15 Best Gifts For 3 Year Old Girls 2023


Ever pondered what makes the perfect gift for a spirited 3-year-old girl? As every parent or guardian knows, choosing gifts for 3-year-old girls isn’t just about bright colors and loud noises. In this bustling market, our guide stands out, showcasing gifts that combine fun, education, and durability. Dive in to unravel top picks, nifty comparisons, and firsthand experiences that pinpoint why these treasures are toddler-approved. Let’s find that gift that sparks her imagination and joy!

Gifts Ideas For 3 Year Old Girls under $20

1. Mr. Movin’ Lips

This updated version of the classic Mr. Potato mind was a favorite during toy testing for children and adults.

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Kinetic Sand is a trendy way for children to play sand without creating a major mess. This fun and educational toy can help hone their fine motor skills, sensory skills, and imaginative thinking. They can make a castle, play it in a sensory bin or water table, or use cookie cutters and sand toys to make shapes. The ideas are endless and parents may also wish to get in on the fun.

3. Melissa & Doug Disney Minnie Mouse Magnetic Dress-Up Wooden Doll Pretend Play Set

Let’s get Minnie dressed up! Minnie is a wooden ring and the collection includes over 35 fashion and accessory pieces to dress up Minnie. The pieces are magnetic so they easily attach into the doll. This is adorable fun and toddlers will learn about trend in a beautiful playset.

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4. VTech Little Apps Tablet

The VTech Little Apps Tablet is a great toy to have road trips to entertain your toddler as the tablet computer is tiny and easy to hold. Little girls will love the light up screen, all the little programs, and just a piano segment.

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5. Fisher-Price Medical Kit 

Together with the Fisher-Price Medical Kit your daughter can become a doctor or a vet.

 Get your daily checkup without even stepping foot outside. Even better, every stuffed animal in the home and live animals will be given a clean bill of health. Furthermore, this is a superb toy to promote understanding of health and compassion.

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6. Play Circle by Battat – Princess Purse Set

If you have just a little diva you might require this Perform Circle from Battat — Princess Purse Set since it has everything a woman needs to continue to remain looking her best all day and purchase whatever she needs. Like a true handbag, this collection includes a coin bag, collection of keys, cell phone, a charge card, and a small bit of cosmetics.

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Gifts Ideas For 3 Year Old Girls under $50

Get her moving and grooving with this fun dancing Mickey doll which can play red light, green light and perform the”hot dog dance”.

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2. VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio (Frustration Free Packaging)

Your girl can become a composer with the VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio. While maybe not in girly colours, this cute piano comes with a little composer requirements. Think of it as Garage Band but for toddlers. Although, I really don’t think that it includes recording and clearly not coding features, but still a gorgeous tool.

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3. Gamenote Large Magnetic Drawing Board

Together with the Gamenote Large Magnetic Drawing Board your little one can draw without all the mess! Forget cleaning paint off the chairs or erasing crayon doodles from the table. This magnetic drawing board lets your scribble to their heart’s content and then erase it and start all over again. Includes stencils, stamps and stickers, everything a three-year-old must have a great time.

4. Butterbean’s Cafe Table Top Kitchen

With this toy, your little girl can re-enact their favorite scenes from the show Butterbean’s Cafe. It’s possible to see them “bake” sweet treats like sweet, pies, or snacks out of this glittery dough. They can even press a button to produce the oven light up and play songs from the display.

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5. Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot


If you’re searching for a more educational toy for your kid, this coding robot would be the one.

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Gifts Ideas For 3 Year Old Girls under $100

If she doesn’t have a scooter today is the opportunity to help her work on her balance and gross motor skills. She is able to cruise around the neighborhood in style with one of these top-rated scooters which she can ride till she is 5 years old.

The budding artist will find a kick out of the easel in which she can display her creative abilities. The set includes three paint baskets and newspaper to help get her started. What we love best is that this folds up so you can store it away when not in use.

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3. Smart Sizzlin’ BBQ Grill

 This interactive BBQ set is excellent for kids to acquire hands-on expertise with numbers, colors, and role play.

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Gifts Ideas For 3 Year Old Girls more than $100

1. Mosaic Magnetic Play Kitchen

 Help ignite creativity with this super realistic kitchen set that will get them excited about helping out mom or dad with dinner.

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