirupa – Light

Jyotis – Jyotis means Flame, Bright

Jyotishmati – Jyotishmati means Glowing or Bright

Jyotsana – Moonlit

Jyotsna – Jyotsna means Radiant like Flames, Moonlight and Goddes Durga

Jyotsnee – Moonlit

Jyotsnika – A woman

Indian girl names starting with K

Kaajal – Kaajal name means Muscara, Surma or Eye Liner

Kaalaka – Kaalaka means Pupil of the Eye

Kaalanjari – The name means Goddes Parvati

Kaalika – The name meansFlower Bud od Loud.

Kaamakya – The name means Goddes Durka or Granter of Wishes

Kaamna – Kaamna means Passion or Desire

Kaarin – Pure

Kaasi – Kaashi name means From the Holy City

Kaasni – Kasni means Flower

Kaat – Kaat name means The Pure

Kaatje – The name Kaatje means The One who is Pure

Kaavika – Poetess

Kaavy – Kaavy name means Poetry in Motion

Kaavya – Kaavya means Poetry, Motion

Kabari – Kabari name means A Lock of Hair

Kaberi – Kaberi means Full of Water

Kabita – Kabita name means Poem

Kacha – Kasha means a Cloud

Kadal – Kadal means Ocean

Kadali Bala – Kadali Bala means Plaintain Flower

Kadali Kusum – the meaning of the name is Plaintain Flower

Kadali Puspa – Meaning is Plaintain Flower

Kadali – The meaning of the name Kadali is Banana Tree

Kadama – Kadama means Sweet Meat

Kadambani – Array of clouds

Kadambari – Kadambari means Female Cuckoo

Kadhiroli – Kathiroli means Intelligent

Kadhirolli – The name means Brilliant like the Sunlight

Kadmbari – Kadmbari meansGoddess Saraswati

Kaeya – Kaeya as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘monsoon flower’. Monsoon refers to the rainy season in India from June to September.

Kagaji – The name Kagaji means Paper Maker

Kahali – Kahali means Mischevious

Kaikeyi – Kaikeyi name means Mother of Bharat in Ramayan

Kailasa – Kailasa name means SIlver Mountin

Kaira – Kaira means Peaceful and Unique

Kairavi – Kairavi means Moonlight

Kaireen – Pure

Kaishori – Goddess Parvati

Kaivalya – The meaning of the name is Aloneness

Kajal – Kohl, Collyrium, Black eye liner

Kajallata – Kajallata means Iron Vessel

Kajari – The name Kajari means Bird

Kajjala – Kajjala name means Kohl or Eye Liner

Kajjali – Kajjali means Black Eye Liner

Kajol – Kajal means Eye Liner

Kajri – Kajri means Light as a Cloud

Kakali – Meaning of Kakali is Voice of the Bird

Kakoli – Preaching

Kaksi – Kaksi means Perfume

Kala – The Fine Arts, Lady, Princess, The Sun, Time, Fate, One with artistic talents

Kalajot – Kalajot name means Light of Art

Kalakarni – Kalakarni name means With Black Ears

Kalanidhi – Treasure of art

Kalapini – Kalapini means Peacock, Night

Kalavati – Kalavati means Artistic

Kalee – The black one

Kalia – Bud, Goddess Parvati

Kalida – Kalida means The Black One, Servant of Kali

Kalima – Speaker, Mouthpiece, Blackness, The Mother Kali

Kalinda – Kalinda as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘the sun’. In Hindu mythology, it is a reference to the mountains of Kalinda or the sacred Kalindi river.

Kalindha – Kalidha means Like a Sun

Kalindhi – River Yamuna

Kalindi – Kalindi as a girl’s name has Hindi origins. The meaning of Kalindi is ‘the sun’. Is related to the name Kalinda.

Kalini – Kalini name means Flower

Kalita – Kalita name means To Be Known, Understood

Kalka – Kalka means The Pupil of an Eye

Kallolee – Kallolee means Joy, Happiness

Kallolini – The name means The Flowing River

Kalloll – Gurling of water

Kalpaka – Kalpaka means Imagine,Ceremony

Kalpalata – The meaning of the name is a Creeper of Paradise

Kalpana – Idea, Imagination, Fancy, Dream like

Kalpee – Kalpee means Inventor

Kalphana – Kalphana means Fantasy, Imagining

Kalpita – The name means Creative, Imagined

Kalyani – The name means Auspicious

Kalyanin – Kalyanin means Wedding

Kalynda – Kalynda is a girl’s name meaning ‘the sun’ that is related to the Hindi name Kalinda.

Kama – Kama means Love

Kamadhenu – The name means The Desire Granting Cow

Kamakhya – The meaning of the name is Goddess Durga

Kamakshi – Kamakshi means One with Loving Eyes

Kamakya – Kamakya means Granter of Wishes

Kamala – Kamala means Lotus

Kamalakshi – The meaning of the name is One whose Eyes are Beautiful like Lotuses

Kamalika – Kamalika means Lotus

Kamalini – Kamalini means Lotus

Kamalkali – Kamalkali means The Bud of the Lotus

Kamalnayan – The name means The Lord with Lotus Shaped Eyes

Kamalwant – Kamalwant means Complete Lotus

Kamana – Kamana means Desire, Wish

Kamari – Another name of Moon, Radiant, Brilliant and Luminant like Moon

Kameshvari – Kameshvari name means The Queen of Desire

Kameshwari – Goddess Parvati

Kamini – Beautiful Woman, Desired, Wish, A variant of name Kamala which means flower

Kamita – Desirable

Kammi – Young Attendant, Beautiful, Good looking, Charming, A variant of name Kamala which means flower

Kammie – Young Attendant, Beautiful, Good looking, Charming, A variant of name Kamala which means flower

Kamna – Desire

Kamnika – Kamnika means Alluring, Charming

Kamya – Beautiful, Good Looking, Charming.

Kanak Priya – Kanak Priya name means She Loves Gold

Kanak – Kanak means Gold, The Golden One

Kanaka – The name means Gold

Kanakabati – A Fairy Tale

Kanakapriya – The name means She Loves Gold

Kanaklata – Kanaklata means The Keeper of Gold

Kanan – Kanan means Garden, Firest

Kanana – Garden, forest

Kananbala – Kananbala means The Forest Nymph

Kanasu – Kanasu means Dream, Dreamy

Kanchan – Gold, Shining and Bright

Kanchana – A golden flower

Kanchanjot – The name means The Golden Light

Kanchanprabha – The name means The Light of Gold

Kanchi – Kanchi means Brilliant, Smart

Kanika – The name Kanika means Seed, Peace of Gold

Kanikaan – Atom

Kaninika – The name means The Pupil of the Eye

Kanira – Kanira means Grain

Kanisha – Kanisha means Beautiful

Kanishka – Name of a King of the Kushan Empire in South Asia who supported Buddhism

Kanita – Daughter

Kanizah – Young Girl, Small little Girl

Kanjika – The meaninig of the name is Sour Rice Water that Stands over Night

Kanjri – The name means Bird

Kankalini – The name means One with Necklace of Bones

Kankan – Bangle, A decorative ornament for hand

Kankana – Kankana means Bracelet

Kankani – The name means Bracelet

Kankanika – Kankanika means An Ornament with Bells

Kankrangita – The name means Gold Glit

Kannaki – Kannaki means Devoted and Virtuous Wife

Kanta – Gorgeous

Kantha – The name Kantha means Wife

Kanthamala – Kanthamala means Necklace

Kanthamani – One who is attractive and charming, Feminine form of name of Lord Krishna

Kanupriya – The name means Radha

Kanushi – Kanushi means Beloved

Kanwaljot – Meaning of the name is Light of Lotus

Kanwalnain – Means Princely eyes

Kanwalroop – Kanwalroop means Embodiment of Lotus

Kanwargun – Means Meritorious Princess

Kanya – Kanya means Virgin

Kanyaka – The name means Little Girl

Kanyakumari – Kayakumari means Virgin Goddess, or Daughter

Kapalmalini – The name means The Goddess Durga

Kapila – Tawny, Reddish Brown, Derived from the Sanskrit word Kapi which means monkey

Kapotakshi – The name means Eyes Like a Pigeon, Pigeonlike eyes

Karabi – Karabi name means Flower

Karalika – Karalika name means The one that Tears

Karambha – The name means Deverse, Mixed

Kareena – Kareena means Dear, little one

Karishma – Karishma means Miracle

Karisma – Favor, Gift, Carisma, A variant spelling of Karishma which means miracle in Sanskrit

Karka – The name Karka means Crab

Karma – The name Karma means Destiny, Actions are Fate

Karmala – Karmala means Destiny, Fruit Field

Karnapriya – The name Karnapriya means Sweet to the Ears

Karnika – Karnika meas Earring

Kartara – Kartara means Lord of Creation

Karthiaeini – The name of the indian Goddess

Kartika – One who is like a Star

Kartiki – Divine light

Karuka – A piece of art that is divine, heavenly

Karul – An innocent person

Karuli – A blameless, innocent person

Karunamayee – A kind, sparing person

Karunamayi – A person with a compassionate heart

Karunya – Compassion, Benevolent, Generous, One who is very kind hearted

Kashi – Radiant

Kashika – The Shiny One, Bright and Brilliant, Radiant and Luminant

Kashinatha – The name means Lord of Kashi

Kashish – An Attraction, Admiration, One who is charming and lovable

Kashmira – Beauty of Kashmir, From Kashmir, Grape, Red Kummum

Kashvi – The name means Luminous

Kashwini – Kashwini means Star

Kashyapi – Kashyapi name means Earth

Kasi – Kasi name means The one who comes from the Holy City

Kasturi – Musk, Fragrant Material

Kasturika – Kasturika means Musk, Scented

Kasvi – Kasvi means She is Glowing

Kateisha – Kateisha means Joy, From Kashmir

Kathakali – Kathakali means A Folk Dance

Kathanika – The name means Wording

Kathika – Kathika means Bestower of Courage

Kathinya – Musk, Fragrant Material, Scented, Perfumed, A variant form of Kasthuri

Kathyayani – Means Goddess Parvathi in Her Motherly Role

Katyayani – The name means Goddess Parvati

Kaumudi – Kaumudi name means Light of the Moonn

Kaur – Means ‘princess’, ultimately from Sanskrit (kumari) meaning ‘girl’. This surname was assigned to all female Sikhs in 1699 by Guru Gobind Singh. It is now used as a surname or a middle name by most female Sikhs. The male equivalent is Singh

Kausalya – The name means Mother of lord Rama

Kaushali – The name means She has many Skills

Kaushalya – The name means Lord Rama’s Mother

Kaushika – The name means Silk

Kaushiki – Kaushiki name means Covered in Silk

Kaustubha – The name means Jewel of Heaven

Kaustubhi – The name means a jewel in Lord Vinshu’s necklace

Kautirya – The name means She lives in a hut

Kavasha – Kavasha means Having a Shield

Kavela – Kavela The Flower Lotus

Kaver – Kaver is a Name of the River

Kavera – Kavera means The Sacred River

Kaveri – Name of sacred river in South India

Kavika – Kavika means A Woman of Poetry

Kavindra – Kavindra means She who makes beautiful Poems

Kavishree – Kavishree means a Wise Poet

Kavishri – The name means She is a Poetess

Kavita – Kavita means a Poem, Poetry

Kavitha – Kavitha means Rime to Write Poetry

Kavitva – Kavitva means a Poem, a Composition

Kaviya – Kaviya to do Poetry

Kavni – Kavni means a short, small poem

Kavya – Kavya means Poetry in the motion, a Poem

Kawal – Kawal means She who Sings

Kawalpreet – The name means The Lover that Sings

Kayashta – Kayashta is a name of an Indian caste

Kayra – Kayra means She is a Peaceful and Unique Girl

Keemaya – Keemaya means Miracle and Devine One

Keeratdeep – Keeratdeep means She who sings praises of Gos

Keereti – The meaninf of the name is She is of a Good Name

Keertana – Keertana means a Hymn, Song praising the Lord

Keerthana – The name means A Devoted Melody

Keerthi – Glorious, Famous, Renowned, Well Known, Popular

Keerthika – The name means One who is Famous

Keerti – Keerti means Famous Person

Kekavala – Kekavala means The Song of Devotion

Kekaya – Kekaya means Full of Water

Kelela – Beloved

Kenga – Kenga means The Water That Flows, River

Kesar – Lion, saffron

Kesara – Kesar means Lion

Kesari – Lion, saffron

Kesava – Kesari means Saffron

Kesavaraj – Kesava means She of the Beautiful Hair

Kesha – Kesh means Hair

Keshar – Kesha means Immense Joy

Keshari – Keshar means Saffron or Lion

Keshaun – The name means Horse Line

Keshavi – Keshava is the name of Vishnu from within the Hindu tradition

Keshawn – The name means Long Beautiful Hair

Keshi – Beautiful hair

Keshia – Keshi means Women with beautiful Hair

Keshika – Beautiful hair

Keshin – The name means Woman who has beautiful hair

Keshini – Keshin means Lion

Keshon – The name means Woman who has beautiful hair

Keshori – Daughter

Keshto – The name means Youth

Kessie – The name means Lion

Ketaki – Ketaki means The Flower of Cream Colour

Ketana – Ketana means Home, it’s a name of the Goddes Lakshimi

Ketika – The name means Flower

Ketita – Ketita means Like a Flower

Ketki – Ketki means Cream Coloured Flower

Kevika – Kevika name means She is like a Flower

Keya – Keya means a Mansoon Flower

Keyuri – Keyuri name means Bracelet, Armlet

Khachita – The name means Joined

Khagen – Khagen means Bird

Khama – Khama means Embodiment of Forgiveness

Khanika – The name means Noble Character

Khara – Khara means Pure

Khayriyyah – Charitable, Good, Compassionate, Kind Hearted, Benevolent

Kheyali – Kheyali name mans Full of Imagination

Khorshed – The name means Sun is Shining

Khursh – The name means The Sun is Shining

Khusbu – Khusbu means Scent

Khushali – Happiness, one who brings happiness

Khushboo – The name means Fragrance

Khushbu – Fragrant, Aromatic, Sweet Fragrance, Nice smelling

Khushi – Khushi name means She is Pleasure and Happiness

Khushnuda – The name means The Girl is Happy and Full of Delight

Khusila – Khusila means She Who Smiles

Khusmana – Khusmana She has a Joyfull Mind

Khyath – The name means A Famous Woman

Khyati – The name means Fame

Kiah – A New Beginning, God is strength, Little wise one.

Kiara – Kiara means a Woman With Raven-Black, Dark Hair

Kilala – Kilala means Ambrosia

Kimaayra – The name means Golden Moon

Kimatra – Kimatra means Seduce

Kimaya – Kimatya means Miracle, Divine

Kimiya – Kimiya means Alchemy

Kimsuka – Small parrot

Kina – Little

Kinaari – The name means Shore

Kinjal – Kinjal means the Banks of the River

Kinjala – Brook

Kinkina – Bell

Kinkini – Kinkini name means The Ornament Sounds

Kinmay – Kinmay means Sweet

Kinnara – Kinnara means The Musician of the Heaven

Kinnari – Kinnari is a Musical Instrument

Kinnera – Kinnera means Demi Goddes

Kirala – Nectar

Kiranmala – Kiranmala means a Garland of Light

Kiranmayi – Kiranmayi means She who is Filled with Light

Kiransukh – The name means Happyness of the Sunbeams

Kirat – Kirat means Dedicatet or Honest Living by Hard Work

Kirati – Kirati means From the Mountain

Kirpa – Kirpa means Mercy

Kirtana – Kirtana means Hymn, A Song in Praise of God

Kirti – Glorious, Famous, Renowned, Well Known, Popular

Kirtida – Bestowed with fame

Kirtidhara – The river

Kirtmalini – Garlanded with fame

Kiruba – Kiruba means Grace of God

Kirubha – Kirubha means God’s Grace

Kishalaya – New leaf

Kishmish – Kishmish means Sweet as Grapes

Kishori – Young virgin

Kisni – Killer of demons

Kitu – Kitu means Woman Who Sings

Koganti – One who appreciates finer things in life

Kokaha – A diplomatic and pleasant individual

Kokila – Kokila means Nightingale

Kolala – Is endowned with vitality, energy and emotional

Kolambi – Kolambi means The Flute of Lord Shiva

Komal – Komal means Tender, Soft

Komala – Delicate

Komalata – Komalata means Calm

Komali – Komali means Tender

Komaljot – Komaljot means Peaceful,Sofr Light

Komalroop – The name means Embodiment of piece and beauty

Komol – Komol means gentle, Soft

Konalaka – A beautiful and passionate person

Konali – Konali means Tender

Konchady – Clever and deep minded individual, A cute, tidy and fantastic being, highly inspirational

Konila – Konila means Rich Beauty

Kopal – Kopal means A Rose Bud

Kosha – Kosha is a Name of a River

Koshna – The name means Energetic and Active

Kosika – It is a name of a RIver in North India

Kotira – Kotira means Wonder

Koushika – Koushika means Silk material

Koyal – Koyal means Bird

Koyel – Koyel means Cuckoo

Koyna – Koyna means The Cuckoo Bird

Krandasi – Krandasi means The Earth and The Sky

Kranti – Kranti means Revolution

Krauncha – Krauncha is a Templom in a Mountin

Kreena – She who seeks enlightenment

Krina – Krina means Beautiful

Krintani – Krintani means A Cutting Instrument

Krintanika – The name means Cutting instrument

Kripa Compassion – The name means Compassion

Kripa – Kripa means Mercy

Kripi – Kripi means Beautiful, Lovely

Krisangi – The name means Of a Delicate Frame

Krisha – Krisha means Divine

Krishadari – The meaning of the name is Thin Wasted

Krishi – Krishi means Farming, Agriculture

Krishnakali – Krishnakali means A Flower

Krishnaveni – The name means River

Krisnarchi – the name means Fire

Kritanjali – Respectfully and most humbely folded hand

Kritanta – God of death

Kriti – A work of art

Krittika – The name means Plaids or A Star’s Name

Krsnika – Krsnika means Made of Blackness

Krupa – Krupa name means Favor

Krupali – Krupali means The one who is Forgiving

Krushi – Krushi means She is Hardworking

Kruthika – Kruthika means a Star on the Sky

Kruti – Kruti means Creating a Novel

Ksema – Ksema means Traquility

Kshama – Kshama means She is Forgiving

Kshamya – The name Kshamya means Earth

Kshanaprabha – The name means Lightening

Kshanika – Kshanika means Momentary

Kshema – Kshema means She is Peaceful and Tranquil

Kshemaraja – The name means The Place of Peacefullness

Kshemya – The name means One Who Brings Welfare

Kshipa – Kshipa means Darkness, Night

Kshipra – Kshipra in a name of an Indian River

Kshipva – The name means The Elasticized One

Kshiraja – Kshiraja means Goddes Lakshmi

Kshirin – The name means Flower

Kshirja – The name means The Goddes Lakshmi

Kshitesh – Kshitesh means Earth

Kshiti – Kshiti means Earth

Kshitija – Kshitija name means The Horizon, The spot where Sky and Earth meet

Kuchasthala – The name means A city where Krishna stayed the night on his way to the court of Dhritarashtra.

