Anglo saxon girl names


Anglo saxon girl names starting with A

Acca – Unity

Afra – Young doe

Afton – From Afton

Ainsley – My own meadow

Aisly – Dwells at the ash tree meadow

Alberta – Form of ALBERT – noble, bright

Alda – Long-lived

Alodia – Rich

Alodie – Wealthy

Althena – Healer

Amity – Friendship

Andrea – Feminine of Andrew, a defender of mankind who is manly and strong

Annis – Pure

Antonia – Priceless, inestimable or praiseworthy

Ara – Opinionated

Ardith – The one fighting a good war

Arleigh – Meadow of the hare

Arlette – Pledge

Ashley – Meadow of ash trees

Audra – Form of AUDREY – noble strength

Audrey – Noble strength

Augusta – Venerable

Avery – Confirmation, they are an Elf ruler, a sage

Anglo saxon girl names starting with B

Baylor – Horse-trainer

Beatrix – She who brings happiness

Becky – Bound

Berenice – She will bring victory

Bertha – Shining

Bliss – Delight joy or happiness

Blithe – Form of BLYTHE – joyous

Blythe – Cheerful

Bonnie – Pretty

Booker – Beech-tree

Breck – Freckled

Bree – Strong

Bridget – Strength

Brimlad – Seaway

Britt – From Britian

Brona – A brown-haired or dark-haired woman

Anglo saxon girl names starting with C

Carolyn – From CAROL (joyous song) AND LINDA (pretty)

Cartimandua – A name of the Brigantes Queen

Cate – Pure

Catherine – Pure

Catheryn – Pure

Cathryn – Pure

Chelsea – Port or landing place

Clover – A plant that origins from the pea family and is a fodder plant for animals

Coenburga – Woman bold like a fortress

Colley – A black coloured bird

Collibe – Hailing from a dark, dull village with no source of light

Constance – Constant or steadfast

Courtnay – Lives in the court, Courtdweller

Coventina – Water Goddess

Crews – A family which once had lived as dwellers at a cattlepen or a cattlefold

Cuthburga – A massive fortress

Cuthburh – One who keeps records

Cwen – A born Queen

Cwene – Queen

Cyne – A Royal person

Cyneburg – Daughter of a King

Cyneburga – The one from Royal fortress

Cyneburh – A famous personality

Anglo saxon girl names starting with D

Daisy – Eye of the day

Darel – Darling or beloved

Darelene – Sweet and lovable

Darelle – Darling or beloved

Darla – Dear, loved one

Darlene – A child loved by all

Darline – Darling

Daryl – Dear, beloved

Dawn – Daybreak or sunrise

Denegyth – A healthy, cute and a master of great personality

Devona – From Devonshire

Diera – From Diera

Dixie – The French word for ten, southern state

Dolly – Gift of God

Domino – Belonging to the Lord

Doretta – Gift of God

Doris – Of the sea

Anglo saxon girl names starting with E

Eadberth – It means a blessed person.

Eadburg – Ead means ‘Fortune’ and burg means ‘Fortress’.

Eadburga – Ead means ‘Wealth’ and burg means ‘Protection’.

