35 Best Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys 2023


Navigating the maze of tween interests? What’s the perfect gift for a 12-year-old boy? In today’s fast-evolving market, identifying age-appropriate, engaging presents can be a challenge. Dive into our well-researched guide as we unravel top-notch choices, weigh them against competitors, and share firsthand experiences. Discover why our handpicked gifts stand out and might just be the answer to your gifting dilemma. Dive in, and let’s make that special boy’s day unforgettable.

Gifts Ideas For 12 Year Old Boys under $20

1. Sound Activated Disco Light

A fantastic budget gift for a 12 year-old boy that loves dancing, music, or one who’s creative and vibrant, this cool disco light can help him turn his bedroom in an explosion of colour. It has 3 sound-activated style, 7 light styles along with a rotating speed controller, so that he can set this up just how he likes it. The disco ball light is easy to choose solid colors or multi colored by the convenient remote.

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2. Bluetooth Headphones

Your kid wants a gift and will need some decent headphones sooner or later, whether it’s for listening to music when he’s outside or for watching TV late and night an not disturbing the remainder of the house. If you’re looking for a great set of budget headphones, we urge these ones.

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3. Second Rule Card Game

Every boys enjoy a card game and this could be a good choice for the perfect boy. Happily this is not referring to how long your kids can leave food onto the floor before eating it. With the fun and interesting card game, the players take it in turns to take a card, and once the timer begins, they have 5 minutes to say three things that fit that subject. And with this little time on the timer, it is not quite as simple as it sounds.

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4. Gundam Robot Model Kit

If you’re looking to buy a gift for a 12 year-old youth who enjoys anime and building models, this cool Gundam fighter robot might be just what he is looking for. No glue is needed here, only a hobby nipper and a little bit of patience.

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Gifts Ideas For 12 Year Old Boуs under $50

1. Children robot kit

Boys into robotics will love this piece of kit. Let your son experience the ability of robotics with this cool and very affordable robot construction set for children. First, they will have a wonderful time following the detailed instructions to construct the robot from scratch. Once the robot was finished, they can activate it and set it free to do all kinds of cool things.

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2. Gaming Headset (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo)

Every participant demands a good gaming headset, so if you are seeking to acquire a present for a boy who loves playing with video games, then we recommend picking one of these Bengoo headsets.

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3. Solar Power Robot Kit

This cool little robot kit will probably be an wonderful present for 12 year old boys who love robots and sciences, as they can make 14 different solar powered models that all have hilarious and amusing purposes, such as adorable robot dog which wags its tail or a crab that walks.

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4. Table Tennis Set

If you have got a dining room big enough and a 12 year old prepared to play, this trendy table tennis set will be a good present for twelve years old boys who enjoy games and competitions. It includes all you need besides the ability itself, like rackets, balls, along with the web.

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5. Street Hockey Set

Another fantastic present to get for a sporty boy, that this trendy hockey pair enables him and his friends turn the street in their own baseball arena. This collection comes with includes two sticks and hockey balls, so it will be great for siblings to play with together.

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6. Kan-Jam Jam Frisbee Game

Must boys enjoy playing frisbee, which makes this a fantastic pick. A cool variation on a classic game of Frisbee, with this, children must work together in groups to attempt to shake the Frisbee into the can while some other teams try to divert them. It is all about team and coordination work, and provides a serious exercise to those playing, making it good for sporty children or people who need to be a bit more active.

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7. Pool Table for Boys

After a hard day in school or on the sports field, sometimes a twelve year old wants to do is kick back and unwind. This trendy little pool table will be amazing for only that, as all you really need is enough table space for this 40 inch table and your good to go.

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8. Wooden Robot Hand

The exceptionally detailed wooden metal arm. As they construct the 3D puzzle hand out of over 199 wooden puzzle pieces, your kid will be using key STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics ) skills and planning and building their own creation just like a true engineer. Fitting with no need for glue, the puzzle pieces are made of natural birch ply wood and are child safe and recyclable.

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9. Robot Arm Building Kit

This is going to be a very cool gift for boys who like mathematics, engineering and robots.

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10. Engine Building Kit

If your 12 year boy enjoys building and engineering and is up for a serious challenge, This cool engine building kit may be exactly what he needs. This is a serious undertaking, and he may need some help from mom or dad from time to time, but this may keep him occupied for hours and hours, and he will have an incredible sense of accomplishment once it’s finished.

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11. Kids Fire Tablet

12 years old is generally around the age when kids would like to have their own computer, since they might need one for the two homework assignments and keep up with their buddies through. The new Amazon Fire Tablet is a serious little device, with 12 hours of life with a full charge, vibrant screen and options to get bigger internal storage if needed.

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Gifts Ideas For 12 Year Old Boys under $100

1. Boys SpikeBall

Boys love being outdoors will enjoy this present. As seen on Shark TV, Spikeball is a cool ball game that can be played either indoors or outdoors. It’s a 2 on 2 contest that is somewhat like volleyball, but just better, also it can be as competitive or as relaxing as the players want.

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2. Altair Toy Boat

Remote control ships are a wonderful option that any 12 year-old boy will love. The AA Aqua is a superb choice and will let your kid have a good deal of fun out on the water. What is awesome about this RC boat is the fact that it’s super easy to use and comes completely assembled. All you have to do is just charge and set up the included battery (you get 2 in each bundle) and you’re ready to have racing on the water!