Kuchika – The name means Painter Brush

Kuhaki – The name means Enchanter

Kuhakini – Kuhakini means a Female Magician

Kuhan – One who is diligent and persevering worker

Kuhelika – Kuhelika means Fog, Mist

Kuhoo – The name means The Note of the Cuckoo

Kuhu – Means Cuckoo Bird Song

Kuhuk – The name means Koyalia, Bird

Kuja – Kuja means Goddess Durga

Kulabati – The name means Belonging to the Respectable Family

Kulamani – Means Jewel of the Family

Kulika – Kulika means from a Good Family

Kuljot – Kuljot means Light of the Family

Kulminder – The name means King of the Family

Kulroop – Kulroop means Embodiment of Family

Kulvinder – Kulvinder means Familily od the God of Heaven

Kulwinder – The name means Family of God and Heaven

Kumari – Kumari means Princess

Kumaria – The name means A Princess, another name for the Lord Durga

Kumkum – Kumkum means Vermilion

Kumud – Kumud means Lotus

Kumuda – Kumuda means Pleasure of the Earth, Lotus

Kumudini – Kumudini means White Lotus. Moon Light

Kunda – Kunda means Jasmine Blossom

Kundalpur – Kandalpu is the name of The Wife of Krishna

Kundanika – The name means Girl of Gold

Kunika – The name means Flower, Jasmin

Kunisha – Kunisha means means the bird Nightingale

Kunj – Kunj means Overgrown trees, About

Kunjal – Kunjal means Nightingale

Kunjalata – Kunjalata means A Wild Climber Plant

Kunjan – Kunjan means A Girl of the Forest

Kunjana – Kunjana maens Forest Girl

Kunshi – Kunshi means To Shine

Kuntal – The name means Hair

Kuntala – Kuntala means Woman with beautiful, luxurious hair

Kunti-Madri – This is the name of the Queen of King Pandu

Kunti – The name Kunti means She is a Lover of the Sun God

Kupara – The name means Hair

Kupika – Kupika means Lamp

Kurangi – The name means Doe

Kuranpreet – The name means Lord Kirshna

Kurinji – Kurinji means a very special flower that blooms once on twelve years

Kurukshetra – The name means Holy Place

Kusha – Kusha means Talented One

Kushala – Kushala name has more meanigns, like Happy, Safe or an Expert

Kushali – The name means She is the Clever One

Kushmandini – A Jain yakshini

Kusum – The name means a Sort of Flower

Kusuma – The name means Like a Flower

Kusumanjali – The meaning of the name is The Offering of the Flowers

Kusumavati – The name means Spring Flowers

Kusumita – The name means Blossoming of the Flowers

Kusumlata – Tha meaning of the name is The creeper that flowers

Kusumodini – The name means She is the Queen of the Flowers

Kutaka – Kutaka means The Flower’s Song

Kuvala – The name means She is one of Wisdom

Kuvira – Kuvira means Courageous Woman

Kvana – Kvana means Poem

Indian girl names starting with L

Laabha – Acquirement, Acquisition, Gain, Profit

Laajavartha – Gem

Laakshi – Wife of Dushyanth

Laalamani – Ruby, Red Pearl, Precious stone

Laalamati – Princess

Laalima – Red

Laalita – Pampered

Laalithya – Loveliness

Laasya – Smile, Beam, Glow, Grin

Laavanya – Beauty, Appealing, Attractive, Good Looking.

Labangalata – The meaning of the name is Flowering creeper plant

Labanya – Labanya means Pure Beauty

Labhdi – One with heavenly power

Laboni – Laboni means Woman who is full of Grace

Labuki – Instrument

Ladhi – Ladhi means Music, a Melody

Ladli – Ladli means She is Loved

Laghima – Laghima is the name of Goddess Parvati

Laghuvi – Laghuvi means Tender

Lahana – Lahana means Bright Headed

Lahari – Lahari means Wave

Laharika – Laharika means Waves of the Ocean

Lajita – Lajita means Modesty

Lajja – Lajja means Modest

Lajjavathi – Modest

Lajjawati – The name means A Sensitive Plant

Lajni – Lajni means Shy

Lajvanti – Lajvanit means Sensitive Plant

Lajvati – The name means Shy

Lajwant – The name means Sensitive, Nature

Lajwanti – The name means Delicate Plant

Lajwati – The name means Untouched, Delicate

Lajyabati – Means modest

Lakhi – name of Goddess Laxmi

Lakhminder – Lord of Hundred Thousand

Lakhroop – Most Charming Among Hundred Thousand

Lakhsha – White Rose, Aim

Lakhsmi – Wife of Vishnu

Lakhwinder – Loved by Many, Ruler of Hundred Thousand People

Lakota – Allies, a person considered as a friend. Name comes from the Indian tribes Sioux and Lakota

Laksha – The name that represents the beauty and purity of a white rose

Lakshaki – The name of the Goddes Sita

Lakshana – Opportune and andventageous person

Lakshanya – A person who achieves the goals

Lakshita – To see, recognise

Lakshmani – Name of the Goddes of prosperity and luck. A person who has a sign or a mark of prosperity and luck

Lakshmi Shree – A fortunate and person who is blessed with good luck

Lakshmi – Wife of Vishnu

Lakshmisarasvathi – Laxmi and Sarasvathi

Lalana – A Girl, A beautiful woman, A pretty young lady

Lalika – Lalika as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘lovely woman’.

Lalima – A beautiful glow of the reddish, morning sky

Lalique – An expensive perfume

Lalita – An elegant, gracious woman of great beauty

Lalitamohana – Person of appealing and attractive features

Lalitha – Woman of immence beauty and radiating ellegance

Lalithakala – Art

Lalithalochana – Beautiful

Lalitkanta – Goddess Durga

Lambodara – Indian female name that means A huge bellied Lord

Lamita – Slim Girl, A Creeper

Lanesha – The woman who is strong

Lanka – From Lanka, From the island fortress

Lankesh – A great scolar Ravana from the Idian epic Ramayana

Lapita – Mandapal

Laranya – A person who is charming and elegant

Larika – Nagakanya

Lasaki – Female character of the Hindu epic Ramayana, Sita, a consort of Rama

Lata – Lata as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘beautiful vine’.

Latakara – Cowered with vine plants, creepers

Latangi – A slender and slim Girl who is very elegant

Latavya – One having creeper like body

Lathika – Elegant, Graceful, Charming

Latika – The small creeper

Lavali – Aromatic flower buds of the plant clove

Lavangalata – Delicate

Lavangi – Flower buds of the Clove plant

Lavani – Graceful, charming and lovely individual

Lavanika – Beautiful

Lavanya – Beauty, Good Looking.

Lavanyagowri – Goddess Parvati

Lavanyalata – Graceful

Lavika – That Matters, Grace, Elegance, Beauty

Laxmi – A Hindu Godess, wife of Lord Vinshu. Someone who brings luck and prosperity

Leela – Play, amusement

Leelamayee – Playful

Leelavathi – Goddess Durga

Leena – Torch

Leesa – God is my Oath

Leeya – Indian name meaning to take

Lehar – Waves

Leisha – She who is dignified and noble

Lekha – Memories preserved through Pictures, Writings

Lekhana – Writing

Lekhani – A modern indian name meaning pen

Lekhashree – Writings of Goddess Laxmi

Lekisha – An existence, Life

Lekya – Mathematician

Lepakshee – Eyes

Leylani – Heavenly flower

Libni – Manuscripts

Liesha – Beautiful Angel

Lilabati – A charming and playful individual

Lilavati – Playful person, name of Goddess Durga

Lilita – Flower lily

Liliwen – A blessed white Lily, wonderful

Lily – symbol of purity

Lina – Palm tree, tender

Lineysha – Intelligent

Lipi – name for mauscript of God

Lipika – generelly means short letter

Lipsita – Wished

Lisha – One who is of noble sort

Lithika – Cute, perfect person

Litya – The one who is happy

Lityati – The one who shares happiness

Livleen – A woman consumed in her love of God

Livroop – She who is an embodiment of God’s Love

Locava – The writings of the God

Lochan – The eye, one who sees

Lochana – Girl with bright eyes

Locket – pendant, ornament

Lohavara – A person who is responsible and stable

Lohini – A person with a red skin

Lohinika – A considerate and loving individual

Lohita – Red ruby, Goddes Lakshni in the form of iron

Lohitaka – Red gem, ruby

Lohitha – One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Loka Priya – Lustrous person

Lokajanani – name of Goddess Laxmi, mother of the world

Lokamata – Mother

Lokamatri – name of Goddess Lakshmi, mother of the world

Lokamba – Leader

Lokanayaki – Leader

Lokapaavani – River Cauvery

Lokasundari – Beauty

Lokshita – The one who prays for the world

Lonika – One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Lopa – A wife of a sage

Lopamudra – A person of hidden talents and unpredictable form. A name of an ancient Indian philosopher

Lord Shiva – A Hindu God, Lord Shiva

Lota – Drinking cup that you can take with you

Loukya – Name of Goddess Lakshmi, wordly wise

Lubaina – The deepest essence of someone

Lubalethu – A deep essence of a person

Lumbika – A musical instrument

Lunasha – A flower’s beauty and brightness

Luni – Salty, Spicy

Lysari – Beautiful singing voice

Indian girl names starting with M

Maahi – Love, adoration

Maanasa – A Lake in Himalayas

Maanasi – A sound minded woman

Maanika – A red coloured jew, the Ruby

Maardava – A gentle, tender feeling

Madhava – One born in the spring seasson

Madhavi – A name for Hindu Goddes Lakshmi

Madhavilata – A flowering creeper, A combination of name Madhavi and Lata

Madhioli – An intelligen person

Madhu Priya – A person who loves the sweet honey

Madhu – Honey-sweet person

Madhubala – A girl sweet as a honey bee

Madhubarshi – A sweet melody

Madhubrati – One who is like a honey bee

Madhuchandra – A girl sweet as a Moon

Madhuja – A woman made of honey

Madhukara – A honey sweet lover

Madhuksara – A person who baths in honey

Madhul – Sweet Person, One who is sweet like honey, A very lovable and kind person.

Madhula – A woman lovely and sweet as honey

Madhulata – A sweet creeper

Madhulekha – A beautiful, gorgeous woman

Madhulika – Honey, nectar, a devine drink

Madhumalati – A Flowering creeper, a vine

Madhumathi – A delightful sight of the moon

Madhumati – To be full of sweetness, honey

Madhumita – Licious, full of honey

Madhumitha – Sweet Person, One who is sweet like honey, A very lovable and kind person.

Madhunisha – A pleasant, lovely night

Madhuparna – A leaf of tulsi

Madhupriya – One who is very fond of sweet things, like honey

Madhupuspa – A horizon

Madhura – She who has a voice sweel like honey

Madhureema – A sweet and charming girl

Madhuri – She who is full of sweetness

Madhurima – Indian name describing sweetness

Madhushri – The beauty of spring

Madhusree – One who is beautiful, spring

Madhuvanthi – Sweet Person, One who is sweet like honey, A very lovable and kind person.

Madirakshi – Woman with mesmerising eyes

Madri – Daughter of a sage

Madura – A bird, sugar

Magadha – A historical kingdom Magadha

Magadhi – Flower, As Pure as Jasmine Flower, Fragrant and Aromatic Jasmine Flower

Magesh – A name of God

Maghi – One who likes giving gifts to people

Maghona – Ruler, Leader, Chief, Queen

Mahabhadra – The river Ganga

Mahadevi – The Goddes who is the greates one of them all

Mahagauri – Another name of the Goddess Durga

Mahajan – People worthy of respect, an Indian title

Mahakali – A name of the Goddess Durga

Mahakanta – Indian name that means Earth

Mahalakshmi – A name of the Goddess Laxmi

Mahamaya – One of the names of the Goddess Durga

Mahanjot – An ilustrious light

Mahansukh – A great happiness

Maharaksha – The great saviour

Mahasri – One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Mahasti – A moonchild

Mahasweta – Name of Goddess Saraswati

Mahati – Name of a raaga, the great one

Mahek – One who smell sweet

Mahesa – Name of Shiva’s wife

Maheshi – Name of Goddess Parvati

Maheshwari – Name of Goddess Durga

Maheswri – A diligent and clever person, Goddess Durga

Mahi – The World, Earth, Mother Earth

Mahijuba – A great hostess

Mahika – The World, Earth, Mother Earth

Mahima – A nobleness of the character, eminence

Mahindar – Great Indra

Mahinder – Variant of MAHENDRA used by Sikhs

Mahisha – A young, unmarried woman

Mahita – A person who creates greatness

Mahitha – Regeneration

Mahiya – Joy, Happiness, Delight, Cheerful

Mahuya – Flower

Maia – Mother, One who has unconditional love like a mother

Maika – Mother, One who has unconditional love like a mother

Maina – The one who brings a message from God

Mainaka – She who is born with great intelect

Mainamati – A girl from the mountain

Maithili – Name of Goddess Sita

Maitreyi – A wise woman, A intelligent and very knowledgeable lady

Maitri – Indian name for friendship

Maitry – A name describing friendship, closeness

Majandra – Daughter of the dark

Makada – A Queen of Shiba

Makanda – The Mango Tree

Makshi – A girl sweet as a honey bee

Maksika – Bee

Mala – Pendant

Malaikah – One who is like a heavenly being, like an angel

Malashree – Melody of the erly evening

Malati – Name of Jasmine flower

Malavika – Pretty Princess, Beautiful Princess, Name of princess of Malava Kingdom

Malini – Fragrant, Aromatic, Sweet Fragrance, Nice smelling

Malisa – A soothing balm, lemon balm

Malli – Flower, As Pure as Jasmine Flower, Fragrant and Aromatic Jasmine Flower

Mallika – A creeper plant, Jasmine

Malti – Small flower

Malvika – She who lived in Malva, a place name

Mamata – Love, Affection, Unconditional love of a mother

Mamgain – An idian surname

Mamta – A feeling of motherly love and affection

Manadha – Giving honor

Manajit – One who controls the mind

Manali – One who is like a bird

Manana – One who finds peace in meditation and contemplation

Mananiya – A woman who has deserved all the praises

Manasa Devi – The one created in the mind

Manasa – A creative person who creates with her mind

Manasi – A lady

Manasie – A person who alwazs listens to the voice of its heart

Manasika – Of mind

Manasvi – An intelligent person

Manasvini – A person who is proud and self-respecting

Manaswini – Virtuous

Manat – One who believes in fate

Manavdeep – The lamp of the mind

Manayi – Wife of Manu

Mandakini – Name of a sacred river

Mandakranta – A Sanskrit Metre

Mandala – A circle

Mandalay – Name of a mountain from a holy place

Mandara – Heaven, Paradise, Abode of Lord’s

Mandarmalika – A garland of celestial

Mandavi – Name of Lord Rama’s brother’s wife

Mandeep – The light of the mind

Mandhur – She who is gentle

Mandip – A light of sages

Mandira – Melody, Like a melodius song

Mandiraa – An indian name for melody

Mandita – One who is adorned

Mandodari – A name of Ravan’s wife

Mandolin – Musical Instrument

Mandra – Pleasant

Mangala – Auspicious, bliss

Mangalarati – The waving of lights before a deity at dawn, Pious and spiritual

Mangla – One who that comes before morning

Manideepa – A lamp of precious stones, Brightness and Radiance of precious stone

Manidipa – A lamp of precious stones

Manidra – Indian girl name

Manik – Gem

Manika – A person who desires jewels

Manikarnika – An ornament for ear, A precious stone jwellery for ear

Manikuntala – A woman with the hair like jewels

Manimala – A string of pearls, Jwellery made of pearls

Manimekhala – A grindle made of gem stones

Manimoli – A woman who speaks beautifuly

Maninder – From Sanskrit (manas) meaning ‘mind, intellect, spirit’ combined with the name of the Hindu god INDRA