Eadgifu – They are a rich gift to mankind

Eadgyth – Wife of a wise counsellor

Eadgytha – Wise wife of a counsellor

Eadhild – Maid of a rich battle

Eadlin – Princess

Eadlyn – A healthy and wealthy friend

Ealhswith – One who is lucky and fertile

Earcongota – One with broad visions and ideas

Earlene – Noblewoman

Eartha – Earthy

Easter – Born at Easter

Eda – Wealthy

Edhida – One who is joyful and happy

Edhita – A happy natured person who is in love

Edhitha – The one who is prosperous and lovely

Edina – Ardent

Edit – Prosperous in war

Edita – Prosperous in war

Edith – Prosperous in war

Editha – Blessed to be successful person or individual

Edla – A born Princess, they are efficient and joyous

Edlin – Princess

Eduwiges – Fighting woman, one who is a good speaker

Edwina – A successful friend, a rich and wealthy friend

Edwinc – Warrior, one who has varied experiences

Edyna – One who came from edinburgh

Edyt – Prosperous in war

Edyth – Prosperous in war

Edythe – Form of EDITH – rich gift

Egberthe – A brilliant sword which is unique

Egbertina – A shinning sword which can kill

Egbertine – A pointed edge of sword, very sharp

Eidyth – Joyous and loving person

Eidytha – Joyous and lovely person

Elda – Old and wise protector

Eldit – A wealthy and sweet natured person

Eldridge – A sage like faithful and wise advisor

Elene – Light

Elfgifu – A gift from the Elves

Elfin – One who is the ruler of the Elves

Elga – Pious

Elivina – A beautiful friend of the Elves

Ellan – Bright and shining light of magic

Ellette – A little, magical Elf

Elswyth – this means elf from the willow trees.

Elva – Elfin

Elvia – Elfin

Elvina – Fem. form of ELVIN – friend of elves

Elwine – this name means a friend of the elves.

Elwyna – Elf wise friend

Engel – Angel

Engelieth – a battle.

Eoforhild – a battle of boars.

Eormengyth – somebody who takes a public oath.

Eormenhild – a feminized word meaning someone who has taken a public oath.

Eostre – goddess of the dawn.

Eowyn – she was a shieldmaiden and relative of King Theoden.

Erlene – Noblewoman

Erlina – Noblewoman

Erline – Noblewoman

Esla – it is an Anglo-Saxon word meaning truth.

Esma – Emerald

Esme – Emerald

Ethal – Noble

Ethelinda – Noble serpent

Eubank – an Anglo-Saxon surname possibly referring to the Yew’s banks.

Eugenia – Well born or noble

Anglo saxon girl names starting with F

Faline – Catlike

Fancy – Whimsical

Fanny – Free

Felice – Fortunate or happy

Flair – Style or verve

Flora – Flower

Florence – Blooming or flowering

Fone – Variant of Celtic name ‘Fionn’ which means fair and white

Frederica – Peaceful ruler

Frideswid – Peace that is sustainable

Frideswide – Refers to sustainable peace.

Fridiswed – One living with peace

Fridiswid – One who is with peace

Fridswed – Oh who like peace

Anglo saxon girl names starting with G

Gaega – A topographic name, hill and stream

Garyn – Mighty with a spear

Gay – Light hearted

Gayle – Form of GAIL. gay, lively

Gayna – White wave

Gemma – Precious stone

Georgianna – Similar to Georgeanna

Georgina – A form of Georgia

Gillian – Downy bearded

Githa – gift

Gladys – Princess

Glenna – Secluded valley or glen

Goldiva – Varient of name Godifu which means the precious gift of god to the parents. A great blessing from God.

Goode – the person who performed good deeds or acts of kindness

Guinevere – White wave

Gwen – White wave

Gwendolyn – White wave

Anglo saxon girl names starting with H

Haedde – A deserving, low-born woman

Haeddi – One who deserves something

Hagona – An Anglo-Saxon name for a low botn women

Hairud – She of fame and honor

Harriet – Ruler of an enclosure

Hayley – Form of HALEY. hero

Henrietta – Ruler of the enclosure

Herelufu – means here (army) + lufu (love)