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3. Beginner Digital Keyboard

Gifts of songs are something for life, and if your lad wishes to begin to flex his musical muscles, this cool Digital Keyboard will be a great first tool for him. Do not be concerned about the fact he’s almost a teenager, since it actually never gets too late for children to learn new tools.

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4. Electronic Drum Set for The Little Boy Drummer

Musical gifts are great for 12 year old boys that love music and have a talent for drumming. This cool little electric drum set may be right up his street. These small kits are excellent for youths since they are small and mobile, so they can easily take them to some friends house or into the garage of they’re making too much noise. This set is particularly efficient as the pads can be rolled up for easy storage and transport.

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5. Punch Bag set

With Mixed Martial Arts superstars like Conor McGregor taking the world by storm, combats sports have not been popular, especially among the youths of today. If your large boy of 12 is interested in martial arts or boxing, this huge set is going to be a fantasy come true for him.

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6. Snap Circuits Extreme

Little boys love these kits. We’re big fans of Snap Circuits here in StarWalkKids, as they make the most incredible electronics sets for children, and also their kits are excellent gifts for twelve years of boys that love technology and problem-solving.

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7. Lego Architecture Skyline

Lego is not just for boys and girls, as this incredible 444 piece model set was made for 12 years old and over. This trendy building set is great for youths to help them learn some significant buildings while being creative. It is also an extremely educational gift, as it comes with a collectible booklet containing information about the design, history and architecture of the construction.

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8. Air-Ground Boys Quadcopter Drone

Every boy in 12 loves a drone. You may be worrying about whether to receive your boy of 12 for his birthday a drone or a remote control car. Why not get them ? Rather than fork out twice the cash, though, this trendy RC toy was the characteristics of the two! It can fly just like a regular drone, but its wheels also allow it to drive on the floor like an RC car.

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9. BlueTooth Speaker

Times really have changed since most of us parents were younger. No more are kids using record players, walkmans or stereo methods to perform their songs — it all iPods, mobile phones and mp3 players these days. None of those things includes speakers, so if your son wants to listen to music without headphones, this trendy blue tooth speaker is precisely what he needs.

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10. Off Road RC Car

12 Year old boys love playing with RC cars, and in this age group they possess the ability to handle some fairly powerful sets for wheels, which means you really can go wild with everything you buy them. This chunky off road remote control car will really be a joy for any youth to get a hold of hanks to the powerful brush 390 motor which can get around 38km/h when you throw down the throttle.

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Gifts Ideas For 12 Year Old Boys under $200

1. Kids Drone

The AA108 drone is a great choice for a boy. It’s an amazing newcomer drone which comes with some exciting features to maintain your child or grandchild active.

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2. Pandora Arcade Games for Kids

Retro toys and gifts for boys are sexy in fashion nowadays, and following on from the tide of 80s nostalgia brought about by shows such as Stranger Things, your youth can now relive the thrills and enjoyment of the video game arcades in the security of your living area with this cool console.

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3. Novation LuanchPad

Is your son an aspiring electronic musician? Can he dream of becoming a famous DJ? If so, these Novation Launchpads could be a fantastic addition to his music setup. Kids all over the world are going crazy for these items, and they’ve turned into a YouTube sensation.

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4. AA300 Drone

Once boys hit 12 years old, drones will make the perfect present. The AA300 drone is great for any beginner who has a fascination with flying and can keep your children entertained for quite a while.

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5. Foosball Table

Boys love foosball, which is exactly why this is an wonderful present choice. Games for 12 year old boys are the finest, because adults can play too. If you have got a sporty kid or one who likes tabletop games, this amazing Foosball table will probably be great pleasure for hours and hours. This is an wonderful gift for a twelve year old boy who likes with his friends over to hang out.

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6. Ripstik Caster Board

For your active child on the point of their adolescent years, take a look at this Ripstik Caster Board from Razor. This innovative and one of a kind board acts like a hybrid of a skateboard and a snowboard and is guaranteed to impress! The board goes with 360 degree caster plus a deck which pivots with movement, leading to a carving motion that feels like surfing or snowboarding, but on dry land. The board twisting movement does not even require pushing off. 

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Gifts Ideas For 12 Year Old Boys under $300

1. Beginner Guitar Set

12 years old is a great time for a young guy to pick up the guitar, as he will physically possess the power in his hands and fingers to be able to play, and it is usually the age when youths start to become interested in audio. If you have got a tiny lad who likes rock’n’ roll, blues or heavy metal music, this starter set is going to be a great jump off point to the world of music.

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2. Air Hockey Table

I’m pretty sure that the majority of the parents reading this article spent many happy hours of their own childhood having intense and enjoyable battles in air hockey, so you may want to think about getting a table for your twelve year-old son also.

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Gifts Ideas For 12 Year Old Boys more than $300

1. Nintendo Switch for a Birthday Gift

Boys into matches will appreciate this Nintendo change present. The Change is the latest games from video game masterminds Nintendo, and it has been taking both players and critics from storm.

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2. Aurora Hoverboard with Bluetooth

All adolescent boys adore hoverboards and this is an ideal introduction to riding hoverboards whenever they haven’t rode one yet. The hoverboard is sturdy and pliable but cheap in price.

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