Manini – Self respected, Strong minded, A lady who is strong and powerful in her deeds

Maniprabha – The lustre of jewel, Brightness and Radiance of Pearl Jwellery

Manipura – A city of jewels. Also a name of the third primary Chakra

Manirama – A beautiful female

Maniratna – Diamond, Precious Stone

Manisha – Intellectual, Knowledgeable, Wise, Well Learned, Brilliant, Intelligent

Manishi – A person who is wise, knowledgable

Manishika – A person of great intelligence

Manishini – Intelligent, Brilliant, Knowledgeable, Wise

Manita – One who is honored to tallk to the God

Manitha – Honored

Manja – Cluster of Blossoms, Form of Maria, Men, Flower Stalk, Creeper

Manjari – A woman who is like a bud of the Mango tree

Manji – Flower-stalk, Creeper, A variant form is Manjee

Manjika – A sweet girl

Manjila – Mansion,rank, Derived from Manjee

Manjinder – A woman who is the warrior of the God

Manjira – Bells worn on the ankles

Manjishtya – A gracefull and Sweet Girl, The Bengal madder

Manjistha – A woman who is extreme an intense

Manjit – A person who controls the mind

Manjodh – A warrior against the evils of the world

Manjori – The sacred basil

Manju – A lovely person with beautiful personality

Manjubala – A sweet and beautiful girl

Manjubhargavi – A name of the Goddess Laxmi

Manjula – One who is beautiful and loveable like the spring

Manjulika – A sweet Girl, Graceful and Kind women

Manjusha – One with a Sweet Voice, Graceful and full of elegance

Manjushri – Graceful, One of many names of Goddess Laxmi

Manjusree – Graceful, One of many names of Goddess Laxmi

Manjusri – Graceful, One of many names of Goddess Laxmi

Manmayi – A jealous woman

Manmukat – A person who has a liberated mind, a liberal

Manna – A heavenly woman

Mannat – One who has made a vow to a deity

Mannata – A woman who made a vow to the God

Mannitha – One who converses with God

Mannya – Flower

Manogna – She who is beautiful

Manohari – A thief of hearts

Manoja – Born of the mind

Manojna – One who is pleasant, beautiful

Manojya – One full of beauty

Manomohini – A charming woman, An attractive and graceful women who is full of elegance

Manorama – Beautiful, Pleasing, Charming, Good Looking

Manoranjani – One who entertains

Manoroma – Beautiful, Pleasing, Charming, Good Looking

Manpreet – One who is pretty on the eyes

Manprem – One who is affectionate

Manroop – One who has a beautiful mind

Mansheela – Love, Affection

Mansheetal – Having a satisfied heart

Manshi – Woman, Strong Minded Lady, A Feminine form of Manu

Manshree – A wish

Manshvi – She who is intelligent

Mansi – An Indian name for a woman

Manthara – A holy chant

Manti – A lovable girl

Mantra – Beautiful holy chants and hymns

Manu – One who thinks wisely, Founder Father of Human Beings, Original Man, A ruler of earth

Manuja – She who is human

Manukha – One who has human form

Manuprairna – One who is insirational

Manushi – A kind woman

Manushri – One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Manva – Mind or mind identifier

Manveer – One with a brave heart

Manvi – One with best qualities

Manvinder – A lord of the heart

Many – Jewel

Maraala – A woman greaceful as a swan

Maral – Swan

Marala – Swan

Mardava – She who is full of kindness

Mareechin – Indian name for the Sun

Mareesha – She who travels a lot

Margi – A traveler

Marichika – A person who is a mirrage of ray of ligh

Marig – A person who is an illusion, a mirage

Marjanah – A precious stone, gem

Marjane – One who is bitter

Marudevi – Name of lord Rishbhdev’s mother.

Marudhvathi – A name of the Goddess Durga

Marushika – One who is born with blessings from Lord Shiva

Maruta – A flashing, shining one

Maryelle – Italian diminutive of Maria

Marzooqa – The blessed one

Masgaba – One who is born with a vision and light

Masooda – A happy, lucky and fortunate individual

Matangi – One of many names of Goddess Devi

Matangini – The female elephant, Name of a Goddess Devi

Mathanan – It is a name of Sri Krishna with attractive quality of the Love God

Mathanki – The name of the Goddess Saraswati

Mati – A spiritual tought

Matinder – Lord of wisdom

Matisha – Name of a Goddess

Matra – A mother

Matrika – One who is a divine mother

Matrikas – A mother of the divine

Maubani – Sweet Female, Sweet Girl, A Honey like sweet child

Mauji – An ornamental border, A decorative border

Mauli – A crown of hair

Mausam – Season

Mausami – Season

Mausaum – Season

Maushmi – A beautyful girl or the Monsoon wikd

Mausi – Season of Flowers

Mausumi – Beauty, monsoon wind

Mautushi – Sweet Female, Sweet Girl, A Honey like sweet child, Flower, A variant form of Moutushi

Mawahib – A woman of many talents

Maya – Uncertain, Perhaps Mother or Great One, Illusion, Imaginative, Magical

Mayabati – Mercyfull,kind, Compassionate, Benevolent

Mayara – A beloved girl

Mayra – A beloved girl

Mayray – She who is mine

Mayree – My girl, she who belongs to me

Mayukha – A bright ray of light

Mayukhi – Pea-hen, Someone who is like a peacock

Mayukmala – A cluster of rays

Mayura – Indian name meaning an illusion

Mayuri – Pea-hen, Someone who is like a peacock

Mayurika – Pea-hen, Someone who is like a peacock

Medha – Intelligence, Princess Saraswati

Medhakara – A woman who is like a Peacock

Medhavini – Intelligence

Medhinee – A woman of the earth

Medhya – A mighty woman

Medini – Earth

Medura – A girl of great inteligence

Meena – Precious stone, fish

Meenakshi – A girl who has beautiful, fish-like eyes

Meenal – Precious Gem, Precious Jewel

Meenan – A person with beautiful eyes

Meenu – A gril who is a precious stone

Meerant – A woman devoted to Krishna

Meeta – A woman who is always a good friend

Meetaan – One who is a great friend

Megavana – A Cloud-like woman

Megha – A cloud of rain

Meghal – A name of the River Ganges

Meghamala – Series cloud, A chain of clouds, Beautiful

Meghana – A woman of the clouds

Meghari – A cloud-like beauty

Meghavini – An intelligent young girl

Meghayoni – A garland of the Clouds

Meghna – A cloud

Meha – One who is intelligent

Mehak – An aura of smell

Mehal – Cloud

Mehar – One who is kind and graceful

Meharjot – A light of grace

Meharpreet – One who loves God

Mehbooba – One who is greatly loved

Meher – Indian word for benevolence

Mehnga – One who is costly

Mehpreet – A mind filled with love

Mehranoosh – An immortal sun

Mehula – Mehula is referred to the Rain. It is derived from Sanskrit word ‘Meh’.

Mehuli – Mehuli derived from a sanskrit word that means a very small rainy cloud.

Mekha – A cloud or a rainy cloud

Mekhala – An elevated geological formation of the mountain, slope of the hillyup

Mekhla – Slope of a mountain, Belt, dress, A variant spelling is Mekhala

Mena – The divinity who represents motherhood.

Menaha – Celestial damsel, A variant spelling is Menaka

Menaja – One of many names of Goddess Parvathi

Menaka – Celestial damsel, A variant spelling is Menaha

Meni – Female cat, Thunderbolt, Speech.

Meruprbha – A Bengali name meaning Polar light

Methi – A hevenly damsel from Hindu mythology

Methika – Name of the plant fenugreek and its grain

Mihika – haze, miasma, droplets.

Mihira – the great Sun.

Mili – In Hebrew it means a virtuous person. In German it refers to a person who works hard. In Hindi it means to find

Miloni – An achiever, a winner

Minakshi – Eyes

Minal – Gemstone

Minati – Prayer

Minda – Knowledge, Wisdom, Intelligence.

Mini – A tiny or a small version of anything, mostly a pet name

Minika – Calmness, Peace, Quite

Minimol – Small Daughter, Little one, Small child

Miraya – Name of Lord Krishna’s devotee, A variant spelling is Meera

Mishti – Sweet, Sweet person, Its a Bengali name signifying a cute, lovable and sweet person

Mishu – A faithful and honest person, cute or pretty

Misri – Sweet Person, Mixed Sweet, A variant spelling of Mishri

Mita – Friend

Mitali – Friendship

Mithila – Goddess Sita

Mithu – Sweet, Lovable and Cute Girl, A variant spelling of Mitu

Miti – Date

Mitra – Friend

Mlanima – Gloomy, Moody, Mixed Emotions

Mocaniya – A woman who is benevolent, generous. Possess or manifest love for mankind.

Mohaka – Attractive

Mohana – Attractive

Mohati – Beautiful

Mohina – A talking bird, Beautiful, Attractive, Desirable

Mohinder – Variant of MAHENDRA used by Sikhs

Mohini – Most Beautiful, Very Attractive, Charming and Admirable, Very Desirable

Mohita – Attracted

Mohona – An opening of river, A Bengali equivalent of Mohana or Mohini

Mohonmala – Necklace, A Bengali name meaning a Garland of wishes

Moithili – An epithet of Sita, A variant spelling of Maithili

Moitreyi – Friendly,Name Of A Woman Scholar, A Bengali variant of the Sanskrit name Maitreyi which means well learned lady

Moitri – Friendly,Name Of A Woman Scholar, A Bengali variant of the Sanskrit name Maitreyi which means well learned lady

Mokhoda – Saviour, A variant of name Mokhtara

Mokshita – Salvation

Moksin – Free

Monal – Bird

Monikanchan – Jewellery and Gold, Ornament of Gold

Monikarnika – A Gold ornament for ear

Monikarnikar – Jewellery and Gold, Ornament of Gold

Monisha – Monisha as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘intelligent woman’.

Mookhan – An affectionate and responsible person

Moraka – An individual who is freedom loving and honoured

Motia – Pearl, A variant of name Moti

Mottayita – One who is reserved and has a friendly personality

Mou – Honey, Sweet

Moubani – A flower

Moukthika – Goddess Lakshmi

Mounika – Silence

Mounisha – Silent

Moutushi – A flower

Moyna – Bird

Mridini – One of many names of Goddess Parvathi

Mridu – Gentle, Delicate, Tender.

Mridula – Tenderness

Mridumita – Good friend, A variant name of Mridu which means Gentle, Delicate, Tender.

Mrigakshi – One with deer like beautiful eyes, Fawn Eyed, Deer’s Eye

Mriganayana – One with deer like beautiful eyes, Fawn Eyed, Deer’s Eye

Mriganayani – Deer

Mriganetra – One with deer like beautiful eyes, Fawn Eyed, Deer’s Eye

Mriganka – The Moon, Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Luminant Moon

Mrignaini – Doe eyed

Mrinalini – Lotus Stalk, Stem of Lotus, Intelligent.

Mrinmayee – One with deer like beautiful eyes, Fawn Eyed, Deer’s Eye

Mrinmayi – Mother Earth

Mritsa – Mother Earth

Mrittika – Mother Earth

Mruga – Mruga is the name of a bird

Mudhurie – Blessed one

Mudra – Healing

Mudrika – Ring

Mugdha – Innocent

Muguda – Spellbound, innocent

Mukta – Liberated

Mukti – Liberation

Mukula – Bud

Mukulika – Bud

Mukulita – Bud

Muniya – Bird

Muskaan – Smile

Musui – The nothing

Myna – Bird

Myra – Beloved

Mythili – Princess name, name of Goddess Sita

Mythily – Seeta

Mythri – Friendship

Indian girl names starting with N

Nabah – The person who is great noble or sky.

Nabanipa – Resembles very fresh blossom.

Nabha – the middle of the heart or mind.

Nabhya – Middle, centre, mid, equal distance from both sides.

Nachni – The person who is good in dancing.

Nadasia – A servant of the soothing music

Nadin – Slightly wet, care, trust, subtle.

Nagaja – Goddess Parvati

Nagalata – The spiritual serpent or deity cobra.

Naganandi – The girl child of the snake

Nagaraji – One who have snakes

Nagari – Sanskrit

Nagashree – Supernatural snake or deity serpent.

Nagaveena – Music

Nagaveni – Long hair

Nagchuda – The holy bangles of a serpent

Nageshwari – The Goddess of the serpents

Nahvee – A Khmer Princess

Naidhrua – One who is almost perfect, Goddess Parvati

Naidhruv – Lasting forever, close to perfection

Naija – Wisdom

Naika – The heroine

Nailadi – One who desires new experiences and is charming

Naimish Nairit – The south-west direction

Naina – Eyes

Nainadevi – Goddess

Nainshi – A lady with beautiful eyes

Naipunya – Cleverness

Nairmalya – Purity

Nairuthi – The rise of the new era

Naisha – A special or lovely flower

Naishi – A lovely or a beautiful flower

Naiya – A small boat to carry passengers

Naiyah – A small man-rowed boat

Najani – One who has congenial nature and is adorable

Nakkiran – A brave poetess who writes against evils of society

Naksha – The map, illustration or drawing of the boundaries

Nakshatramala – Stars

Nakshita – The one with pretty and attractive features by her own.

Nakti – The night or the time of dusk

Nalada – Necter

Naladi – Apsara

Nalaka – Name of a Goddess in Nainital, powerful

Nalakini – A lake full of Lotus flowers

Nalayani – Sage

Nalinakshi – Lotus

Nalini – Lotus flower

Nalitz – One who has individuality and has self confidence

Nalli – A healthy person, free from diseases

Namana – Flexible or bending to downwards.

Namaskara – Salutations

Namasri – The respectful name, a holy name

Namrata – Modesty

Nanak – Name of the first Sikh Guru

Nandadevi – Mountain

Nandana – Garden

Nandika – Goddess Laxmi

Nandini – The pleasure or enjoyment

Nandita – Joyous

Nanmani – Resembles as outstanding gemstone.

Narain – A Godly Person, The God Vishnu, A variant of name Narayan

Narayani – Present in great quantity, existing in great number or quantity

Narinder – King of Men, A variant form of Narendra

Nashema – A blossom or a wise girl

Natesa – The Master of dance.

Natya – Dance

Nauka – Resembles the transportation that helps to travel by sea.

Nausheen – Attractive one or fine looking one.

Navadurga – Goddess Durga

Naveli – New

Navita – New

Navkiran – New ray of Sunshine, New Radiance.

Navya – Young

Nayana – The person is from Merion, Wales.

Nayanish – The boundary of the multitude.

Nayavanti – One who does justice

Neeha – The dew droplets, rain

Neehal – Fresh, newly born or original.

Neehara – Dew drops

Neeharika – The one who has nice and good looking.

Neelabja – The lotus flower that grows in the water shore , blue in color.

Neelaganga – River Ganga

Neelaja – River which flows from the sapphire peak.

Neelakshi – Blue eyes

Neelalochana – Blue eyes

Neelambari – Lotus floret which reflects blue color.

Neelanetra – Blue eyes

Neelanjana – Pretty blue color image.

Neelaratna – Blue

Neelavathi – Reflects the blue color.

Neelima – Blue

Neelkamala – The one who looks like the blue Lotus.

Neelma – The blue-colored sky

Neena – Neena as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘pretty eyes’.

Neepa – Resembles a beautiful flower.

Neera – Unpolluted water or clean water or sugary.

Neeraja – Lotus

Neesha – Neesha as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin, and the meaning of Neesha is ‘night’.

Neeshad – Blissful, most happy, contented.

Neeshika – Dark period, period after sunset and before sunrise.

Neetal – Never ending, limitless, unlimited.

Neethi – The one has decency and good moralities.

Neeti – The one who is reliable and upright.

Neetu – Gorgeous or pretty or stunning or good looking.

Neeva – Another name of river Narmada.

Neha – The shower of rain or affection or adoration.

Nehal – The person who is smart looking and fetching.

Neharika – The collection of dew droplets.

Nehshal – A limitless person, unending

Neitya – Flower of love

Nek – The one who is rich in knowledge and wisdom.

Nelam – A heavenly damsel from Hindu mythology

Nermina – Brave girl

Nesa – Indian Princess

Nesayem – Blossom, floret, bud, bloom.

Nesham – Cheerfulness, glad, blissful, content.

Netra – The one who has shining eyes.

Netrani – River Ganga

Netravati – The one who has nice looking eyes.

Niauppama – A beautiful of pleasant person

Nibaal – The mark to indicate the direction.

Nibha – Brilliance

Nidhi – Wealth

Nidhipa – The precious thing from God.

Nidra – Spirit of sleep.

Niesha – Niesha as a girl’s name is related to the Arabic name Aisha and the Hindi name Nisha. The meaning of Niesha is ‘alive and well’.

Nihara – Steep descent of water of a river, waterfall.

Nihari – Descent, attractive girl

Niharika – The one who looks very attractive.