Herley – Individuality, Self confidence, Independent

Hicela – An old Anglo-Saxon female name

Hild – Battle Maid, War, Noble

Hilda – Battle maid

Hlappa – A name given to a low-born daughter

Hlossa – A low-born daughter’s name

Hlud – A low-born child’s name

Hluda – A daughter who is of low status

Hluppa – A woman who was born in a low status

Hoca – A woman who is of low rank

Hocca – A name given to she who is of low rank

Hocga – An Anglo-Saxon old girls name

Hollis – Near the holly bushes

Hounild – A female name of Anglo-Saxon origin

Hounilda – A girls name of Anglo-Saxon origin

Hroppa – A female Anglo-Saxon name

Hucca – A low-born woman’s name

Hucel – A girl of low heritage

Hucela – A baby girl of low ranks

Huctia – An Old English name

Hudeca – An Anglo-Saxon girl’s name

Huder – A female name of Anglo-Saxon origin

Anglo saxon girl names starting with J

Jeevika – Water

Jetta – A deep or glossy black

Joan – God is gracious

Jody – Praised

Juliana – Downy bearded or youthful

Anglo saxon girl names starting with K

Katie – Pure

Keeley – Brave warrior

Kendra – Kendra means She is a Prophetess

Kendre – Kendre means She is a Phropet

Kinborough – The name means Royal Fortress

Kinburga – The name means The Fortress of the Lords

King – Ruler

Anglo saxon girl names starting with L

Lassie – Young Girl, Maiden

Leila – Dark beauty

Leoma – Form of LEONA. Like A Lion

Lilian – Lily

Lin – Form of LINDA. pretty

Linette – Bird

Linn – Waterfall

Lizbeth – Consecrated to God

Lois – Famous warrior

Lora – Crowned with laurels

Loretta – Form of LAURA. laurel

Lorna – Crowned with laurels

Lucetta – Bringer of light

Lyn – Waterfall

Lynet – Idol

Lynette – Idol

Lynn – a cascade

Lynna – Waterfall

Lynne – Waterfall

Lyveva – A beloved gift

Anglo saxon girl names starting with M

Mae – Great

Maida – Maiden

Mariam – Bitter or sea of bitterness

Marian – Bitter or sea of bitterness

Maud – Mighty battle maiden

Maureen – Bitter

Maxine – The greatest

May – To increase

Mayda – Maiden

Megan – A strong and capable woman

Meghan – Pearl

Mercia – Compassion

Merewina – A variant of Merewen which is derived from name Merewynn which means renowned joy, great pleasure, splendid delight

Merry – See MEREDITH or Happy

Meryl – Blackbird

Mildred – Gentle advisor

Moira – Sea of bitterness

Moire – Sea of bitterness

Mona – Noble

Anglo saxon girl names starting with N

Nelda – From the Alder trees

Noreen – Bright torch

Norma – Man from the north

Anglo saxon girl names starting with O

Octavia – Eighth

Odelia – Wealthy

Odelina – Wealthy

Odelinda – Little wealthy one

Odella – Wealthy

Odelyn – Wealthy

Odelyna – Wealthy

Odette – Wealthy

Odilia – Wealthy

Ora – Seacoast

Orva – Worth gold

Osburga – The name of an ancient lady monarch.

Ottilie – Little wealthy one

Anglo saxon girl names starting with P

Parkes – One who is employed in park

Parris – A clear sighted and clever individual

Peace – Calm or tranquil

Peggy – Pearl

Petra – Rock

Petula – Rock

Philippa – Lover of horses

Philomena – Lover of strength

Phyllis – Leaf

Polly – Small

Portia – Pig

Primrose – Primrose

Prudence – Provident

Puck – Meaning unknown, from Old English puca. It could ultimately be of either Germanic or Celtic origin. In English legend this was the name of a mischievous spirit, also known as Robin Goodfellow. He appears in Shakespeare’s play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (1600)

Anglo saxon girl names starting with Q

Queenie – Queen

Quenna – Queen

Anglo saxon girl names starting with R

Randi – Wolf shield

Red – Redheaded One, or Dim. of REDMOND

Rexanne – Gracious king

Rexella – King of light

Rowena – White haired

Anglo saxon girl names starting with S

Sharette – A fair and bright individual. Mostly used as a surname

Sheena – God is gracious

Shelley – From the ledge meadow

Sibbe – A surname that means a famous victory

Sibley – Fiendly

Silver – The Color Silver

Silvia – Of the woods

Spring – Springtime

Sunn – Cheerful

Sunngifu – She is the gift of the Sun

Sunniva – Gift of the sun

Sylph – A mythological sirit of Air

Synne – Cheerful

Synnove – Gift of the sun

Anglo saxon girl names starting with T

Tait – Pleasant and bright

Taite – Pleasant and bright

Tate – Pleasant and bright

Tawnie – A form of tawny

Taya – A short form of taylor

Tayte – Pleasant and bright

Thea – Goddess

Twyla – WOven of double thread

Anglo saxon girl names starting with U

Udela – Wealthy

Udele – Wealthy

Anglo saxon girl names starting with V

Verona – Bringer of victory

Anglo saxon girl names starting with W

Wanda – Young tree

Whitney – White island

Wilda – Wild

Willa – Resolute protector

Wilona – Hoped for

Wilone – Hoped for

Anglo saxon girl names starting with Z

Zara – Princess

Zelda – Companion