Nihla – Talented, skilful, precious.

Nij – By his own, gratitude, grateful.

Nija – Truth

Niju – Scholar, obfuscator, doctrinaire, obscurantist.

Nikara – Assembly, gathering, group, crew.

Nikhit – High-pitched, piercing, harsh, severe.

Nikhita – Ecosphere, domain, ecosphere, universe.

Niksha – Kiss

Nilah – Leader of the heaven’s army.

Nilakshi – The one who has blue kind of eyes.

Nilani – The charming and fascinating Moon.

Nilanjana – Lamp

Nilaruna – The first nimble of the sunset evening.

Nilasha – The sapphire or full of blue colors.

Nilashri – Loveliness or attractiveness of blue color.

Nilavany – A Gorgeous Girl, good looking

Nilaya – House or patch or habitation or domestic or homestead.

Nilima – The goddess blue, lover of blue.

Nilini – The winner or champion of the Kuru race.

Nilshikha – The top or peak or uppermost part of the blue hills.

Nimay – The natural stream of water.

Nimeeta – One who is permanent and fixed

Nimi – A friend of fire who has sparkling eyes

Nimisha – Who will be in same image as God

Nimishambha – Deity

Nimita – Messenger of God.

Nimmi – One who has sparkling eyes and shines

Nipa – The formal expression of praise.

Nipeksha – Father of Seetha devi.

Nipo – The Lord Indira, who is the monarch of paradise.

Nipuna – Three way division.

Niral – The person who has balance and control mind under distress.

Nirala – Calm

Nirali – One who is marked by dissimilarity.

Niramayee – One who is wholesome, fresh, unpolluted and spotless.

Niranjana – Full moon night or spiritual Lord Dhurga or one of the river’s name.

Nirbhau – The one who is without scare, afraid, fear or panic.

Nirbheda – The one without variation or separation.

Niriksha – Expectation

Nirja – Name of a sanskrit flower, Lotus

Nirmala – The cleanest one

Nirmayi – Blemish

Nirmla – Honeyed, sweetened, sugary.

Nirosha – Calm

Nirupa – Command

Nirupama – Unmatched

Nisha – Nisha as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘night’.

Nishamani – Moon

Nishanthini – Dawn

Nishika – Honest

Nishita – Light

Nishkala – Perfect

Nishkapata – Innocent

Nisho – A rare or precious one

Nishpara – Limitless or boundless person

Nishwan – A champion from heaven

Nistarini – Apsara

Nitali – A girl who is full of Grace, God is giving

Nitu – Eternal one who reaches the eternity

Nitya Sundara – The eternal beauty

Nitya-Sundara – Never-lasting beauty

Nityakalyani – Raga

Nityanutani – Ever new

Nityashree – Immortal

Nityasundar – the beauty that never fades

Nityasundara – The beauty that never comes to an end

Nityasundari – Beauty

Nityojwala – Bright

Nivavari – Learned

Nivedita – Dedicated

Niverta – Bliss, extreme happiness or joy

Nivriti – Bliss, last stage of happiness

Nivritti – renunciation of sorrows

Nivruti – The retirement from life

Nivrutti – The separation from world

Niyati – Destiny, fate

Niyla – A winner of a gracious personality

Nokomis – Dearest daughter who looks pretty as the moon.

Noor – Brightness, radiance

Nophar – A individual who is filled with happines

Noshi – Honeyed, sweetened, sugary.

Nouf – Mountain

Nowfaleena – Black rose

Nrittyanjali – Homage

Nupur – Ghungroo

Nutan – New, fresh

Nuthan – The fresh one or the new one.

Nuti – Devotion, tribute, admiration, bond.

Nydile – Lotus

Nyja – Natural

Indian girl names starting with O

Occhar – The care or affection of or for the charming king.

Odaniya – Anklet, A decorative jewelery worn in anklets by women

Odathi – Refreshing

Odika – Anklet, A decorative jewelery worn in anklets by women

Oditi – The daffodil yellow in color.

Oeshi – Experiencing triumph or having won.

Ogan – Wave

Oindrila – The wife of Indra

Ojasvi – Name of a Son of Manu, Brave, Possessing Energy

Ojita – Graceful

Ojsuta – Graceful

Olena – Light

Olivine – A pretty light green stone

Omaira – Star

Omaja – The reward of the holy and spiritual get together.

Omala – The planet where human being could live.

Omana – A woman

Omisha – Birth

Omkareshwari – Goddess Parvati, Gauri

Omkari – The most divine Parvathi or Gowri.

Omla – Creator

Omna – Virtuous

Omprabha – Grace of Om

Omshree – Wealth of divine

Omvati – Holy and possessing the power of Om.

Omysha – The one who always expresses smile on her face.

Ooghavathi – River

Oordhvadevi – Lord Vishnu

Oorja – Energy

Oorjaswati – Daughter of King Priyavrat

Oormi – Wave

Oormika – Bee

Oormilaa – Graceful

Oorvi – Earth

Ooshmaa – Vapour

Ooti – Protection, kindness

Oparna – Goddess Parvati

Orpita – Offering

Oshee – The one who is making something smooth and shiny by rubbing or waxing.

Oshma – The quality of being luminous, emitting or reflecting light.

Oshmi – Free from anything that dulls or dims

Oviya – Artist

Indian girl names starting with P

Paalak – An eye lid, enthusiastic and cheerful

Pabani – An idealistic, creative and imaginative person

Pabitrata – One who is filled with purity and serenity

Pachaiappan – One who accepts challenge and is talented

Padabali – Wreath of stanzas

Padimni – Like a flower, Lotus, One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi, A variant of Padmini

Padma Rag – A beautiful and precious gem called Ruby

Padma – Lotus, One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Padmaakshi – Lotus

Padmaananaa – Lotus

Padmaasana – Goddess Laxmi

Padmagandhini – Fragrant

Padmagriha – One who resides in a Lotus, One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Padmaja – One who resides in a Lotus, One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Padmajaa – Lotus

Padmajai – One who was born from lotus, One who resides in a Lotus, One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Padmakali – Lotus Bud, One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Padmakalika – Lotus

Padmakanta – Lotus, beautiful

Padmakshi – One who has beautiful eyes like Lotus

Padmal – Flower of Goddess Laxmi, the Lotus flower

Padmalata – Lotus

Padmalay – The vast lake of Lotuses

Padmalaya – House of Lotus, One who was born from lotus, One who resides in a Lotus, One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Padmalochana – Lotus Eyed, One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Padmalochona – One who has eyes like Lotus

Padmamadhu – One who has feet like Lotus

Padmamala – Lotus

Padmamalini – A name for Goddess Laxmi

Padman – A serene Lotus flower, filled with purity

Padmanayan – Self assertive and had a lotus shaped eyes

Padmanayana – One who is born with Lotus shaped eyes

Padmanetra – Eyes like Lotus, one who is pretty

Padmanjali – Lotus

Padmapani – Goddess Laxmi

Padmapatraa – Goddess Laxmi

Padmaprasanna – Lotuses

Padmapriya – One who is in love with Lotus flower

Padmaraaga – Ruby

Padmaraj – Name of Lord Venketeshwara’s wife

Padmarekha – One with Lotus like lines on her palm, One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Padmaroopa – Lotus

Padmashri – Divine Lotus, One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Padmavasa – One who resides under the Lotus flower

Padmavati – One who possess Lotus

Padmin – One who is full of lotuses

Padmini – Lotus Pond, One who resides in a Lotus, One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Padminika – Lotus

Padnuni – Lotus, One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Pahal – A beautiful and wonderful begining, the start

Pahar – One who is the ancient unit of time in India, guard

Pahmagandhi – One who smells like Lotus flower

Pahwa – One who can understand society and life

Paikea – One who tames whales, very social person

Pajika – A pond of Lotus, lotus feeted

Pakhi – A beautiful bird, sweet singing

Pakhsini – A gentle and female bird

Pakhya – It means side, the phases of moon

Pakkiri – Independent and happy go lucky individual

Pakshalika – One who is on the right path, Bird like

Pakshi – A sweet singing bird

Pakshika – Every fouthnight, insightful person

Palakh – Eyelid

Palaksi – White, Bright, Pure, Luminant

Palanka – Determined individual, a couch

Palasa – A tree, also called the ‘flame of the forest’, A Flower Name

Palki – One who has merit and is a hard worker

Pallavi – Bud, Creeper in full bloom, New Leaves

Pallavini – Bud, Creeper in full bloom, New Leaves

Pallavit – One who is the song of life

Pampa – A lake in chitrakoot mountains

Panchaali – Doll

Panchabati – One who is a garden of five banyan trees

Panchadashi – It is a title of vedanta philosophy

Panchadha – A person of five times

Panchali – One with five husbands, Wife of Pandavas, Another name of Draupadi, High Born Woman

Panchalika – A name of a Princess, wonderful natured

Panchami – The beautiful Goddess Parvati

Panchamudra – An idol who has five gestures, worshiping

Panchashikha – One who has five flames

Panchatapa – Practising in the midst of five fires

Panchvati – The place beside the river Godavari which is famous for its five huge banayan trees

Panda – Wisdom, Knowledge, Learning, Brilliance, Intelligence

Pandavika – It was the name given to Pandava’s wife

Panha – A sage like, innocent and important person

Pani – Meaning Lord Vishu, Pagan

Panika – One who is Shahid, the powerful hands

Panini – A Poet, Well learned Intellectual, Skillful

Panita – Admired, One who feels and expresses admiration

Panjarat – Jewellery

Panjika – A date in the hindu calender

Pankaja – Lotus, One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Pankajaakshi – Lotus

Pankajadharini – One who is a holder of Lotus

Pankajanayani – Lotus

Pankajani – Lotus

Pankajdharini – Lotus holder

Pankajini – A group of Lotus flowers, water lily collection

Pankajnetra – A person who has lotus eyes

Pankhadi – Petal, Soft and Tender like a Flower Petal

Pankhudi – A very delicate petal

Pankhuri – Petal, Soft and Tender like a Flower Petal

Pankita – Petal, Soft and Tender like a Flower Petal

Pankti – Sentence

Panna – The graceful and expensive gem, emerald

Panu – One who admirable and compassionate

Papiya – A sweet singing bird, rare

Para – One who is supreme natured

Parabhritaa – Cuckoo

Parajika – A sweet and rhyming, a raagini

Parama – The best, Ultimate, Most Superior

Parameshwa – The one who is the supreme God, Durga

Parameshwari – One of the many names of Goddess Durga

Parameswari – A name given to Goddess Durga

Paramgeet – The Highest Song Of Bliss, Most divine song, Spiritualy superior song

Paramita – Friend of Others, Best Friend, Best Well Wisher

Paramjog – One uniting with the highest, One who is connected with the most ultimate and superior most Lord

Paramjot – The Highest Light, God’S Light, Ultimate Divine Brightness

Paramleen – Absorbed In The Highest, God, One who is engrossed in the ultimate god

Parampara – It is the succession of teachers to students

Paramsimran – One who is the highest worship point

Paramsundari – One who is the most beautiful person

Paramvir – The Greatest Warrior, Ultimate Defender, Superior Fighter and Protector

Parand – One who is as soft as silk

Parasmani – Touchstone

Paravi – Bird

Paravi – Bird

Parbani – Name of a Goddess who has greatest aura

Parbarti – One who is the daughter of the mountains

Pareet – Love, Affection, Compassion, The One Who Loves The Lord

Pari – Fairy, Angel, One who is filled with goodness and is like a life savior

Paridhi – Limit, Boundary, One who controls our life

Parikhan – One who is like the fairy queen

Parimala – Fragrance

Parimalan – A fragrant and lovely human being

Parimita – Modest

Parina – Fairy, Angel, One who is filled with goodness and is like a life savior

Parineeti – A bird, one who is beautiful like a fairy

Parinita – Complete, One who fulfills our life, One who brings completion and fulfillment in life

Parisa – Angelic Face, A derived name from Pari which means fairy

Parivita – Extermely free, One who is independent and self standing

Pariyat – Flower, Beautiful, Soft and Tender like a flower

Parmaangana – Excellent

Parmida – Princess, Royal descendant

Parmila – Name of Arjuna’s wife

Parmindar – God Of Gods, Ultimate God

Parminder – From Sanskrit (parama) meaning ‘highest, best’ combined with the name of the Hindu god INDRA

Parmita – Wisdom, Knowledge, Learning, Brilliance, Intelligence

Parmjit – One who has won over the ultimate, A variant spelling is Parmjeet

Parnakshi – It means married, eyes like leaf

Parnashri – Leafy beauty, One of many names of Goddess Parvathi

Parnavi – Bird

Parnavi – A sweet song singing bird

Parneet – Married, one who is idealistic and sensitive

Parni – One who is leafy and delicate

Parnik – A creeper or a small leaf

Parnika – A small leaf, One of many names of Goddess Parvathi

Parnita – Name given to an auspicious and beautiful apsara

Parno – Leafy, a fortunate individual

Paromarshi – Pretty and beautiful person

Parpati – Name of a ayurvedic medicine

Parthav – Name given to Goddess Sita

Parthavi – One of many names of Goddess Sita

Parthivi – One of many names of Goddess Sita

Parul – Five petal flower, known for beauty

Parushi – She who is beautiful and intelligent

Parv – A strong and festive individual

Parva – A festive and strong individual

Parvani – A Sanskrit name meaning day of the full moon, Special Day

Parvathi – One who is he the beautiful daughter of mountains

Parvati – A daughter of the mountains

Parvini – Festival, Special day

Parya – A devoted and understanding being

Paryapti – One who is like conclusion

Pasamili – A happy go lucky, spontaneous and loving being

Pashupriya – An individual who is fond of all beings

Patala – Another name for Goddess Durga

Patalika – One who maintains a strong bond

Patatri – Hard working, a bird

Patava – The one who can appreciate beauty

Patavya – One who is like goddess Durga

Pathana – One who is born to appreciate and to read

Pathina – One with understanding and loving nature

Pathya – A hard working and suitable human being

Patit Pabani – God who provides joy

Patmanjari – An Indian Raga Name

Patrabali – A row of leaves, a rich person

Patralekha – Name from ancient epics

Patramudra – Notes, a fortunate name

Patrides – A person who is born noble

Pattadevi – One who is a trubaned woman

Pattaraggi – The great one, a chief queen

Patveer – One who is the respected one, brave

Pauravi – Daughter of the mountain, One of the many names of Goddess Saraswati.

Pava – Pava is derived from Pawapuri, the place where Lord Mahavir attained nirvana

Pavaki – Daughter of the mountain, One of the many names of Goddess Saraswati.

Pavan – A Cleanser, Breeze, Holy, Sacred, A variant is Pavana

Pavana – A Cleanser, Breeze, Holy, Sacred, A variant is Pavan

Pavani – One of many names of Goddess Ganga signifying her as holy, sacred and a cleanser of all sins

Pavanne – Pavan, Pavone are old names or words for music and

Pavanrekha – Wife of Ugrasena, Mother of Kamsa, One of many names of Goddess Ganga

Pavi – A pure and passionate individual, compassionate

Pavika – A name of Goddess Saraswati

Pavitra – A chaste and pure individual

Pawapuri – Pawapuri is the name of the place where Lord Mahavir attained nirvana

Payada – Cloud

Payal – Anklets, An ornament which is worn by Indian women on their feet

Payashini – A person who is pure and white as cow’s milk

Payaswini – River

Payoda – The vast sky and cloud, milk giver

Payodh – It means cloud, one who is the milk provider

Payodhi – A name given to the sea and ocean

Payoja – Lotus, One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Payoshni – River

Peace – One who is peaceful, has virtues

Pechi – One who is like an Owl, little individual

Pechika – One who has lot of consideration, strong

Peelu – A note from the vocal music

Pehila – First

Pehir – Hour, Time, Phase, time of day, A variant spelling is Pehr

Pehr – Hour, Time, Phase, time of day, A variant spelling is Pehir

Pelava – A happy, full of fun and creative being

Perani – One who has idealistic and expressive nature

Petva – One which is like gold and fire

Peyusha – A person who is as pure as amrit

Phalguna – One of names of Arjuna, One whose birth star is Falguni, Name of a month in Spring Season.

Phalguni – Full moon day in the month of Phalgun, One whose birth star is Falguni, Name of a month in spring season

Phoola – A flower which is about to blossom

Phoolan – Flowering, Blooming, Beautiful, Soft and Tender like a flower

Phutika – A lovely and beloved individual

Piaar – Love, Attachment, Beloved, Dear, One who is close to heart

Piki – Cuckoo

Pinakini – Bow shaped, Curve

Pinga – One of many names of Goddess Durga

Pingala – Gold

Pingla – One of many names of Goddess Durga

Pinkay – Something that is pink or pinkish in colour

Pitanila – The name of the Goddess Durga

Pith – Father

Pitha – Father

Pival – A tree

Pivari – A wife of Sukha

Piyali – A tree, someone who is like a tree

Piyash – A thirsty person

Piyusha – An elixir that gives immortality

Ponchali – A girl who is priness-like

Ponnada – An Indian surname

Pooja – Divine Ritual, Prayer, worship, Spiritual Offering

Poonam – Full moon, Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Luminant Moon

Poorabi – Gracious

Poorbi – Eastern, The Rising side of Sun

Poorineeta – Complete, Fullfilment

Poorna – Complete, Fullfilment

Poornakamala – A lady who is like a blooming lotus flower

Poornima – Full moon, Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Luminant Moon

Poorva – Earlier one, Elder, East, Anscestral.

Poorvaganga – One who comes from the River Namrada

Poorvaja – She who is an older sister

Poorvi – A classical melody, A variant form of Poorva

Popat – One who is like a parrot

Poupak – A bird kind

Poushali – A girl of the poush month

Prabha – Light

Prabhada – Like the morning beauty, Lady, Wife of Sun

Prabhavati – A raagini, Wife of Sun, Like the beauty of the morning

Prabhgun – One having godly merits, One with very good qualities

Prabhjeet – One who wins the love of God, God’s triumph, A variant spelling is Prabhjit

Prabhjit – One who wins the love of God, God’s triumph, A variant spelling is Prabhjit

Prabhjot – The Light Of God, Brilliance, Radiance and Brightness of Light of God

Prabhkirat – Dedication To God Through Honest And Hard Work, One who is devoted to God

Prabhleen – Absorbed In God’S Love, Engrossed in God’s Love

Prabhmeet – Friend Of God, One who is a good companion of God

Prabhnoor – The ultimate light of God, Brilliance, Radiance and Brightness of Light of God

Prabhpreet – Sikh name meaning ‘one who loves God’, One who is devoted to God and is dearmost to him

Prabhroop – The Manifestation Of The Lord, One who is like God, With an appearance of God, A variant spelling is Prabhrup

Prabhrup – The Manifestation Of The Lord, One who is like God, With an appearance of God, A variant spelling is Prabhroop

Prabhsimran – Admiration Of God, Love of God

Pracheeta – A starting point, a beggining of something

Prachi – She who is like the morning

Pradeepta – A glowing, shining woman

Pradipa – She who shines light like a lantern

Pradnya – She who is full of wisdom and knowledge

Prafula – In Bloom, Flowering, Like the season of spring

Prafulla – To be in bloom. Also a happy, peasant person

Pragahi – To progress, improve, advance

Pragalbha – One of many names of Goddess Durga

Pragati – Progress, Improve.

Prageeta – Praised

Pragnya – A well known, famous scholar

Pragun – A straightforward person, someone who is honest

Pragya – Wisdom, Knowledge, Learning, Brilliance, Intelligence

Pragyaparamita – Wise, Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Brilliant, Intellectual

Pragyawati – Wise, Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Brilliant, Intellectual

Prahasini – A girl who loves smiling

Prajakta – Fragnant flower, Sweet Smelling Flower

Prajna – To be a wise person. Also a nema of Goddess Saraswati

Prajusha – Morning

Prajvala – A woman who shines bright

Prakalp – A project, a plan or an activity

Prakalpa – A plan, program, a project

Prakriti – One who is beautiful like a nature

Prakruti – Nature, Goddess Lakshmi

Prama – Knowledge of truth, Wise, Intellectual, Brilliant

Pramada – Woman, Lady, Beautiful and Wise Woman

Pramila – One of Arjuna’s wife, Wise and Intellectual Woman with great worldly knowledge

Pramiti – Wisdom, Knowledge, Learning, Brilliance, Intelligence

Pramoda – Delight

Pramodita – Delighted

Pranali – Organisation.

Pranati – Divine Ritual, Prayer, worship, Spiritual Offering

Pranauthi – Lamp

Pranavi – One of the many names of Goddess Parvathi

Pranaya – One who is born to be a leader

Pranayaa – She is a born leader

Praneshwari – Beloved

Pranetra – One who is a guide, creator of things and a leader of the men

Pranidhi – Spy, One who is attentive, Natural

Pranita – One who is presented to others

Pranitha – One who is presented to others

Pranjali – Namaste Mudra (gesture) Honest, Respectful

Pranshi – Another name of Goddess Lakshmi

Pranvuta – Praised, Appreciated, Admired,Blessed

Prapti – Advantage, One who benefits, One who is blessed with prosperity and blessings of God

Prarthana – Divine Ritual, Prayer, worship, Spiritual Offering

Prasamita – Composed

Prashansa – Praise

Prashanta – A person who is calmed

Prashanthi – One who has reached the highest form of peace

Prashanti – Peace, Abode of peace, Abode of God

Prasheetha – Origin, starting point, Beginning, Ancient Time

Prasheila – Origin, starting point, Beginning, Ancient Time

Prashi – another name of Goddess Lakshmi

Prasoona – A Flower

Pratana – Vine

Prateeksha – Hope, Waiting, Wishing for, Desiring, Faith

Prateeta – Famous

Prathia – A person whit a very keen intellect or a splendor person, An idealistic and keen intellectual being, brightness

Prathiba – Intelligence

Prathvee – Earth

Pratibha – Splendour, Brightness, Radiance, Brilliant, Luminant.

Pratichi – West

Pratigya – Pledge, Vow, Promise.

Pratika – Symbolic, Nature.

Pratikhami – Duryodhana’s charioteer, A variant form of Pratika

Pratiksha – She who is full of expectations from life and hopeful

Pratima – Idol, Like a statue of worship

Pratiroopa – Image

Pratishta – One who is has a distinguished, and well establishment status.

Pratishtha – To install, Create, A fixature, Hopeful and Expectant

Pratitha – A famous, well-known person

Pratiti – Faith, Hope, Waiting, Wishing For, Desiring.

Pratyusha – Bright morning Sun, Radiant and Luminant Rising Sun

Pravalika – One who questions everything

Praveena – Feminine form of Pravin, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘skilled’, A variant spelling is Pravina

Pravina – Feminine form of Pravin, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘skilled’, A variant spelling is Praveena

Pravya – An able individual who likes to learn new things

Prayushi – Pure

Prayuta – Mingled with, Combined with, One with, United with

Pre – A very rare Indian name

Preet – Love, Affection, Compassion.

Preetamjot – One Who Longs For The Divine Light, Love for the sacred light and radiance

Preetha – Happy, Love, Affection, Compassion

Preeti – Love, Affection, Compassion

Prema – Love, Affection, Compassion

Premala – A loving and caring person

Premdeep – The Lamp Of Love, Brightness and Radiance of Love

Premila – Full of love, Full of Affection

Premjeet – One Who Wins Over Others By Love, Triumph of Love

Premjot – The Light Of Love, Brightness and Radiance of Love

Premleen – Absorbed In God’S Love, Engrossed in God’s Love

Prerana – One who is an inspiration to others

Prerita – To Inspire, To encourage, One who is a great motivation

Prerna – Inspiration, One who is a great encourager, Source of good motivation

Preshti – Ray of light

Preyasi – Beloved, Loving, God’s Gift, Dearmost

Prianka – A fovourite one

Prisha – Beloved, Loving, God’s Gift, Dear

Prishita – One that carries the name of God

Prisma – One who is cherished, Prismah, Prizma and Prizmah are variants of Prisma

Prita – Dear One, Loved One, Affectionate and Caring Person

Prital – Dear One, Loved One, Affectionate and Caring Person

Pritha – Mother of Pandavas- Kunti, Loved one, Dear One

Prithika – Flower, Loved one, Dearmost, Affectionate

Prithuloma – Fish, Pisces, Zodiac Sign

Priti – Love

Priya – Beloved, Dearmost, Loved one, Affectionate person

Priyadarshini – Delightful to look at, Dearmost and Beloved

Priyadutta – Earth, Beloved, Dearmost, Loved one

Priyah – Beloved, Dearmost, Loved one, Affectionate person, Spelling variant of Priya.

Priyala – One who gives love, Dear one, Affectionate Person

Priyam – A person who is honestly beloved

Priyamvada – Sweet

Priyangu – Blossom

Priyanka – A symbol of love and beauty

Priyanvada – A person who speks sweetly and dearly

Priyasha – Dear One, Loved One, Affectionate and Caring Person

Profulla – She who is like the lotus flower

Promeela – Graceful

Prutha – Daughter of earth

Pruthuloma – Long hair

Pruthushri – Prosperous

Pruthvi – To be like the earth

Pudarikaksha – Feminine form of Lord Krishna, One with eyes like Lotus, The lotus-eyed one.

Puja – Divine Ritual, Prayer, worship, Spiritual Offering

Puji – Gentle, Soft and Tender

Pujita – Divine Ritual, Prayer, worshiped, Spiritual Offerings

Pujya – Respectable

Pulakita – Embraced, One whose intelligence and brilliance is well acknolwedged

Pulisha – A sage, wise woman

Puloma – Delighted, Happy, Joyous, Name of wife of the sage Bhrigu

Punam – Full moon, Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Luminant Moon

Punarnaba – A star-like person

Punarnava – Name of a star

Pundari – Holy, Sacred, Pious, Lotus which is flower of divinity

Puneeth – A person who is pure inside and holy

Punita – A genuine and sacred person

Punnoose – An Indian name goven to Boys and girls

Punthali – A doll-faced girl

Punya – An encouraging, promising person with great luck

Punyata – Blessing that was rewarded for the work well done

Purahan – A complete person

Purala – Name of the Goddess Durga

Puran – To be a complete individual

Purandhri – A Goddess, mother of Vedas

Puravi – A woman from the East

Purayana – An Indian female name

Purba – An eastern woman

Purbasha – A girl who comes from teh East

Purna – The grain Goddess, or a person who is generous with the food

Purnima – The night when the Moon is full

Purti – Complete or purification

Purushartha – The main aims in the life of the human

Purva – East

Purvaja – An older, elderly sister

Purvi – The first one who comes from the East

Pusha – A nourishing person

Pushpa – A female who is flower-like

Pushpagandha – A Juhi flower, Jasmin-like flower

Pushpaja – Flower

Pushpalata – A flowering creeper plant

Pushpam – A person who is lotus eyed, a flower

Pushpamala – Flower

Pushpanjali – An offering of flowers

Pushpashri – Flowers

Pushpinder – God Of Flowers, Lord of Flower

Pushpita – To be embelished with flowers

Pushta – Flower petal.

Pushti – One who posseses all the wealth

Puskara – A woman who is like the blue lotus

Puspa – A flower blossom-like little girl

Puspanjali – The offering of flowers

Putala – Doll

Putana – To blow hard, a hard breeze

Putul – A baby girl that is just like the doll

Indian girl names starting with Q

Qimat – One who is valuable

Quetzali – One that is hyper

Indian girl names starting with R

Raaga – She who is musical

Raagalatha – Name of Rati

Raagavi – One that sings with Raaga

Raagini – A music or a melody

Raajee – The shining one

Raajivani – Lotus plant

Raaka – Full moon, Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Luminant Moon

Raakaa – Night of a full moon

Raakhi – Symbol Of Protection, Destroyer of Evil, Protector, Destroyer of Demons

Raamaganga – River

Raanee – A queen

Raashi – Collection, Cluster of celestial star positions signifying good luck and fortune

Rabri – One who is sweet

Rachaita – One who is a composer

Rachaitri – A female maker

Rachana – Rachana as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘creation’.

Rachanna – Rachanna as a girl’s name is a variant of Rachana (Hindi), and the meaning of Rachanna is ‘creation’.

Rachi – Morning, looking east

Rachika – A mirage or a ray

Rachita – Created, One who is creative and talented

Rachna – A construstion or a creation

Racita – Indian name meaning the creator

Radha – Lover of Lord Krishna, Successful, Content

Radhika – Successful, Content, A variant name of Radha

Radhiyaa – Successful, Content, A variant name of Radha

Raekh – Shape, Line, Limit, A variant form of Rekha

Raeleah – A ray of sunshine

Raeya – A singer

Rafat – Elevation

Raga – Melody, Tune, Musical Rhythm

Ragamalika – Garland of melodies

Ragaragini – Melody

Ragi – A loving person

Ragini – She who has an attractive voice

Ragni – Melody, Tune, Musical Rhythm

Rahela – One who shows the way

Rahini – Saraswati

Rahni – A queen

Raima – Pleasing

Raj Kumari – A princess

Raja Lakshmi – Indian Goddes of money

Rajabala – King’s daughter

Rajabrata – Indian name for girls

Rajadhidevi – Krishna’s aunt

Rajadulari – Beloved princess

Rajaki – She who washes

Rajakini – A washerman

Rajakumari – Beloved princess

Rajalakshmi – One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Rajam – One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Rajani – Night, Dark and Beautiful Night

Rajanigandha – Night blossoming flower, Fragrance of Flowers blooming in the Night

Rajanikantaa – The moon

Rajanna – A respected king

Rajashri – Queen, Royalty, From the Royal Family

Rajasi – Full of Passion, Worthy of a King, One of many names of Goddess Durga

Rajasri – A queen

Rajasuya – A sacrifice performed by a King to be entitled to throne, Royal

Rajata – Silver

Rajatsubhra – She who is as pale as silver

Rajdulari – Dear princess, From the Royal Family

Rajeshri – Queen, Royalty, From the Royal Family

Rajeshvari – One of the many names of Goddess Parvati

Rajeshwari – One of the many names of Goddess Parvati

Rajeswari – The grat Goddess

Rajeswri – Queen

Rajhansa – Royal Swan

Raji – Shining

Rajika – A line or a streak

Rajinder – Variant of RAJENDRA used by Sikhs

Rajini – Night, Dark and Beautiful Night

Rajita – Illuminated woman

Rajitha – Beauty, winner

Rajju – A Star, Simple, Plain

Rajkanya – A princess

Rajkumari – Princess, Royal descendant

Rajmati – Rajmati was the name of Lord Neminath’s fiancee.

Rajnandini – Princess, Royal descendant

Rajni – Night, A variant of name Rajani which means queen in Sanskrit, Royal.

Rajrajeshwari – A name of Goddess Parvati

Rajshri – Queen, Royalty, From the Royal Family

Rajul – Brilliant, Wise, Intelligent and Bright Ruler

Rajvi – Queen, Royalty, From the Royal Family

Rajyashree – King like sage

Rajyavati – A princess

Rakeidra – A compassionate, idealistic and is perfect

Rakhali – Cowkeeper’s wages

Rakhi – Symbol Of Protection, Destroyer of Evil, Protector, Destroyer of Demons

Rakhya – A well preserved one

Raksha – Protection

Rakshasa – Destroyer of Evil, Protector, Destroyer of Demons, One who safe guards

Rakshasamardini – Destroyer of Evil, Protector, Destroyer of Demons, One who safe guards

Rakshita – Destroyer of Evil, Protector, Destroyer of Demons, One who safe guards

Raktajaba – Red china rose

Raktakanchan – A water lilly

Raktakarabi – A red oleander

Raktapadma – The red lotus flower

Raktapala – An ochre

Rakti – Pleasing, Charming, Attractive, Beautiful

Raktima – A pleasing girl

Rakuma – Consort of Lord Vittal

Rama – Pleasing, Rejoicing, Charming and Beautiful, A variant feminine form of name Ram

Ramaa – Goddess Lakshmi

Raman – One who likes to please others

Ramaneeya – Lovely

Ramani – Pleasing, Rejoicing, Charming and Beautiful, A variant feminine form of name Ram

Ramanika – Pleasing, Rejoicing, Charming and Beautiful, A variant feminine form of name Ram

Rambha – A celestial dancer

Rameshwari – Goddess Parvati

Ramini – A woman who is beautiful

Ramita – A pleasing woman

Ramleen – One Absorbed In God, Engrossed in God

Ramneek – Beauteous, Charming, Pleasing, Attractive

Ramnik – She who is beautiful

Ramola – One who has broad interests

Ramona – Might Protector, Defender, Destroyer of Evil, Fighter and Guardian

Rampreet – In Love With God, Beloved to God, One who loves and is devoted to God

Ramsi – Ram’s Island, A variant spelling of Ramsey

Ramya – Delightful, Happy, Joyful.

Ranadurga – Goddess Durga

Ranamita – A friend in need

Ranarangini – Sporting in battle

Ranee – A queen

Rang – Color, Colorful, Symbolises Joy and happiness, Vibrant and Colorful person

Rangamani – Consort of Krishna

Rangana – A flower, To be happy, Cheerful, Filled with colours

Ranganayaki – Consort of Krishna

Rangapriya – Consort of Krishna

Rangashri – Consort of Krishna

Rangat – Girl with colorful personality

Rangavalli – Design

Rangini – A sportive woman

Rangpreet – The Lover Of God’S Love, One who is beloved to God and is blessed with his love

Ranhita – Quick, Swift, Fast

Rani – Sanskrit name meaning queen

Rania – Queen, Royalty, From the Royal Family

Ranita – Tinkling

Ranjan – Pleasure or enjoyment

Ranjana – One who is enjoying herself

Ranjani – One who brings joy to others

Ranjeeka – One of the Vedas

Ranjini – One who is pleasing

Ranjir – A variant form of Ranjit which means pleased

Ranjita – Amusing, Decorated, Adorned, Beautiful, Colourful, Charming Face

Ranjudeep – Light of Victory, Brightness of Success, Radiance of Triumph

Ranu – The heavens

Rasamani – Radha

Rasamanjari – Beautiful

Rasdeep – Lamp of the elixir

Rasgun – One who delights in the elixir of virtues

Rasgur – One who attaines the elixir of enlightenment, One who delights in the elixir of virtues

Rasha – Pleasant

Rashakali – A painted mark on the bridge of nose

Rashana – Rashana as a girl’s name is a variant of Rachana (Hindi), and the meaning of Rashana is ‘creation’.

Rashanda – Rashanda as a girl’s name is a variant of Rachana (Hindi), and the meaning of Rashanda is ‘creation’.

Rashi – Collection, Cluster of celestial star positions signifying good luck and fortune

Rashika – Protector of all Gods

Rashmi – Sun Rays, Ray of light, Radiance and Brightness, Brilliance of sunshine

Rashmika – Sun Rays, Ray of light, Radiance and Brightness, Brilliance of sunshine

Rasika – Aesthetic, Sugarcane juice, Connoiseur.

Rasikha – A connoisseur

Rasjog – One who has union with elixir of naam, Elixir of naam

Rasleen – One absorbed in the elixir of naam

Rasmi – A ray of light

Rasna – Tongue, Speech, Ray.

Rasnam – One who drinks the elixir of naam

Ratana – Crystal, Precious Gem, Like a valuable gemstone

Ratandeep – Precious like God’s lamp, Valuable like the flame of God

Ratangeet – Song Of Diamond (Soul), A precious song

Ratanjali – Red sandal wood

Ratchika – A savior and protector of people

Rathi – One who enjoys the pleasures of this world

Rati – Wife of Cupid

Ratidaa – Giving pleasure

Ratipriya – Name of a lady

Ratna – Crystal, Precious Gem, Like a valuable gemstone

Ratnabala – A girl who is jewel, a gem

Ratnabali – The heroine of sanskrit sahitya (literature)

Ratnadevi – Gem

Ratnajyoti – The light that shines from the gem stone

Ratnalekha – Beauty of jewels

Ratnali – Jewelled, Crystal, Precious Gem, Like a valuable gemstone

Ratnamala – Like a necklace of precious gemstones, Garland of gemstones

Ratnangi – One whose whole body is adorned with jewels of precious gemstones

Ratnaprabha – Earth, Light from a jewel, Brightness of precious gemstones

Ratnapriya – One who likes to wear jewels made of precious gemstones

Ratnarekha – Name of a princess

Ratnavali – A bunch of precious gemstones, A cluster of precious gems

Ratnavarsha – One laden with gems

Ratnavati – Gem

Ratno – A jewel-like person

Ratri – One dark as the night

Ratrinight – A person who is born in the night

Ratti – Kamdeva’s wife

Raudri – Goddess Parvati

Raumina – An abstract individual, lovable and affectionate

Raveena – Spreasing Sunshine, A variant of Raveena or Ravina

Ravinder – Variant of RAVINDRA used by Sikhs

Raviprabha – One who is like the Sun’s halo

Ravleen – Spreasing Sunshine, A variant of Raveena or Ravina

Rebha – A woman who sings praises of others

Reema – Goddess Durga

Reenu – Amiable and Cooperative, Friendly and supportive, Cordial

Reepal – Love

Reetigoula – The name of a raga

Reetul – Talented, Skilled, Expert and Efficient, A variant of name Ritul

Rehana – Merciful one

Rekha – One who is like a line

Rekhachitra – Line drawing

Rema – A deeply loving and sensitive person

Reneeka – Song

Renu – It means atom, one who is systematic and practical

Renuka – Lord Vinshu’s sixth reincarnation

Renumathi – Nakul’s wife

Resham – Silk

Reshma – Soft, shining like silk

Reshmi – A silk-like woman

Resmi – A girl who is just like a silk

Reva – The woman who moves

Revati – Wife of Balaram

Rewati – A prosperous star

Reya – Singer – A variant of name Riya

Rheeya – A female singer with great voice

Ri – A female singer

Richitha – An alternative spelling of name Rishitha, meaning the Best

Ridah – One selcted and preferred by the God

Riddhi – Fortunate, Prosperous, Rich, Wealthy, Lucky

Ridhima – A person full of prosperity and loving

Ridhushni – Season

Rijak – Tradition, Way, Sustenance, Custom, Ritual, Habit

Rijuta – A honest and innocence woman

Rikisha – Rose

Rima – One of many names of Goddess Durga

Rimjim – She is like a rain

Ririka – Bronze

Risha – Saintly, Divine Worshippers, A variant form of name Rishi

Rishika – Saintly, Divine Worshippers, A variant form of name Rishi

Rishima – One who is like the silver beams of Moon

Rishita – Saintly, Divine Worshippers, A variant form of name Rishi

Rishma – Saintly, Divine Worshippers, A variant form of name Rishi

Rishmitha – Saintly, Divine Worshippers, A variant form of name Rishi

Rishyamuk – Mountain on which Sugriva lived, Mountains mentioned in Hindu Puranas where apes lived

Rithika – A brass or one who comes of a stream

Riti – A beutiful memory

Ritisha – Goddess of truth

Ritkriti – A creation of the Sun God

Ritsika – A woman who is very traditional

Ritu – One of the four seasons of the year

Ritupara – The season of the leafs

Rituparna – A leafy season of the year

Ritvi – Lady Indian priest, right guidance, scholar. The one who has completed Vedas.

Riya – A female singer of great grace

Riyanshi – Cheerful

Rochana – Splendid

Rochi – One who brings and gives light

Rochita – Splendid

Rohi – An ascending man

Rohin – Rising

Rohini – One who is like the stars and the moon

Rohita – A daughter of Lord Brahma

Roja – Rose Flower, Red

Romika – A girl of the sky

Romila – Heartfelt

Romini – Pretty

Roop – Beautiful

Roopa – Blessed with beauty

Roopali – A woman who is considered pretty

Roopam – A female who is beautiful

Roopindar – God Of Beauty, One who is divinely beautiful

Roopini – A girl who is beutiful and pretty

Roopjot – Beauteous Light, One whose form is bright, radiant and luminant

Roshan – Brightness of the light

Roshita – Illuminated

Roshna – A bright glow of a woman

Roshni – Light

Rozmin – A girl who is like the flower rose

Ruana – Musical Instrument with a string

Rubaina – A glowing and shining person

Ruban – A very bright woman

Rubini – A woman full of cuteness

Rucha – A woman who is full of light and brightness

Ruchi – Taste

Ruchika – A girl who is greatly desired for her shine and beauty

Ruchira – A brifht woman who has great taste

Ruchita – A woman who is pleasing

Ruddhida – One who endows prosperity, Laxmi

Rudra – Lord Shiva’s consort

Rudrabhiravi – Goddess Durga

Rudrakali – A name of the Goddess Durga

Rudrakshi – A name of Paravati

Rudrani – Lord Shiva’s wife

Rudrapriya – Goddess Durga’s name

Rugu – A woman who is soft and tender

Ruhi – Soul

Ruhin – A spritual woman

Rujula – Endows wealth, Goddess Lakshmi

Rujuta – A woman of honesty and sincerity

Rukhmini – A name of the Goddess Laxmi

Rukm – One who is decorated with gold

Rukma – Golden

Rukmini – A woman adorned, decorated with gold

Ruma – One who is a Queen of apes

Rung – Color, Colorful, Symbolises Joy and happiness, Vibrant and Colorful person

Rupa – A beauty of silver

Rupal – A girl who is beautiful

Rupalabanya – A gorgeous and beautiful girl

Rupali – A woman who is the most beautiful of all

Rupashi – A dame who is beautiful

Rupashri – A divinely beautiful girl

Rupasi – A beautiful young girl

Rupeshwari – She who is a Goddess of beauty

Rupi – One of great beauty

Rupika – To have a form of something

Rupinder – Means ‘greatest beauty’ from Sanskrit (rupa) meaning ‘beauty, form’ combined with the name of the Hindu god INDRA, used here to mean ‘greatest’

Rupkatha – One who is a great story-teller

Ruponti – One who knows good strories

Rusham – Peaceful

Rushda – Good news

Rushikulya – Name of a river

Rushil – Charming

Rushita – A bright and intelligent girl.

Rustam – Large, very tall

Rutu – Season

Ruve – Dove

Indian girl names starting with S

Saach – A truthful, beloved and graceful person

Saachi – A person who is beloved because she speaks the truth

Saahira – A wakeful person

Saaj – A worshiper of God

Saanjali – A hand that is claspled in a prayer

Saanjh – An evening, a latter part of the day

Saanvi – Goddess, leader, and keeper of the knowledge.

Saanvika – A name of Goddess Lakshmi

Saara – A noble-born woman, a princess

Saaraa – She is like a Princess

Saatvika – Name of Goddess Durga

Sabeena – She who is beautiful

Sabita – A beautiful sunshine

Sabitha – The one who shines beautifuly

Sabitri – One who is related to sun, a beautiful person

Sabooree – One who is full of contentment

Sabrang – A rainbow

Sachika – One who is kind

Sachita – A person who is both happy and conscious

Sada Shiva – The auspicious, pure person

Sadabhuja – The name of Goddess Durga

Sadgati – The felling of liberation and freedom

Sadhana – Indian name meaning practice or means

Sadhika – A person who achieves thing in life

Sadhna – One who practices a lot, who finds the means

Sadvinaya – Modest

Saee – A female friend

Saesha – The truth of life

Sagara – Sagara as a girl’s name is of Indo Pakastini origin meaning ‘the sea’.

Sagari – Daughter of the sea

Sagarika – A woman born in the ocean

Saguna – A virtuous woman

Sahajanya – Celestial maiden

Sahana – A patient individual

Sahasra – The new begining, a new chance in life

Sahej – A natural, original woman

Saheli – She who is a friend

Sahika – Indian name meaning peak

Sahira – Mountain

Sahita – The Lord Saibaba Message

Sahitya – The literate one, some one sho appreciates literature

Sahna – A form or a figure

Sahoj – One who is strong

Sahri – Small and humble person

Sahriya – Auspicious person

Sahuri – The Sun and the Earth

Saihajleen – A person absorbed in bliss and peace

Saijal – One who is like river water, full of water

Saijayani – Personification of victory

Saindhava – A name for Himalayan Pink rock salt

Saiya – One who is like a shadow

Sajala – A woman who is comapred to the clouds

Sajani – A person who is well loved by others

Sajaya – A woman of grat and big heart

Sajiya – A person of very attractive looks

Sakaria – One who is cute and sweet

Saketha – A name of Shri Krishna

Sakhee – Friend

Sakra – A person who comes from India

Sakshi – Someone who is a witness

Salal – A salal berry plant

Saleena – Saleena as a girl’s name is of Latin/Greek origin meaning ‘heaven, the moon’.

Saleisha – One who is pure and good

Salena – Salena as a girl’s name is of Greek origin meaning ‘moon goddess’.

Saleshni – Correct, agreeable

Salila – A girl who carries water

Salina – Salina as a girl’s name is of Hindi/Greek origin meaning ‘heaven, the moon’.

Saloni – Beautiful, charming and beloved person

Samadhi – To have complete control over the functions of consciousness

Samaira – A compagnion in the converations led at night

Samali – A girl lovely as a bouqet

Samanga – Name of a river

Samanvita – The name of the Goddess Durga

Samapti – A wealthy, rich individual

Samata – Equality

Samaya – Coming together to complete a project, compromise.

Samhita – Vedic Om position

Samidha – An offering for a sacred fire

Samiksha – Indian name meaning analysis

Samilana – Union

Samin – One who is self disciplined

Samireh – One who is entertaining in the evening

Samit – One who is collected

Samita – Calm and collected person

Samkhya – Indian name meaning number

Samota – The power of equality

Sampada – One who is blessed with wealth

Sampoorna – She who is complete, content

Sampreeti – Real love and attachment

Sampurna – One that is near perfection

Samrana – A hindi girl name

Samriddhi – A person living in prosperity who has everything

Samritha – A wealthy and remembered person

Samskara – One who values ethics

Samvarta – Indian mythical name meaning a mythical mare

Samvedana – Kindness

Samyukhta – Goddess Durga, mother of universe supreme power of the supreme being. Goddess Devi, great goddess approachable and gentle mother

Samyukta – Goddess Durga

Sana – Sana as a girl’s name is of Arabic and Hindi origin meaning ‘brilliant or praise’.

Sanabhi – Came from an Indian word meaning content. Related, associated with a person or a thing

Sanatani – Goddess Durga goddess of power and strength

Sanaya – Praise-worthy, deserving of admiration

Sanchali – Highly mobiled

Sanchaya – Crowd, group of people

Sanchita – Collection

Sandesha – Brought for a message

Sandhya – Evening, night person

Sandhyakirana – Twilight

Sandhyatara – Star in the evening

Sandipta – Self-promising, lord shiva’s worshipper

Sanemi – As good as it is possible to be

Sangam – Union or to merge

Sangeet – Vocal or instrumental sounds

Sangeeta – Music

Sanghita – A branch of vedas, Music, produce harmony and expression of emotion

Sangini – Partner in life

Sangita – Musical

Sangitpriya – Fond of music

Sangyukta – Relating to someone or something

Sanheeta – A compilation or a bunch of Vedic hymns

Sania – A moment in time preserved

Saniha – To a short distance away from

Sanika – Flute a wind instrument made from a tube with holes

Sanithi – Obtainment

Saniya – Wisdom

Saniyya – A moment in time preserved

Saniyyah – Time of your life that you are cherish

Sanjali – Hands in prayer

Sanjana – Calm, mild in temperament and tender. In harmony

Sanjeeta – Expressing of jubilation after having won a victory

Sanjeevni – Living an eternal life

Sanjita – Too powerful to be defeated

Sanjivani – Immortality

Sanjivini – Living an eternal life

Sanjoli – Period of twilight

Sanjukta – Union

Sanjula – Beautiful

Sanjushree – Beautiful

Sankalita – One who is collected

Sankeertana – Praised

Sankeisha – Indian name for girls

Sanmukh – One with a bright destiny

Sanoja – The eternal one

Sansita – A high praise

Sanskriti – Culture

Santha – Indian name for girls

Santoshi – Happy

Santra – One that is sweet like an oralnge

Santushti – One who is completely satisfied

Sanumathi – Name of an apsara

Sanya – A moment in time preserved

Sanyogita – King Prithviraj’s wife

Sanyukta – Beautiful woman

Sapana – One who is dreamy

Saparna – Leafy

Saparya – Worship

Saphala – Successful

Sapna – Dream

Saptadeepa – The earth

Saptami – The seventh day

Saptapadi – The seven steps at the wedding taken together by the married couple

Sarabjeet – One who won them all

Sarabnam – Always present name of God

Sarakshi – Good sight

Sarala – Simple, black tulsi

Saralata – Simplicity

Sarama – A kind woman

Saranga – Creator of music

Sarani – Protecting

Sarasa – Swan

Sarashi – Bengali name for girs

Saraswathi – Goddess of learning

Saraswati – Owning water, a river goddess

Sarathi – Charioteer of Partha

Saravati – A river

Sarayi – A princess

Sarbari – Bengali name meaning night

Sarbjeet – One who wins all the time

Sarengi – A musical instrument

Sarika – A thing of beauty, nature

Sarita – River

Sarjena – Creative

Sarla – Simple, black tulsi

Sarmishtha – She who is smart and beautiful

Saroja – Lotus flower

Sarojini – A lake full of lotuses

Saroma – She who is bashful

Saruchi – A wonderful girl

Saruh – A princess

Sarupa – A beautiful woman

Sarvagjna – Name of Goddess Durga

Sarvamangala – Goddess Durga

Saryu – River sharayu

Sasanka – The moon in the sky

Sasatya – She who speaks the truth

Sashi – Moon

Sasini – One who containes the Moon

Sasthi – Name of Goddess Durga

Sateja – Full of brightness

Sati – One who is true

Satishchandra – Indian name for girls

Satleen – One who is absorbed in God’s truth

Satta – One who is above all

Satvari – The night

Satvi – She who is real

Satviki – Goddess Durga

Satyabrati – She who tells the truth

Satyashila – A real one

Satyavati – Mother of Vyasa, one who speaks truth

Saugandhika – One who is sweet-smelling

Saumyaa – One who is weak or mild

Saumyi – A moonlight

Saura – Celestial

Savarna – Daughter of the ocean, wife of sun

Savayta – One who is cultured, traditional and good natured being

Savera – Goddess of sound

Savi – The Sun

Savidharini – Sun god

Savita – Sun

Savitri – Goddess saraswati, jamuna river

Saya – A shelter from the Sun

Sayani – An evening light

Sayantika – One who is on the rise

Sayli – One who is sweaty

Sayuri – A flower

Seerat – One with inner beauty

Seetha – Furrow

Sehar – Erly morning or dawn

Sejal – Water of the river

Semanti – The Indian white rose

Semrarjit – Sikh female name

Sendhen – She who is as sweet as honey

Sevandhi – Chrysanthemum

Sevati – White rose

Sevita – Cherished

Shabalaa – Spotted

Shachi – Wife on indra, intelligence

Shagoon – An auspicious moment in life

Shahan – A patient woman

Shaheda – She is a witness

Shahzeela – A stunning beutiful woman

Shaibani – A name of the Goddess Durga

Shaila – Shaila as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘river’.

Shailaja – Daughter of mountain (river)

Shailaputri – Ganga

Shailee – Expression

Shaili – Shaili as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin, and the meaning of Shaili is ‘river’. Shaili is related to the name Shaila.

Shaivi – One who brings prosperity

Shakeela – Shakeela as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘beautiful’.

Shakila – Shakila as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin, and the meaning of Shakila is ‘beautiful’. Shakila is related to the name Shakeela.

Shakti – Power

Shaktik – A female counterpart of God

Shakuntala – Mother of bharath, wife of shantanu

Shalaka – Parvati

Shalalu – One who smells of perfume

Shalee – Shalee as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin, and the meaning of Shalee is ‘river’. Shalee is related to the name Shaila.

Shaleena – Shaleena as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin, and the meaning of Shaleena is ‘modest’. Shaleena is related to the Indian name Shalini.

Shalena – Shalena as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘modest’.

Shalene – Shalene as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin, and the meaning of Shalene is ‘modest’. Shalene is related to the Indian name Shalini.

Shalika – Mayna

Shalina – Shalina as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘modest’.

Shalini – Shalini as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘modest’.

Shama – Flame

Shambari – Illusion

Shambukanta – Goddess Parvati

Shambupriya – Goddess Durga

Shameena – Beautiful

Shamita – Peacemaker

Shampa – Lightning

Shanasa – She who has many desires

Shankari – Wife of shankar

Shantae – Shantae as a girl’s name is of Old French origin, and the meaning of Shantae is ‘stone’. Shantae is related to the French name Chantal.

Shantai – Shantai as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin, and the meaning of Shantai is ‘peaceful’. Shantai is related to the Indian name Shanti.

Shantala – Goddess parvati

Shantay – Shantay as a girl’s name is of Old French origin, and the meaning of Shantay is ‘stone’. Shantay is related to the French name Chantal.

Shante – Shante is used as a girl’s name is of Old French origin meaning ‘stone’.

Shantee – Shantee as a girl’s name is of Ghanaian origin, and the meaning of Shantee is ‘thank you’. Shantee is a variant of the Ghanaian name Ashanti.

Shanti – Shanti as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘peaceful’.

Sharada – Goddess of learning

Sharadchandrika – Moon shine

Sharadwati – Name of a river

Sharanya – Surrendered, peace

Sharee – A form of Shari

Sharika – Mayna

Sharini – Earth

Sharmila – Modest

Sharmishtha – Yayathi’s wife

Sharmistha – Wife of yayati

Sharna – A guarding and protecting woman

Sharvani – Parvati

Sharvari – Night, lady

Shashi – Shashi as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘moonlight’.

Shashibala – The moon

Shashikala – Moon’s brightness

Shashini – A girl who is like the Moon

Shaswati – Eternal

Shatadruti – Sea god’s daughter

Shatakshi – One with hundred of eyes (night)

Shataroopa – Brahma’s wife

Shaveena – A modern name, mening grace

Shaveta – Saraswathi

Shayal – A dark skinned woman

Sheela – One with good morals

Sheelah – One of cool conduct and character

Sheetal – Cool

Sheetali – Cooling

Shefali – A sweet smelling flower

Shefalika – A flower

Shejali – A fruit

Shelina – Hindu name meaning modest

Shemunshi – Name of an Indian white rose

Shemushi – Intellect, understanding

Shephali – A flowering plant

Shesheba – Queen of snakes

Shevalini – A flowing river

Shibani – Goddess Durga

Shichi – One who glows

Shifa – Sweet

Shikha – Crest

Shila – Stone

Shilpa – Artistic

Shilpi – A woman who is an artist

Shilpika – She is an artist

Shilpita – Well-proportioned

Shina – A virtuous woman, having goodness

Shinjini – Anklebelle

Shipra – A holy river flowing thru ujjain

Shitadru – Sutlej river

Shital – One who is cool and calm, cold

Shitala – The goddess of the smallpox

Shiuli – It means a flower

Shivagami – Follower of Lord Shiva

Shivakanta – Shiva’s beloved

Shivakanti – Gracious woman

Shivali – Another name for Goddess Parvati

Shivangi – She wh shared the body of Shiva

Shivani – Durga, parvati

Shivankruti – Creation of Lord Shiva

Shivanta – A part of Lord Shiva

Shivanti – Part of Lord Shiva

Shivanya – A part of Lord Shiva

Shivasundari – A name of Goddess Durga

Shivaya – A name of Lord Shiva

Shivika – A name that means palanquin

Shobha – Attractive, beauty

Shobhana – A shinning, splendig woman who glows

Shobhita – Splendid

Shobhna – Ornamental, shining, beautiful

Shobika – A girl who is brilliant and beautiful

Shraddha – One who is faithful, trusting

Shradhdha – Faith, trust

Shravani – Full moon of shravan month, a girl born in shravan month

Shravasti – An ancient indian city

Shreema – A woman who is highly spiritual

Shreerupa – Radha

Shresta – One who is first, best, foremost

Shreya – Auspicious

Shreyaj – A woman who is very auspicious and lucky

Shreyashi – Good

Shri – Lustre

Shriddha – Faith, trust

Shridevi – Goddess

Shrijani – Creative

Shrika – A sound of a small whistle and a name of bird

Shrikala – A name of the Goddess Laxmi

Shrikama – An Indian name that means Radha

Shrila – A woman who is a beauty

Shrilekha – Lustrious essay

Shrimayi – Fortunate

Shrina – A woman who is like a night

Shrivali – The name of Goddess Laxmi

Shrivalli – Goddess lakshmi

Shrividya – A name of Lakshmi and Saraswati

Shriya – An auspicious woman

Shruthi – Vedas

Shruti – Expert in vedas, hearing

Shubha – Auspicious

Shubhali – One who is capable of being the best friend.

Shubhananda – Goddess

Shubhangi – Handsome

Shubhita – Graceful, shining

Shubhra – White, ganga river in mountain stage

Shuchi – Clean, pure, holy

Shuchismita – One who has a pure smile

Shuchita – Purity

Shuddhi – The name of Goddess Durga

Shukarata – One with a beautiful character

Shukti – Pearl-oyster

Shuktij – Pearl

Shushma – She who is beautiful woman

Shveni – A white woman

Shveta – A loveble white woman

Shweta – White complexioned

Shyama – Shadow, radha, yamuna river

Shyamadevi – Princess

Shyamala – Dark complexioned

Shyamali – Dusky

Shyamalika – Dusky

Shyamangi – Dark complexioned

Shyamavati – Graceful woman

Shyla – Shyla as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘daughter of the mountain’. In Hindu mythology, Shyla is one of the names of the goddess Parvati.

Shylah – Shylah as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin, and the meaning of Shylah is ‘daughter of the mountain’. Shylah is related to the Indian name Shyla.

Shylar – She who is a Goddess

Shyly – A woman of shy personality

Siaana – She who is wise and knoweldgable

Sibani – Goddess Parvati

Siddhalakshmi – Goddess Lakshmi

Siddhama – A name of Goddess Durga

Siddhangana – One who accomplishes great things

Siddhani – She who is blessed

Siddhi – Perfection

Siddhiksha – Goddess Lakshmi

Siddhima – Accomplished

Sikata – Sand

Simarou – To be in the state of meditation

Simbala – One who comes from the Pond

Simhanada – The sound of the lion’s roar

Simran – One who meditates

Simrit – Remembered

Sindhu – Name of a river

Sindhuja – Name of the Goddess Laxmi

Singhavahana – Goddess Durga

Sinhayana – Name of Goddess Durga

Sinhi – Lioness

Sinjini – The sound the anklet makes

Sinsapa – Ashoka tree

Siopareet – A woman who inspires love

Sirisha – Sacred

Sita – Wife of rama

Sitaara – One who is like a morning star

Sitara – A star

Sitesh – The Lord Ram’s wife

Sivakami – One who is the wife of the Lord Nataraja

Sivanandini – Devoted to Shiva

Siya – A woman sho always wins

Siyasundari – Wife of Lord Shiva

Siyona – Graceful

Sloka – One who is like a Hymn

Smita – Smiling girl

Smitha – One with a divine smile

Smiti – To bring people happiness

Smriti – Memory

Smruti – One who is like a memory, a memorable person

Sneh – Love

Sneha – Love

Snehal – Friendly

Snehalata – A love vine

Snehi – A woman of a friendly nature

Snigda – She who is of tender nature

Sobha – She who is illuminated

Soch – A reliable and honest human being, thought

Sohalia – Of the moon’s glow, Radiant and Shining like a moon

Sohni – Beautiful

Soma – Soma as a girl’s name is of Indo Pakastini origin meaning ‘moon’.

Somalakshmi – Lusture of the moon

Somatra – Greater than the moon

Sompriti – One who is attached

Sona – Gold

Sonakshi – Goddess Parvathi

Sonal – Golden

Sonali – Golden

Sonaly – A woman made of gold

Sonam – Good

Sonary – A place name, one who comes from the Sonari district in India

Soneera – Clean water

Soneesh – A name of the Goddess Laxmi

Sonika – Daughter of the sun

Sonita – She who is like the ypung Sun

Sougandhika – Sacred river

Soukhya – Well being

Soumya – A decent and beutiful woman

Sourabhi – Fragrance, the celestial cow

Souraiya – One who is like a Sunlight

Sowjanya – A girl who is tender, polite and has a kind nature

Sowmya – Peace

Sphraha – Loving

Spoorthi – One who is full of inspiration

Spoorti – A girl full of enthusiasm

Sravanti – She who flows like a river

Sravya – Melody

Sreedevi – A name of the Goddess Laxmi

Sreya – Best woman of great beauty and excellence

Sri – Light, beauty

Srijani – A person of great creativity

Srividya – She is a Goddess of Knowledge an Wealth

Srusti – Creation

Sruti – Mohanto

Stavita – Praised

Sthairya – Steadfastness

Sthira – Permanent

Striratna – Another name of Goddess Laxmi

Subarna – Of the colour of gold

Subhadra – A wife of arjuna, sister of krishna

Subhaga – A fortunate person

Subhagya – Lucky

Subhashini – Well-spoken

Subhasini – A nice girl who is soft-spoken

Subhra – A white woman

Subhuja – Auspicious apsara

Subrahmaniam – A very worthy jewel

Subramaniam – One who is a worthy jewel

Subrata – Devoted to what is right

Subuhi – A cold morning breeze

Sucharita – Of good character

Sucheta – one with good mind

Suchhaya – A woman of great shine

Suchi – Glowing

Suchika – Apsara

Suchimani – Pure jewel

Suchira – Tasteful

Suchismita – Sweet smile

Suchita – Beautiful

Suchitra – Beautiful picture

Sudakshima – Wife of king dilip

Sudakshina – A woman who is the wife of the most noble king

Sudarsana – A person who is beutiful inside-out

Sudarshana – Handsome

Sudarshini – The most beautiful of women

Sudeepa – Bright

Sudesha – Good country

Sudevi – Wife of krishna

Sudha – Nectar, amrit, earth, daughter

Sudhanya – One who has achieved her goal

Sudhira – A courageous and calm woman

Sudiksha – Goddess lakshmi

Sudipta – Bright

Sudipti – Dazzling bright

Suditi – Bright, shining

Sugandha – Fragrany, yellow juhi

Sugauri – Anothe name of the Goddess Parvati

Sugita – Beautifully sung

Sugochara – Beautiful

Suhana – A woman of charming personality

Suhani – One who is of pleasant nature

Suhashini – A woman who always has a smile on her face

Suhasini – One with beautiful laughter or smile

Suhina – Beautiful

Suhrita – Well-disposed

Suja – A well-born girl

Sujala – Affectionate

Sujata – Of good caste, beauty

Sujatha – One who belongs to a good caste

Sujaya – Victory

Sujetu – She who is o noble birth

Sukanya – Beautiful damsel

Sukeerti – Woman

Sukeshi – One who has lovely hair

Sukhi – A very happy person

Sukhmani – She who is a peace bringer

Sukhrajpreet – She who is the Queen of love and peace

Sukriti – Good conduct

Sukruta – Fortune

Sukruti – Fortune

Suksha – A girl with enchanting, beautiful eyes

Suksma – Fine

Sukushi – A woman with gorgeous eyes

Sulaksha – A very lucky one

Sulakshana – One with good signs

Sulakshmi – Goddess Laxmi’s name

Sulbha – A natural, easy-going and lovable person

Suleela – Playful one

Sulekha – A good handwriting

Sulochana – One with beautiful eyes

Suma – Flower

Sumabala – Flower-like

Sumana – A good-natured woman

Sumangala – The one who makes everything good. Also the name of Rishabhdev’s wife.

Sumangli – A very and truely auspicious woman

Sumati – Intelligent

Sumavali – One who is like a garland

Sumedha – She is a very smart and wise woman

Sumi – One who is elegant and refind sumie

Sumita – Good friend

Sumitra – Good Friend, Great friend, One who is a good well wisher

Summah – She who looks and smells like a beautiful flower

Sumukhi – A beautiful, stunning girl

Sunaina – A girl with beautiful eyes

Sunanda – White cow, beloved daughter

Sunandini – Happy

Sunandita – Happy

Sunayana – A beautiful eyed woman

Sunayani – A woman with lovely eyes

Sunayna – A girl with gorgeous eyes

Sundari – Beauty

Sundeep – Sundip

Suneeti – Mother of dhruva

Suneha – Friendly

Sunetra – One with beautiful eyes

Sunila – Dark blue

Sunita – One with good morals

Suniti – One with good morals

Suparna – Lotus

Suprabha – Good light

Supriti – True love

Supriya – Cute, adorable, lovely

Surabhi – Having a lovely fragrance

Surabi – A woman of the waterfalls

Suraja – Daughter of Kashyapa

Suraksha – Protection

Surali – Goddess

Surama – A very pleasing woman

Surangana – A celestial lady

Surangi – A colorful woman

Suranna – A woman who is joyous

Surasa – A name of the Goddess Durga

Surashree – Name of an apsara

Surata – Name of an apsara

Suravi – Sun

Suravinda – A beautiful yaksa

Suree – One sharp like the knife

Surekha – A good line (on the palm)

Surena – She is dangerous and sharp like the knife

Surenia – A woman who is like a knife

Sureshi – Goddess durga

Surinder – Variant of SURENDRA used by Sikhs

Suriya – She is the Sun Goddess

Surotama – Auspicious apsara

Surpankha – A name of Ravana’s sister. A woman with long fingernails

Surrey – To cut like a knife

Suruchi – One with good taste

Surupa – Beautiful

Suryadita – She who can be comapred to the Sun

Suryamani – She who is like a flower of some kind

Suryamukhi – She whose face is like a Sun

Suryani – She is the wife of the Sun

Suryaprabha – A woman whose brightness can be compared to the Sun

Susangathe – of good character

Sushali – One who carries herself with good conduct.

Sushama – Beauty

Sushanti – Complete peace

Sushila – Good conduct

Sushma – Beautiful woman

Sushmita – Good smile, smiling

Sushobhana – Very beautiful

Sushrava – Pleasing to the ears

Susmita – Smiling

Susneha – Good friendship

Susthira – Steadfastness

Suta – Begotten

Sutara – Name of a Yakshi maiden

Sutra – Sanskrit word for a string or a thread

Suvali – A woman who is full of divine grace

Suvapu – Name of an apsara

Suvarna – Gold, good complexion

Suvarnarekha – Line of gold

Suvarnmala – Golden necklace

Suvela – Calm

Suvidha – Facility or convenience

Suvitha – A woman who lives in welfare and prosperity

Suyasha – Victory

Suyosha – Happy

Svadhi – One who like to think things trough

Svaha – An Indian name meaning Oblation

Svara – She who is the Goddess of all sound

Svati – The star Arcturus

Svitra – A white girl

Swanika – Bright

Swapna – Dream

Swapnali – Dream

Swarna – A woman of beautiful gold color

Swarnabimba – Golden disc

Swarnalakshmi – Golden glow

Swarnaprabha – Golden brightness

Swarnashree – Goddess Lakshmi

Swasti – A star that can be seen from all the places

Swati – 15th nakshatra

Swatilata – Name of an apsara

Swayamjyothi – self illuminating

Sweta – Fair complexioned

Indian girl names starting with T

Taaj – One who is crowned

Taani – Persuasion to continue to do something

Taanusiya – A great devotee, enthusiatic about someone or something

Taarika – Starlet, a little star, A flower-shaped earring

Tahnee – Branch of a tree

Taija – A tiara worn by a ruler of a kingdom

Tajagna – Exceptionally clever and talented

Talayeh – An advance guard

Talikha – Nightingale

Tamali – A tree with a very dark bark

Tamalika – Belonging to a place full of tamal

Tamana – One who is desired

Tamanna – One who is desired

Tamasa – A river, darkness

Tamashree – One who is perfect and a whole person

Tamasi – Night

Tamasvi – One who has darkness inside

Tamasvini – A girl of the night

Tamaswini – Night

Tamboora – A musical instrument

Tamira – Magic

Tammaan – A woman full of desires

Tammanna – A woman with big desires

Tamoharini – One who dispells darkness

Tampraparni – Name of a river

Tamsa – Copper

Tanaia – Tanaia as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin, and the meaning of Tanaia is ‘daughter’. Tanaia is related to the name Tanaya.

Tanam – A slender girl

Tanasi – A beautiful princess

Tanaya – Tanaya as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘daughter’.

Tanea – Tanea as a girl’s name is a variant of Tanaya (Hindi), and the meaning of Tanea is ‘daughter’.

Taneesha – A fairy queen, an ambitious woman

Taniamitra – A queen of fairy

Tanika – Rope

Tanima – Slenderness

Tanirika – A flower

Tanishi – Name of Goddess Durga

Tanishka – Goddess of gold

Tanisi – Name of Goddess Durga

Tanmana – One who is filled with desire

Tanmaya – Person who is absorbed and consumed

Tanmayee – An ecstasy

Tanmayi – One who is ecstatic

Tannishtha – Dedicated

Tannistha – Devoted

Tansi – A beautiful princess

Tanu – From the river

Tanuja – Daughter

Tanuka – Slender

Tanulata – Slim (creeper-like body)

Tanulatha – One whose body is like a creeper

Tanupa – Hunger

Tanurikia – A girl with a flower

Tanushi – She who is beautiful

Tanushree – Woman who is very appealing

Tanushri – Beauty

Tanusiya – A great devotee

Tanvangi – Delicate girl

Tanvee – Slender and beautiful woman

Tanvi – Precious youth, delightful girl.

Tapashini – An aestetic

Tapashya – A girl who meditates

Tapasi – A female Ascetic, in pursuit to spiritual goals

Tapasya – One who is warm

Tapati – In mythology, the daughter of the sun god

Tapi – Name of river

Tapni – Godavari river in India

Tapti – Same as tapi, daughter of sun

Taraa – Goddess of the Sea

Taraka – Star

Tarakeshwari – Goddess Parvati

Tarakini – Starry night

Tarakita – Starry night

Tarala – Honey bee

Tarali – A group of shining stars in the sky

Taramathi – Harischandra’s wife

Tarana – She who is born during the day

Tarangavathi – Name of a river

Tarangini – A river

Taranija – River Yamuna

Tarannum – Melody

Tarasha – Sanskrit name meaning star

Taravali – Galaxy

Tarika – Flower shaped earring, starlet

Tarini – Goddess Parvati

Tarinika – Flower

Tarita – Name of Goddess Durga

Tarjani – The first finger

Tarkeshwari – Parvati

Tarkshi – Name of an apsara

Tarla – A radiant woman

Tarli – A group of shining stars in the sky

Tarlika – Name of Goddess Durga

Tarpana – She who is a Goddess

Tarra – Of the tower, rocky hill or star. An astral goddess in mythology

Tarub – Merry

Tarulata – A Crossing or intersection

Taruni – A young girl

Tarunika – Young girl

Tarunima – Young girl

Tarushi – A pumpkin

Tarushree – A small plant

Tashi – Great accompishment

Tatini – River

Tatleen – One who is absorbed in the ultimate truth

Tavangi – Slim

Tavanidhi – Eternal treasure

Tavare – Lotus

Tavishi – Name of Goddess Durga

Tavleen – Captivated by God

Tayja – A little gem

Teertha – Place of pilgrimage

Teijinderjeet – One who wins God of greatness

Teijinderjit – She who won God of grandeur

Teja – Radiant

Tejal – Lustrous

Tejasvi – An energetic, brilliant woman

Tejaswani – Radiant, intelligent

Tejaswi – Lustrous

Tejaswini – Radiant, intellegent

Teji – One who radiates light

Tejinderpreet – One who loves the mighty God

Tejomayi – She who is full or brightness

Tejovathi – Radiant, bright girl

Tenaya – Tenaya as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin, and the meaning of Tenaya is ‘daughter’. Tenaya is related to the name Tanaya.

Teneesha – Ruler of people

Thahiya – A melody

Thamanna – One who is desired

Thaneesha – An ambitious woman

Thaniksha – A sociable, friendly and charming person

Thankam – The color of gold

Thanmayu – A careful person

Tharaka – A star

Tharanya – One who is young and from Earth

Tharisha – A wish or a desire

Threta – Holy fire

Thumri – Light classical melody

Thwisha – Radiance

Thwishaa – She who radiates beauty

Tijila – Moon

Tilaka – A kind of necklace

Tilika – Auspicious symbol

Tillana – Music

Tilottama – A celestial maiden

Timila – Instrument

Tinka – Twig of a tree

Tinkal – A butterfly, beautiful butterfly

Tinni – A pet name means small or beautiful girl

Tista – A tributary of ganga river located in north india

Tisya – Auspicious

Tithi – Date

Titiksha – Forgiveness

Tiya – a bird, small and beautiful bird

Tokka – One who is united or joined

Toral – Folk heroine

Toshale – One who is the satisfaction

Toshana – Contented

Toshani – One of the name of Goddess Durga

Toshika – A bright or clever child, alert

Trayi – A scholar or an intellect person

Treeshita – The three lines of anything

Treya – A young woman walking on three paths

Tridhara – The river ganga

Triguna – Goddess durga, maya

Triguni – The three dimensions

Trikaya – Three dimensional

Trilochana – Three eyed, durga

Trilohana – One with the third eye

Triman – One who is worshipped in all the three worlds

Trinayana – Who have three beautiful eyes

Trinayani – Three Eyed, Goddess Durga

Trinetra – Three eyed, durga

Tripade – Three-lined poem

Tripta – Satisfied

Tripti – Satisfaction

Tripuramalini – Goddess Parvati

Tripurambha – Goddess Parvati

Tripuri – Goddess Parvati

Triputa – Goddess Durga

Trishala – Mother of Shri Mahaveer

Trishna – Thirst

Triti – A moment in time

Triveni – Confluence of three rivers, the ganga, yamuna and saraswati

Triyama – Night

Trupti – Satiatedness

Trusha – Thirst

Trushna – Hunger

Trushti – Satisfied

Tuhi – A noise or sound which a bird can make.

Tuhina – Dew drop

Tula – Mountain peak, a Libra, or To be tranquil

Tulasi – A sacred plant, basil

Tuli – Refers to a brush which uses to paint anything.

Tulika – Paintbrush

Tulsi – A sacred plant

Tulya – Be the same as or corresponded.

Tunga – River of Karnataka

Tungabhadra – A highly auspicious or blessed, Name of an Indian river

Turanya – Moving very fast.

Turvi – Superior

Turya – The one who has divine powers.

Tusharkana – Thick ice cubes fall from the sky.

Tushita – Happy, bliss and contented.

Tushti – Satisfaction

Tusi – Revival or rebirth.

Tusti – Peace, happiness

Tvarika – Swift, quick

Tvarita – One of the names of Goddess Dhurga.

Tvesa – Brilliant, glittering

Tvesha – Refers to radiance or glow.

Tvisha – Happy or cheerful.

Tvishi – Refers to strength, power and glitter.

Twara – Desire

Twarita – A fast individual, Goddess Durga

Indian girl names starting with U

Ubika – Growth

Ucchal – Perception

Uchita – Proper, delightful

Udadhi – Sea or ocean

Udaka – Water

Udantika – Satisfaction

Udasuta – Goddess Lakshmi

Udaya – Dawn

Udayachandrika – Light of the new moon

Udayaraga – Red colour of the morning sky

Udbuddha – Awakened

Uddipta – Stimulated

Udeepti – Bright

Udeit – Inner sunset

Udgata – One who sings aloud

Udgati – Hymn

Udgita – A hymn

Udhayarani – Rising queen

Udhyoti – Shining

Udichi – North

Udita – The one who has risen

Uditi – Rising

Ugragandha – Plant

Ugrakali – Goddess Durga

Ugrataara – Kali

Ugratejasa – Energy

Ujala – Light, Brightness, Shining, Radiant, Luminant

Ujas – Bright, shining

Ujhala – Light

Ujjaini – Town

Ujjala – Beautiful

Ujjanini – An ancient city

Ujjwala – Bright, lustrous

Ujugar – Blessed

Ujvala – Bright

Ujwala – Brightness

Ukthi – Word

Ulhasini – Joyful

Ulka – Meteorite

Ullasa – Delight

Ullasita – Delighted

Ullekha – Description

Ullupi – A girl with a pretty face.

Uloopi – Arjuna

Ulupi – Arjun’s wife

Umadevi – Goddess Parvati

Umali – Magnanimous

Umangi – Happiness, joy

Umarani – Queen of queens

Umika – Goddess Parvati

Umlocha – Apsara

Unma – Joy

Unmesha – Visible

Unnata – Superior

Unnati – Development and progress

Upada – A gift

Upadevi – Devaki

Upagya – Art

Upala – Sandy bank

Upama – Simile

Uparna – Comparison

Upasana – Worship

Upashruti – Angel

Upasti – Prayer

Upma – Comparison

Upmiti – Knowledge

Ura – Heart

Urja – Sunlight, energy

Urjaswati – Devayam

Urmi – Wave

Urmika – Small wave

Urmila – Waves of passion. It’s also the name of Lakshman’s wife.

Urmimala – Garland of waves

Urna – Cover

Urshita – Firm

Urvashi – A celestial maiden

Urvasi – Most beautiful of Apsaras

Urvi – Our mother earth

Urvija – A name of Goddess Laxmi

Urvisha – Lord of The Earth

Usha – Dawn

Ushakiran – Rays of morning star

Ushashi – Morning

Ushasi – Dawn

Ushika – A name of Goddess Parvati

Ushma – Heat

Usna – Dawn

Usri – A river

Usria – River

Utallika – Wave

Uthkrushta – Best

Uthpala – Lotus

Uthpalamala – Lotus

Uthpalini – Lotus

Uthpreskha – Imagination

Uthsaha – Enthusiasm

Utkantha – Desire

Utpala – A lotus

Utpalini – Lotus pond

Utpatti – Creation

Utsa – Spring season

Utsavi – Festivities

Uttama – Superior

Uttara – Northen star

Indian girl names starting with V

Vachana – Promise

Vagdevi – Goddess of speech

Vageeshwari – Saraswathi

Vagishwari – Goddess Saraswati

Vahini – River

Vaidehi – The princess of Videhas.

Vaidharbhi – Rukmini

Vaidhurya – Gem

Vaijanti – Name of a mythical flower, token of victory

Vaijayantimala – Lord Vishnu’s garland

Vainavi – Gold

Vaishakhi – Wife of Vasudeva

Vaishali – Historical City. It’s also the birthplace of Bhagwan Mahavir.

Vaishnavi – Devotee of Vishnu

Vajra – Diamond

Vajrakala – Diamond

Vallabha – Lover

Vallabhi – One who is beloved. It’s also the name of a raga.

Vallari – Creepers, Goddess Parvati

Valli – Wife of Karthikeya

Vallika – Creeper

Vama – Lady, Goddess Durga

Vamika – Goddess Durga

Vamil – Beautiful

Vanadevi – Goddess of vegetation

Vanaja – Daughter of forest

Vanajakshi – Lotus

Vanalakshmi – Vegetation

Vanalika – Sunflower

Vanamala – Garland

Vanaraaji – Goddess of vegetation

Vanashree – Goddess of vegetation

Vanchalya – Affection

Vandana – Adoration, bright star, salutation, worship

Vandya – Respectable

Vanhi – Fire

Vani – Goddess Saraswati

Vania – God’s gracious gift

Vanisha – Pure

Vanishree – One of many names of Goddess Saraswathi signifying her form holding Veena

Vanita – Vanita as a girl’s name is of Hindi origin meaning ‘woman’.

Vanmala – Wildflower garland

Vapra – Garden bed

Varada – Granter of boons, Goddess Durga

Varahi – River

Varali – Moon

Varana – Description

Vardhini – Increasing

Vari – Water

Varija – Lotus

Varijakshi – Lotus

Varna – Colour

Varsha – Rain

Varuni – A goddess

Varya – Form

Vasanta – Spring

Vasantha – Spring

Vasanthi – Spring

Vasanthika – Spring

Vasudha – Earth

Vasudhara – Earth

Vasudharini – Bearer of the Earth, Goddess Lakshmi

Vasumati – Apsara of unequalled splendour

Vasundhara – Earth

Vathsalya – Love

Vatika – Vyasa’s wife

Vatsala – Loving

Vatsha – A term used for both calf and daughter.

Vedajanani – Source of the world

Vedanti – Knower of the Vedas

Vedashri – Beauty of the Vedas

Vedavalli – Joy of the Vedas

Vedavati – Seeta

Vedha – Writings of the aryans

Vedi – Altar

Vedika – Consciousness

Vedyavarjita – Omniscient

Veeksha – Vision

Veena – A musical instrument

Veenagana – Song from Veena

Veenalahari – Waves of music from Veena

Veerini – Wife of Daksha

Venugana – Flute

Venugeetha – Flute

Vetali – Durga

Vetasi – Apsara

Viamala – Pure

Vianaya – Modesty

Vibha – Another name of Goddess Lakshmi. It means light or radiance.

Vibharavi – Night

Vibhrama – Glamour

Vibhuti – Another name of Goddess Lakshmi. It means great personality.

Vidhi – Destiny

Vidhruma – Coral

Vidhu – Moon

Vidhut – Electricity

Vidisha – River

Vidita – Well known

Vidula – Moon

Vidwathprabha – Influence

Vidya – Wisdom. Another name of Goddess Sarasvati

Vidyadhari – Devas

Vidyavati – Education lady

Vidyullata – Lightning

Vienna – Chosen one

Vihari – Playful

Vijaya – Victorious

Vijayadayini – Victorious

Vijayamalini – Victorious

Vijayambika – Victorious

Vijayanka – Poetess

Vijayaprada – Victorious

Vijayashree – Victorious

Vijeta – Victorious

Vijul – Tree

Vikasita – Blossomed

Vikasni – A name of Goddess Lakshmi

Vikruti – Nature, Goddess Lakshmi

Vilasini – One who gives pleasure

Vilina – Merged, devoted

Vimala – Pure

Vimalodaka – Saraswathi

Vinanti – Prayer, request

Vinata – Humble, mother of Garuda

Vinati – Prayer

Vinaya – One who is modest and humble.

Vindhuja – Knowledge

Vindyavali – Wife of Bali

Vineeta – Humble

Vinita – Requester

Vinoda – Joy

Vinodini – Happy girl

Vinuta – Mother of Garuda

Vipra – Moon, the brightness of moon

Viprachitti – Apsara

Vipula – Vast

Virangana – She who is brave

Virani – The descendent

Viri – Flower

Visala – Celestial Apsara

Vishaka – Stars

Vishala – Large-hearted

Vishalakshi – Goddess Parvathi

Vishali – Beautiful, creative, the one who has a big heart. It’s also the name of an Indian Goddess.

Vishashati – River

Vishesha – Special

Visheta – Self control

Vishishta – Special

Vishnupriya – Goddess Lakshmi

Vishruta – Famous

Vishuddha – Pure

Vishwala – Love

Vishwambhara – Earth

Vismaya – Amazing

Vismita – Wondering

Vithastha – Jhelum

Viti – Light

Vivaksha – Yearning

Vividha – The one with a difference

Vrata – Pledge

Vrisha – Cow

Vrishti – Rain

Vritti – Nature or behavior

Vruddhi – Growth, growth in family or business

Vrunda – Basil, tulsi. Another name of Goddess Sita.

Vrushti – Rain

Vrutti – Temper or nature of a particular thing or situation

Vyjayanthi – Garland

Vyoma – Bird, who lives in the sky

Vyomika – Sky

Indian girl names starting with W

Wakeeta – Flower

Wamika – Goddess Durga

Wamil – Beautiful

Indian girl names starting with Y

Yachana – Pleading

Yadavi – Goddess Durga

Yajushi – Related to Yajurve

Yakshangi – River

Yakshini – Yaksha

Yama – Mountain, Restrainer.

Yamabhagini – Yamuna

Yamha – Dove

Yami – Pair

Yamika – Night

Yamini – Nocturnal, night

Yamira – Moon

Yamuna – River

Yanti – Goddess Parvati

Yashaa – Fame

Yashashvi – One who has the blessing of the lord on herself.

Yashaswati – Famous

Yashaswini – One who is successful

Yashawini – Successful lady

Yashica – Success

Yashila – Famous

Yashita – Fame

Yashna – To pray

Yashoda – Krishna’s mother

Yashodhara – Glory

Yasholakshmi – Victory

Yasholekha – Princess

Yashomati – Successful lady

Yashonidhi – Fame

Yashvi – Fame

Yashwini – Succeed

Yashwitha – Success

Yasti – Slender

Yatee – Goddess Durga

Yathartha – Truth

Yatika – A name of Goddess Durga

Yauvani – Youthful

Yavanika – Curtain

Yavna – Quick

Yavonne – Beautiful

Yedugiri – Hills

Yekangana – Krishna’s sister

Yekaparna – Parvati’s sister

Yekapatala – Parvati’s sister

Yekata – Unity

Yekavali – Necklace

Yema – Joy

Yenakshi – One who has deer-like eyes

Yesha – Fame, one who desires fame

Yeshaswini – Lady

Yochana – Thought

Yogamaya – Goddess Durga

Yoganta – Mercury

Yogeshwari – Goddess Durga

Yogini – One who can control senses

Yogita – One who can concentrate

Yogyasri – Good

Yojana – Plan

Yoshita – Lady

Yousha – Girl

Yubhashana – A name of Goddess Mahalakshmi

Yukthi – Cleverness

Yukti – Trick, solution

Yutheeka – Jasmine

Yuti – Union

Yutika – Flower

Yuvakshi – Eyes

Yuvarani – Queen

Yuvati – Young woman

Indian girl names starting with Z

Zankhana – One who holds a deep desire in her heart.

Zarna – A variation of the name Jharna. It means flow of water

Zeel – Waterfall